Golden Gate Now at 13 Dead on the Year

The California Horse Racing Board has (belatedly) disclosed the death of I’ll Dash for Gold at Golden Gate May 22 – official cause, “other” (probably colic or laminitis). He was four years old and had just been raced five days prior – second-to-last, “weakened in the stretch.” He is the 13th kill at Golden Gate this year.

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  1. The. Killing. Of. Race. Horses. Is. An. Inherent. Part. Of. Horse. Racing.

  2. Dash for Gold another victim of this vile business.
    This business is despicable and it has no place in a civilized society.
    The funding needs to stop, the tracks need to be bulldozed and developments in their place.
    This carnage is heartbreaking.
    Any supporter or defender you are all full of hatred because you can’t possibly love a racehorse while you watch this go on.
    Your claim to “love” them is nothing but a delusion.
    You all sicken me.

    • So very true Gina. I wish there was something we all could do to actually stop this sickening “sport” killing rather then simply stating how horrible and disgusting it is. I personally have lost respect for humanity. I cant believe people get rapped up in the thrill of betting on horses who are whipped and drugged and consider this entertainment
      Very sad. All lives matter.

  3. That poor horse – who knows what he really suffered and for how long? Probably every day of his sad life.

    The pile of tormented, dead horses grows ever higher. The pile of lies grows along with them, but fewer people are believing them. Why isn’t this business being shut down already, everywhere?

    I was thoroughly disgusted to hear that the NJ governor just opened up horse racing as a “‘normalizing” step in the virus strategy. This would be a perfect opportunity to shut down this vile business for good. How the hell is this an essential business? This has NEVER been an essential business, except for the Murder Incorporated segment of trainers, owners and money-grubbing criminals.

    • The scumbags only care when they’re making money for them. Twisted sick F’s,…beyond evil.

  4. I just read there was a CATASTROPHIC breakdown yesterday at Charlestown. The horse behind her fell over the fallen horse…wonderful family fun. These people are mother fuckers. They make me SICK.

    • Mountaineer. Race 3. Jockey. Broke his pelvis
      The horse behind fell but got up. Her jockey pulled the gravely injured horse off fallen jockey. It was horrendous. Thankful I only read about it and no visual. I was still lamenting over Arrogate. Another day in horseracing.

      • Nancy, it shouldn’t be this way, death of innocent animals is never acceptable. They said the poor broken down horse was thrashing around in HORROR and PAIN and FEAR. Horse racing people are the SCUM of society.

  5. Bonnie I didn’t want to give the details but can you imagine how horrible this was? And like Patrick said the viewers of this tragedy will be right back in business today.

  6. Sadistic Behavior by vile humans and greed I can’t wait till God comes back and cleanses this planet we are not worthy of having a life

    • Well said Eugene. R.I.P. ‘DASH FOR GOLD’, my love and prayers go with you..

  7. This young horse deserved a chance to live and be free of abuse. I’LL DASH FOR GOLD was not a fast horse compared to horses with higher speed index figures. He would have been better off as a riding horse for someone who is capable of showing horses genuine compassion.
    Horseracing is a business that has no room for genuine care and compassion for the horses. I would not be surprised if his connections referred to I’LL DASH FOR GOLD as a “rat” because he didn’t earn them very much money in his very short life of being exploited for racing.

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