“Went Wrong,” Dead at Gulfstream

In the 10th at Gulfstream April 30, the Equibase writer notes, Sean’s Idea “went wrong in the right hind just after the start…and was vanned off.” “Went wrong,” as those familiar with this site can attest, almost invariably means dead. And indeed, she is, I have confirmed. Sean’s Idea was five and under the whip for the 21st time.

This is horseracing.

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  1. SEAN’S IDEA- one workout in 8 weeks is a huge red flag possibly indicating that they were well aware that she couldn’t endure one.
    If this is the case, then she was deliberately sent out to die, which is why she barely made it out of the gate.
    The had a horse on their hands costing them money and it was time to get rid of their liability despite the fact that she made them over $100,000 in her better days.
    Scoundrels and parasites.
    Santa Anita got approval to start racing on Friday so sharpen your pencil Patrick because it;s just a matter of time before another racehorse drops dead.
    They should have never been able to open and they should have been shut down a long time ago.
    Horse racing bugged the crap out of government officials to give in to their demands.
    They have been doing this for years and it works every time.
    I dream of the day that this track and all tracks are eventually shut down.
    It can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

    • You are so dead on right Gina. They sent her out to die,I mean come on…only 1 workout,Huge red flag. Another VICTIM,in their hall of shame.

  2. If you can get any information from Hokelawn (Oaklawn Park) about all the horse breakdowns there I am interested in a particular horse that “stopped’ last week there. The horse name is Big Bella Brown and he was supposedly “trained” by Robertino Diodoro. My most hated person there at Oaklawn. You don’t become leading trainer unless it is over the dead and mangled bodies of poor claiming horses that you sacrificed. His biggest client is Mike Sisk who disgustingly enough runs a large nationwide clinic of mens testosterone treatment centers. Both horrible men. I did write to Mike Sisk about the horse but naturally he is not going to reply to me when I criticize his dirtbag trainer. But I want him to know that I know he is complicit in the ruination of nice horses. As if he cared. If he had any testerone himself he would not allow his trainer to destroy horses in his low testosterone name. And Oaklwn needs to start reporting to the Jockey Club horse injuries and deaths. Good luck

  3. Ah, Florida. They never disappoint, do they? Two weeks out, and their non-existent racing commission gets around to confirming a death. Well, I’m pretty sure there’s several more to come, then, because, between Gulfstream and Tampa, they’ve accumulated multiple breakdowns while racing through this pandemic. So, why the delay? Maybe it’s because they still use the original Pony Express to deliver that sort of info…
    Until the ponies break down and die, that is.

  4. Horseracing is so wrong on so many levels that it is beyond being reformed. You might as well say child pornography should be reformed. It’s all wrong, wrong, wrong,wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I still have a lot of rage at stupid ass gulfstream and trainer Victor Barboza jr. , for the breakdown of two year old Gran Airspeed,on that turf of gulfstream. Hey, Victor, a two year old should NOT die !!!!!!!!!!!! These SCUMBAGS make me sick. Can you tell I hold a grudge…when it comes to animals 🤣. I don’t care, I will always speak up for animals…ALWAYS.

    • Bonnie,
      The fact that the horseracing industry runs two-year-old colts and fillies in races at all is one of the things that makes horseracing so fundamentally wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jockey Club doesn’t step up and say that breeders and owners can’t race babies so who is going to stop the racing (and killing) of two-year-old Thoroughbred babies????? It’s a rhetorical question. I don’t see the racetracks reforming this abuse of horses. They turn a profit from this diabolical, evil and criminal enterprise from the wagering handle and the government subsidies/ corporate welfare. Do the Attorneys General of any state including Florida have a problem with the illegal doping of horses exploited for horseracing? (That is NOT a rhetorical question.)

