“Threw a Fit in Gate”

From Equibase, Remington Park (Oklahoma), yesterday:

race 1, Spike My Punch “threw a fit in gate”

race 3, Overserved “unruly in gate”; Hez Got a Caboose “fractious in gate”

race 7, Steal the Candy “slammed into rival at break”

race 8, Jm Southern Express “slammed rival”

Good, clean family fun.

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  1. All crying out for help, for liberation. Unheard, indifferent by those who will kill them.

  2. Seems to me these criminals and psychopaths are pushing these poor souls even more and harder now (if that’s even possible) to make up for “loss of earnings”
    I continue to ask myself WHY small so called non essential businesses continue to be closed, people losing their livelihoods yet this obscene industry is allowed to continue business as usual… sorry, killing as usual. Revolting!!

  3. This abuse of horses should be a red flag to anyone who thinks about the health and well-being of horses. Being forced to do the unnatural is what happens to horses exploited for horseracing and betting. Horseracing kills horses. Horseracing must be BANNED!!!!

  4. Racehorses communicate through their body language since they don’t have a voice.
    These examples seem to indicate that their refusal to load and their issues in the gate was their way of saying that they don’t want to run.
    Of course when they slow down in the stretch, for reasons such as tired/sore, they get beaten to keep going.
    What a shameful, revolting and cruel business.
    So sorry for all of these recent victims.
    On the slaughter front: lots of racehorses begging for their lives since Thursday most of which are shipping out to slaughter this morning while Oaklawn Park boasts about their 41 million dollar wagering profits ON ONE DAY!
    There’s just no excuses for any racehorse to be standing at a kill auction or going to slaughter – none.
    This multi-billion dollar industry should be legally mandated to financially support them when they are done racing or shut them down.
    I could have saved 2 TB’s over the weekend. I raised the bail out money of $350 each, but couldn’t get enough for transport.
    The horse racing parasites and their 41 million on one day should have a 1-800 number that people can call so they can pick up the tab on transport IN THE LEAST.
    Another thing, if these racehorses are dumped, but have been out of the business for a few years, the horse racing industry is solely responsible for breeding them to flip wagering profits and to serve their egos.
    They are 100% responsible for these horses and they should send the money to bail them out IN THE LEAST.
    Any domestic pet in the USA in any state has an animal shelter or surrender number to call, but not horse racing.
    This vile business and the parasites that support it operate with total impunity.
    If they cared one iota for the racehorses then they wouldn’t be supporting this in the first place.
    They all sicken me and, yes, you are all bad apples.

    • Gina, I would like to help raise $$ for transport so we can save if only a few…how can we connect? ❤️

  5. Certainly doesn’t sound like good, clean fun to me. Some horses are afraid of the gates, they’re excited from all of the noise and if another horse acts up it disturbs the other horses and they get very nervous. Horseraces are not fun for the horses, some stumble right out of the gate then they are whipped to catch up to the other horses which is very cruel. The commentators say that the horses love the fight and the competition, they have no idea what those horses are feeling and I’m sure horses don’t know what competition is, all they know is that they are forced to run!

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