20th Death at Belmont Park

Another day, another death. The Gaming Commission reports that Freedom Prince, four, was euthanized yesterday after being transported (from Belmont) to a hospital. No other details were disclosed. Freedom Prince was last trained May 21. Belmont, having just recently run its first races of the year, has already notched 20 kills – this, coming on the heels of 44 last year. Reform is a lie. Horseracing kills, inherently.

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  1. What is the solution. Has youngsters always died when raced or has it changed in the last few years? I for one wouldn’t want to risk spend a quarter of a million In a two year old and have it collapse on the first race!!

    • END It. This isnt sport,nor entertainment. It is straight up business and gambling,poor horse, never even got a break from training.

  2. 20 horses!!! I cannot even find words to describe these morally deprived, heartless bastards or this industry. And yet again it bears the question… what are the politicians doing other than benefiting from the deaths of these beautiful horses?? Mr. Cuomo et al…any comments?? Anyone?? Nope guess not. Let’s turn a blind eye once again. Let’s profit and allocate millions to this industry that does absolutely NOTHING for society except abominable acts. Absolutely disgraceful to allow this carnage to continue.

    • And the thing is the politicians KNOW that money should be used for education and affordable housing…AND HEALTHCARE.

  3. Every day is day of abuse and torture to horses. Stop this madness of torturing horses to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Last I heard American kids ranked 27th in the world…not a good omen for the future of USA. That casino corporate welfare should be spent on trying to make our country’s kids smarter.

      • Nailed it, Alan!!! Plus, smart people cannot be easily manipulated and made to believe all the BS they’re being fed!

  5. It’s all about money and greed! Fucking people don’t care about these innocent creatures. They should be punished severely for animal cruelty! Anyone who enjoy watching animals suffer and die for entertainment as they call it deserve to be jailed and fined! No animal deserve pain and suffering! All animals deserve to be treated with respect and kindness and compassion and men should not interfere with their natural habitat unless to help them!

  6. This is terrible sign my name James H Parker to a petition to stop this. Thank you

    • James, I’m not sure if you want someone else to sign your name to a petition. You must sign a petition yourself for your signature to be valid in any case.

    • Jennifer, you are so right about that!!!! It is so morally depraved on so many levels. There are many other ways that people can keep horses that are considered humane. Horseracing is inhumane to horses.

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