Another Dead Colt at Belmont

Currently, there is no horseracing happening in New York State. But, they are still training them – and, as it turns out, killing them. This morning, according to the Gaming Commission, the 4-year-old colt Call Paul “sustained injury to LH leg while breezing on Belmont training track.” Euthanized. Belmont Park hasn’t run one race yet this year – and yet, 11 horses have now lost their lives there. “Nothing is more important than equine welfare,” right, NYRA?

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  1. Regardless of how anyone involved in horseracing attempts to demean or diminish the significance of one horse being injured and killed, or eleven horses being injured and killed, it is abuse of horses. Horseracing is cruel from the beginning to the end. Horseracing requires horse training, or running on a track, and it is all abuse and related to racing and therefore must be BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many other disciplines of horsemanship that actually involve horsemanship rather than abuse. These horses could be spared the endless abuse of horseracing and training for racing!!!!!!

  2. ELEVEN (11) racehorses have died in just four months at this one racetrack, Belmont Park when not one race was run!?
    Clearly, this is irrefutable evidence that the well-being and safety of the racehorse is not even a consideration, let alone of the utmost importance.
    For racehorses to be DYING whilst exercising and when not being prepped for an upcoming race, is a shocking revelation.

  3. Ever since I discovered this site — it’s been a little over a year, following the Santa Anita Horse Deaths inexplicably making worldwide headlines for killing off no more racehorses than usual — I’ve been struck by the colossal disparity between states/tracks/commissions on the reporting of their fatalities. At the very, very least, New York and California (and possibly a couple others, that don’t spring immediately to mind) are somewhat ahead of the curve in terms of admitting to their carnage.
    Not to give the NYRA and CHRB too much in the way of undue props, but does any one of us believe that if Call Paul had suffered his fatal injury at a track in Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, Nebraska, Louisiana, etc., that we’d be reading about it the same day? Or at all? Not a chance.
    Point is, these secretive racing jurisdictions should not reap rewards for their lack of transparency. And yet, they do. The racing so-called press won’t acknowledge a horse death in the Shady States, except on the rare occasion when it’s virtually indisputable — big-name horse, major race, and/or jockey paralyzed or killed. Then they’ll mention it, and immediately go all hush-hush again.

    What a bunch of worms.

  4. For the horses to be killed during training is a dreadful prelude to the start of the racing season, yet this shameful behaviour shows no sign of abating.

  5. The care and welfare of these horses should be #1, even when exercising them! What in the world is happening to cause all these deaths. I could probably take better care of a horse then anyone on the track because the horse would be my main concern!

    • If you had a horse at a racetrack and you were genuinely concerned for your horse’s health and well-being, you would soon see how depraved and vile horseracing is and have your horse(s) transported back to the farm or ranch immediately (if not sooner) and that would be the only way you could keep your horse’s health and well-being a top priority!!!!

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