“Catastrophic Injury…Euthanized on Track” – 6th Dead Horse at Belmont in a Week

The 2nd at Belmont today, as relayed by Equibase: “TALAKO suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front…got immediately put to a protective hold being guided outside and expertly pulled up, then was euthanized on track.”

Well thank heavens he was “expertly pulled up,” huh?

Talako was three years old and under the whip for just the second time. He is the 6th dead horse in a week at Belmont, 21st on the year. NYRA’s “demonstrably safer racing” exposed, again. Speaking of NYRA, this race has been blotted out from the replay section of its website. How’s that for greater transparency? Vile – to the core.


  1. Not sure how New York tracks now deal with all their breakdowns amid social distancing protocols. But Santa Anita has promised NOT to use their now-ubiquitous green screens. Too many people, too close together when trying to wrestle a mortally wounded, 1200-pound animal away from the eyes of “sensitive” viewers — though nobody who watches horse racing can be considered remotely sensitive to the plight of racehorses. But anyway…
    I don’t need to see the video to know what a horror show Talako’s breakdown was. I wouldn’t watch it, even if it was available. But everyone in racing goes to such extraordinary lengths to try to minimize and cover up the most sickening, disturbing, visually-damning part of their horrific anti-sport, and pretend that it doesn’t happen every day. It does. Every single day. With or without cameras, screens, vets, vehicles, outriders, or big, fat security personnel using their bodies to shield views of the carnage.
    Secret’s out. And this disgusting industry WILL be shut down.

  2. This isn’t the only racetrack that does this. And Equibase is nothing but a paid arm of the track. When a horse breaks down the track immediately contacts Equibase so that you can’t look at the PDF chart. And also the next day. But I sent Belmont Park a message like I always do. If I can find the trainer on Twitter I send them one too. And the owner. Nobody has blocked me yet except the Paulick Report. That is for calling trainers “dirtbags” and calling out names of people and companies that exploit poor claiming horses. And when I see Horseracing Wrongs in the a.m. i see the horses names and immediately look up their connections. And try to contact them. Right now there is nothing else I can do.

    • Why is there no note of this breakdown (Belmont #4, Race 2) in the track results?

  3. What’s it going to take to STOP the funding of billions in casino profits?
    I’ve written just about every politician and they publically support horse racing.
    Yet, when you talk to taxpayers they don’t want one dime going to this.
    They want that money for their commuities and I don’t blame them.
    It seems reasonable to assume that politicians are getting their palms heavily greased by cutting these deals.
    So sorry for all of the racehorses.

  4. The killing of racehorses never stops. It’s an ongoing killing frenzy whether we see it or not. I don’t want to see the video of TALAKO suffering a catastrophic injury which ended up that the horse was euthanized, but, at the same time, it’s obviously an attempt to hide the realities of how horrible horseracing really is. It is sickening and disturbing any way you look at it, but the way the chart writer attempts to make it sound like it was “protective” to the horse to be pulled up in some “expert” way is nauseating!!! Doesn’t it kind of ruin the whole “protective” image crapola as soon as the statement is made that the horse, TALAKO, was then euthanized on track…???? Thank you, Patrick Battuello, for sticking with the reporting on this vile, abusive industry that exploits horses to death. Otherwise, I would not know how many horses have been killed. I think the NYRA and all racing commissions in all States with horseracing would rather have everyone just as ignorant as ignorant can be of what really happens to so many horses in horseracing.

  5. Like so many others…never had a chance to even live. I guarantee you, this younger generation coming up will NOT go for this. Today’s young people were raised growing up watching Animal Planet,and that’s a POSITIVE.

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