“Cardiovascular Collapse at Wire – Expired on Track”

Belmont (NYRA, U.S. Racing) kills again. This morning while training, according to the NYS Gaming Commission, Bluegrass Jamboree “sustained a cardiovascular collapse at the wire – expired on track.” Bluegrass was but six years old – just coming into equine prime. She is the 14th racehorse to die at Belmont Park this year.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

Governor Cuomo
Senator Schumer
Senator Gillibrand
NYS Senators
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  1. Nadal has a condylar fracture compliments of SANTA ANITA. Had surgery already from injury this morning
    Also there will be a blitz National advertising campaign with catch phrase Still Running Strong.

    • More like, “Still Stumbling Along.”

      Thanks, Nancy. And, I’m sad about Bluegrass Jamboree. But racing’s response will be their classic: “She was old. It was her time.”

      • Kelly please check out this news blitz. It seems no stone was left unturned in this upcoming campaign. We will never get over everyday there is a sad ending. (we haven’t forgotten Bridget Maloney)

      • Pure F’n Evil. The innocent horses lives lost…..for what? FOR WHAT?????????????????????? Answer me you loser cornballs.(pro racing) Give me an answer.

      • Kelly, these “people” in this sleazy industry,are there…because they can’t cut it in a real job.Should it surprise anyone,that this unbelievable large scale death is the outcome?

      • Yes,yes,and yes…”stumbling along” begging for their lives. Can it get more sinister than that??????????

    • If a campaign to say “Still Running Strong” is not a blatant in-your-face way of saying, “We pro-racing and pro-slaughter people do not give a flyin’ **** about our dead and injured, but still alive and suffering, horses so we will keep coming back to injure, maim and kill some more of our beloved horses” what is it???? The people of pro-racing and pro-slaughter only care about getting their filthy hands on the money to be made at the expense of the health and well-being of horses.

      • Wanda. They know how to play the game. Have to make up all the lost revenue from crowdless grand stands. It seems no expense is being spared. Hope you saw my thankyou from your explanation on the pregnant mare issue.

      • Yes, Nancy, I saw your comment and you’re welcome.
        The Triple Crown races have not been run yet as you know. The spokesman for Churchill Downs said several weeks ago that they would come back stronger than ever. It has to be part of the slogan “still running strong” which, as we know, truly means “still don’t care about the health and well-being of horses, so we’re going to keep on killing them until somebody stops us.” So the pro-racing people need to be stopped from abusing horses to death, since it appears obvious that they are not going to stop themselves from torturing horses to death by using them and abusing them to win purse money and generate wagering revenue.

  2. I have learned enough, thanks to HRW, that Bluegrass Jamboree died from extreme abuse and neglect. Animal killers = the racing industry.
    RIP, Bluegrass Jamboree. You probably suffered your entire life.

  3. “Still killing racehorses,” would be a more accurate slogan.
    This entire industry is vile and anybody who supports this is vile as well.
    The endless letters I’ve written to politicians falls on deaf ears and the fact that they actually give these parasites millions in taxpayers money and corporate welfare sickens me.
    All I can do is just keep writing, educating, and being a voice for the racehorses.
    I do believe that progress is being made, albeit slowly, but at least people are finally being exposed to the facts and the truth behind every 2 minute race.
    This business can’t survive, won’t survive and will shut down.
    It’s a matter of time.
    So sorry for all the victims that have come before BLUEGRASS JAMBOREE and for all of those that most certainly will come after.
    Horse racing is widespread suffering and carnage.
    There are another bunch of racehorses standing at kill auctions yet again this week.
    They just keep on coming and some are heavily-bred.
    Can you imagine a mare being stunned on the slaughterhouse floor and then her foal comes pouring out?
    It’s so repulsive and these racehorse killers all have blood on their hands.

  4. Hey bob baffert, your a piece of garbage. Your also a cheater. This whole “game” is one big fraud.

    • Bonnie Nadal is one of his horses he wanted in the Derby. Nadal broke his leg yesterday and is retired fro racing now.

      • Nancy,also charlaton TESTED positive for drugs. Let’s not forget Justify should have never been allowed to participate because of DOPING scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scumbag bob is rotten to the core. The man is a used car salesmen looking cheat,fraud. How many chances should he get????????

      • Nancy, one of baffert’s horses is a cheat (pumped with drugs), the other better one breaks down. What a cheating loser…god knows how many of his horses who won…did so ILLEGALLY?!!!!

    • Not only is Barbaric Buffoon a cheater, the people in horseracing that enable him to do what he does and get away with it are cheaters too!!!!! Horseracing is corrupt and should not be treated as though it is okay because the cheating, doping, corruption and abusing horses to death is definitely NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Once again, another innocent, voiceless horse has been KILLED. just to satisfy the owners, trainers, jockeys and gamblers thirst for money and glory. But, don’t forget, these are the very same ‘people’ that profess to love their horses and treat them like family…..Yea, right, treat them well whilst these horses are winning races or DYING in the attempt, and when they’re not capable of running and winning, lets just send to the slaughterhouse….job done and dusted, roll out the next innocent victim!!!

  6. I’m sure the racing folks will say “yeah, but all horses suffer cardiovascular collapse while running around in the field”.

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