Golden Gate Back Racing – and Killing

After successfully petitioning to resume racing, Golden Gate Fields wasted no time in doing what it (horseracing) does best – destroy horses. In the 9th yesterday, Conquest Sabre Cat “broke down” and, I have confirmed, was euthanized. He was seven years old. He is the third horse killed at Golden Gate in a week, 12th on the year.

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  1. Isidro Tamayo killed this nice 7 year old Kittens Joy gelding. He and Jerry Hollendorfer were leading claiming trainers at a fair in California. This piece of garbage bragged anout claiming more horses than anyone. Too bad he did not believe in taking care of them. Jerry Hollendorfer got his slap on tbe wrist. This piece of garbage will get his punishment pretty soon too. This horse was a Keeneland sale graduate going down in class. Becomming a cheap claiming race horse. These races have to be abolished once and for all.

  2. Rest in peace CONQUEST SABRE CAT. You suffered at the hands of horseracing “people” and now you are no longer a concern to these “people” and that is a crying shame. 😞

    • Unfortunately I saw it…what they didn’t take the camera off. The horses were too close together. I said to myself do not like the looks of this. Then a flash of color in the air (jockey silks) the horse kept running on his 3 legs to try to.keep up
      Very concerned about the others behind him.
      Miraculous there was not a major catastrophe
      RIP beautiful baby

  3. If you don’t have a heart and soul, you stay away from all animals. You don’t deserve them and you should make a hole in the deepest part of the ocean.

    • The worst serial killers in history all have one thing in common,they abused animals.

  4. Bonnie, as I witnessed often first hand when I was at the track, they just shrug it off and say “damn shame”, or “well it’s part of the game”, you hear the collective “ohs!” from
    what little crowd there usually is, then they run for the next drink, the next bet, the next tap of the slot machine, or head back to their barns. Then many reappear in excitement for the next race, the downed horse forgotten.

  5. I’m so repulsed and upset about this massive, state-sanctioned, taxpayer-funded carnage.
    I can only expose, educate and be a voice for the voiceless victims.
    I can only write politicians and demand an end to this vile business.
    This past weekend was spent sobbing over the countless racehorses, foals and broodmares in foal standing in kill pens begging for their lives. The only reason why they are there is solely because of horse racing.
    They just keep on coming while the wagering firms are boasting about multi-billion dollar profits.
    This is an unnecessary gambling venue and it needs to be shut down.
    It can’t come soon enough for the horses.

    • Gina, you obviously have a heart and a conscience to feel so much emotion about the mass slaughter of so many horses. This massive killing of horses including foals, mares and unborn foals is gut wrenching and heart breaking and so many people in the horseracing industry can continue this exploitation of Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses as though they have no heart and no conscience. The lame attempts to deflect from the reality of the massive suffering of horses used, abused, exploited, sold, abandoned, dumped into the slaughter pipeline by horseracing “people” involved in the horseracing industry, or who support it in some way, are sickening and downright stupid. People who defend the activities of horseracing show a complete disregard for the health and well-being of horses. Some are in denial while some are so evil, sadistic and barbaric that they enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on these horses. These barbaric, sadistic “people” need to be locked up because what they do is criminal. The people who are getting government subsidies to have races need to be given notice that what they are doing to horses is unacceptable and will no longer be funded by tax-payers’ money.

      • Bonnie, I admire Thoroughbreds. They are beautiful horses. They could be treated humanely if it weren’t for sadistic people involved in horseracing and pari-mutuel wagering. I am wondering what things will be like in September because of the pandemic and the economic impact of it. I remember the spokesman for Churchill Downs saying they are going to come back stronger than ever. All of the 3-year-olds that are kept around to run in the Kentucky Derby on September 5, 2020 will be four months older but still immature and underdeveloped. The fact that these young horses are forced to run (beyond what their bodies can withstand) at all not to mention at top speeds is obviously wrong and downright morally vile and depraved. The funding to this abuse of horses needs to stop!!!!!!

  6. For example, Maryland horse racing.
    Many Maryland residents are living in clapboards with the surrounding track neighborhoods in total disarray.
    The state government has no money to upgrade housing, education, or any infrastructure.
    The gun violence and crime rate is through the roof.
    The state coffers were broke before Covid-19 and its much worse now.
    Yet, they find the hundreds of millions of dollars to support this vile business while watching the majority of Maryland residents suffer.
    It’s beyond comprehension how Gov Wolf and the rest of them could approve such a vile business.
    Just imagine how this amount of money could improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
    Instead it’s going to a rich corporation, The Stronach Group, who has previously filed for bankruptcy and reneged on previous deals with no repercussions leaving hundreds of working poor contractors without money.
    Again, they get away with this and it’s outrageous.
    These politicians, Rep- or Dem, need to be voted out of office.
    Of course the racehorses are the biggest losers.
    This is such a corruption and death pit it can’t be shut down soon enough.

    • And the thing is Gina…it’s not popular like football,baseball,baseball,hockey,soccer,tennis,golf…you get the picture,it’s a total niche “sport” it would not be even realized it was gone by 99.9 percent of the population…that’s how niche it is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • I think the governors of applicable states could and should mandate that Thoroughbred and Standardbred horse breeding farms of a certain acreage that come under the category or description of open spaces become Community Supported Agriculture farms and allocate taxpayers’ money to the growing and distribution of vegetable and fruit crops for basic sustenance to their local communities rather than foal crops for human greed and corporate welfare in the horseracing industry. In this time of a global health PANDEMIC it is going to get worse before it gets better as far as the economic impact and the predicted food shortages are concerned.

      • Wonderful Ideas Wanda. I’m disappointed in Tom Wolf,and Gavin Newton,regarding certain things,as I felt those two Governors would be the most positive to work for. Time will tell. Let’s HOPE

    • Tom Wolf is the Governor of Pennsylvania. Larry Hogan is the Governor of Maryland.

      • Thanks for the clarification. They are both approving hundreds of millions of dollars to support horse racing while notifying their residents that they can’t afford essential emergency and medical services!
        This is outrageous and the racehorses dying is vile.
        This has got to end.
        Paying for horse racing is the same as paying for private golf memberships.

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