Belmont, Again: “Acutely Lame…Euthanized”

Another day, another death. The Gaming Commission reports this for Schiller’s Lit: “acutely lame after workout [at Belmont] 5/18, sent to hospital 5/21…prognosis necessitated euthanasia.” Schiller’s Lit was three years old and being prepped for his first race. The Belmont death toll now stands at 15. The lie of “safe racing,” once again.

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  1. This is abuse of horses. It must be stopped. SCHILLER’S LIT was not matured and was forced to perform as though he were matured. This is one aspect of how and why horseracing is fundamentally wrong. Running a three-year-old so hard that he becomes lame and waiting three days for a prognosis is so cold and callous. It must be punished and horseracing must be stopped. Euthanize horseracing!!!! Let the horses have a chance at a decent life!!!!!!!

  2. And just like that, the horrific carnage continues.
    Another day, another baby horse dead, business as usual at Belmont!
    RIP sweet Schiller Lit!! We will not forget you or your buddies abused, maimed, killed by this vile, demonic industry. We will continue the fight and WE will put a STOP to this incredible suffering. Racing will be a dark, distant memory …it is only a matter of time.

    • Andrea, the thing is,it’s such a niche “sport” it doesn’t even register on the radar.People want Baseball,Football, Basketball,Hockey. Bet money on humans, NOT ANIMALS. Do your ILLEGAL doping on humans, you low IQ idiots.

  3. This vile business and death pit needs to SHUT DOWN now!
    You stupid politicians that give them precious taxpayers money and casino profits – shame on you.
    If you ever gave the choice to the people who actually pay for this I bet you that about 90% of taxpayers would demand that you stop financially supporting them.
    Aside from the horrific death and short life of Schiller’s Lit here’s another disgusting fact.
    I looked up his broodmare, THE LAMP IS LIT, and she is now 19 years old so she would have been 16 years old when she was forcibly impregnated and foaled out!
    The disgust just gets deeper!
    There has been about 15 Thoroughbred former racehorses in kill pens in just 5 days that are well-bred and ready to drop their foal.
    Some were in horrific, neglectful condition with lack of food for a long time very obvious.
    Just to look at their faces – faces of despair and they just keep on coming because as long as this business exists there will be racehorses dying on tracks and dying on the slaughterhouse floor.
    These morally bankrupt parasites are brutal and heartless, but so are the supporting pro-horse racing entities with the HBPA topping the list.

  4. SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER — many of us NEVER learned of the BRUTAL HORROR behind the scenes – Now that we KNOW, transfer Horses to Sanctuaries, and SHUT DOWN evil HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

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