  6. This just in: I must remain somewhat silent about a recent surrender of about 10 racehorses, but I will say who is directly responsible for them: TOBY KEITH.
    Yes, Toby Keith multi-millionaire singer celebrity who often touts the “American Way” with a gun to boot, has dumped most, if not all, of his racehorses.
    He puts this gigantic tattoo on all of their shoulders to show they are his so many people immediately identified the as his horses.
    Well that’s no longer.
    They are now standing in a kill pen in Texas begging for their lives.
    Some people contacted the farm via email and his “spokesperson” said he’s not responsible for them because he sold them to good homes about 4 years ago.
    The same old story from all of them and this dude, Toby Keith, has a huge farm and money to take care of them.
    He refused to send ONE DIME to rescue these beautiful racehorses some of which made him over $200,000.
    Most raced in Texas and ALL were bred by his farm.
    He brought them into this world so he’s solely responsible for the situation they are in now despite what he says and the fact he wouldn’t send any money or come and get them is despicable.
    The mare HOLLYWOOD KNOCKOUT made just under $200,000 and she has an ankle swollen like a football.
    She never got vet care.
    Another chestnut mare has her forehead split open from being kicked on the van that they were crammed into.
    People are frantically stepping up with as little as $5 donations, free vanning, and a farm generously agreed to take up to 4 in their paddocks for at least 1 month and feed them until things are sorted out.
    Some are believed to be “in foal,” they sure look like it to me.
    A groom who worked on Toby Keith’s farm had this to say: “he’s a lazy son of a bitch who rarely comes out to the barn just to pat them on the head in the winners circle.”
    They are an ornament to him and he’s like to be seen in the horse racing business to stroke his ego.
    Well, that just about says it for most of them.
    There’s just NO EXCUSE for this coming from a multi-millionaire who refused to assist with their horrific fate and a multi-billion dollar industry and they are on FULL ATTACK and defense mode on social media especially directed towards me including bots.
    They called me rotten names, told me that racehorses are well taken care of and that’s it’s none of my business that racehorses are standing at kill auctions that I’m to go spend my time on another issue.
    They all SICKEN me – every single one of them – parasites and your days are numbered.
    We will shut your morally deprived horrific business down one racetrack at a time.

    • What a corny far right wing hillbilly. That’s all you are,you corny,lazy,stingy pile of ….,you have the money to keep them and care for them…you FRAUD,Toby Keith.

      • Nothing should shock us anymore,but this is just incredible. Cowboy gear and everything.

      • Wanda, I will explain what I mean about “somewhat silent.”
        Evidently, and I have no proof off this, all of these former racehorses were going to be shot in the head and killed in order to dispose of them.
        Somebody convinced them to put them up For Sale and instead of doing it privately on their farm, out off harms way, they dumped all of them at the kill auction.
        So they actually consider themselves heroes because “hey they gave them a chance at a home.”
        The reason why people didn’t want to “name and shame” is because they say that discourages owners from giving their horses one last chance at getting a home by dumping them at the kill auction.
        Toby Keith wanted his name left out of this huge seizure and the kill pen refused to acknowledge anything.
        People at the kill auction were appalled and it’s all over social page with unwanted horses.
        No, I wasn’t supposed to “name and shame,” but you know what?
        Every single one off these parasites need to be “named and shamed” just as the racehorses’ names and connections on the tracks that die are posted here and I don’t think they give a damn.
        It’s all the same isn’t it?
        They are all victims of this vile business.
        I think I may have saved 2, but I’m so torn on this issue because by saving them you are an inadvertent enabler.
        Also, they just keep on coming.
        I mean everyday there’s a different kill auction: Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky etc. that have a bunch of racehorses standing in kill pens.
        There’s a never ending flow because they are disposable gambling chips.
        These are the true faces behind horse racing.
        Their idea of “royally” treated is ill-defined, temporary and quickly changes when they can no longer flip a buck.
        Although not vet confirmed, I can tell that at least 4 are in foal.
        One mare is waxing and she will either drop her foal in the kill pen or on the slaughterhouse floor if she is not saved.
        This is the one I’m trying to get out of there right away.
        Isn’t horse racing so lovely?

    • Gina,
      Hats off to you for doing everything you can to help save some horses used for horseracing, abused by horseracing, neglected by horseracing and discarded by horseracing!!!!!! Horses that are no longer wanted by their owners and standing in kill pens because that is part of the horseracing industry’s modus operandi. I’m not sure what you mean by “somewhat silent” since you named the name of the owner of some of these horses, but I hope you are safe during your endeavors to save these horses that were exploited and dumped.

  7. Sending unfit horses onto the racetrack is just asking for a disaster to happen. The so-called owner, trainer and jockey (who all, apparently, loves their horses) were probably all hoping she would ‘break down’ and eventually be ‘euthanized’ just so they could claim the insurance money…..and the innocent horse, she would have ended up as dog food.

  8. Golden Gate race 9 just now horse down.jockey fell off.horse leg doesnot look good. They switched to different race immediately to avoid the truth

    • Ugh, Nancy. The chart makes it look like a four to five horse accident. Just what they needed to set the stage for Golden Gate’s “triumphant” return.

      • OMG…I only looked quickly at the last horse description,but it looks like your right Kelly…possible more horses mortally injured!!!!!!! Holy ….

      • They were bunched up together right before the jockey fell off. It happens so fast and the camera switches direction .Then TVG switches to another race. So yes…there may be other casualties.

  9. Conquest Sabre Cat, 35th time under whip,a HIGH priced yearling (400,000) now dead at 7yrs. old. Isn’t this GGF’s first day back? This hobby of the spoiled rich,needs to be EUTHANIZED. It’s antiquated and it’s time has long since past. Day 1 back and a kill already. WTF

      • No, Nancy, I just looked race #9 up on equibase. I know how tvg does what you said-they right away-cut to something else. Could they be anymore obvious?!

    • The other four or so horses might have had only “incidental” contact with Conquest SC, (their “fallen foe,” as the chartwriters love to call all the mangled, struggling, and dying animals on the track.) But, at those speeds, and with these TBs’ obscene fragility, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn the casualty count is higher than just one horse. We shall see…
      Either way, congrats to Golden Gate Fields and Alameda County Health Dept. officials for allowing all this safe, new racing to get underway. I’m sure all the Bay Area folks staying at home and practicing social distancing are happy to have medical resources devoted to such an “essential” activity.

      • *Oh, and a quick edit:
        Yet more huge congratulations to Gulfstream Park, for staying on topic and hosting yet another breakdown/van-off in THEIR final race today, too. Way to go, Stronach Group! Too bad Santa Anita hadn’t started running today, or y’all could have gotten yourselves another Dead Horse Hat Trick.
        Oh well. There’s always tomorrow, right?

  10. Gina, I understand that there are so many horses, including horses used for racing and/or bred for racing, in kill pens that saving two Thoroughbreds out of tens or hundreds or thousands is not going to change how “racetrack people” operate or what they care about or don’t care about. Even the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program has horses listed now that were listed on their website several months ago. So I don’t know if they have been successful in finding new homes for any of them. It appears that they are currently not adopting out now and I’m assuming that is because of the social distancing required to slow the spread of COVID-19. Maybe a horseracing supporter could “enlighten” me on the “facts” about FLTAP???? I saw LIBBY, a 3-year-old Thoroughbred filly, on Facebook and it makes me sick that she might not get saved from the slaughter-bound truck!!! I would if I could. I don’t have that kind of money. Otherwise, things could be much different. It is heartbreaking!!! 💔😭😞

    • Yes Wanda…..it is SO F’n SICK,and it’s also Pure EVIL. How can this SCUMBAG “industry” live with their fat assed selves? I would like to see how their fat asses would like to be in a PEN…..waiting for you know what!!!!!!!

      • Bonnie, I can only imagine that they would be screaming that they didn’t do anything wrong, that they treated their horses like royalty and that animal activists are just crazy, whacked out nut jobs that are just so misinformed and can’t get the “facts” straight. It really is terrible that we can see through their smoke that they’re blowing from whatever it is they’re smoking.

  11. SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER — many of us NEVER learned of the BRUTAL HORROR behind the scenes – Now that we KNOW, transfer Horses to Sanctuaries, and SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

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