Join Us This Saturday; Be a Voice for the Horses

Virtual Rally to End Horseracing

This Saturday, Horseracing Wrongs will be partnering with The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses in Australia and Animal Aid in the United Kingdom to protest horseracing worldwide! This event will take place in YOUR HOME, IN YOUR BACKYARD on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

On this day, the day that would have been the Kentucky Derby, a day of smoke & mirrors, a day in which the racing ruse is at its most obscene – mint juleps and loud hats, “pampered athletes” and “The Sport of Kings” – we will remind the public that Horseracing Is Animal Cruelty, that Horseracing Kills Horses.

As we stay safe and social distance, we will memorialize the horses killed thus far in 2020 and the multiple thousands killed – on track, in stall, at the slaughterhouse – every year. Tweet the truth about this horrible industry and be a voice for those who cannot speak.

How to participate in the rally:

1. Tweet using the hashtags #EndHorseracingNOW and #HorseracingKillsHorses (“Tweet Sheet” here).

2. Have you attended a protest? Post a photo of yourself at one or a selfie with a homemade sign on Facebook and Instagram telling people why horseracing is cruel. Tag Horseracing Wrongs and use the hashtags #EndHorseracingNOW and #HorseracingKillsHorses.

3. Post an educational graphic on your social-media accounts (see Event Page) asking friends and family not to attend, bet on, or watch horseracing. Tag Horseracing Wrongs and use the hashtags #EndHorseracingNOW and #HorseracingKillsHorses.

4. Have you adopted or rescued a racehorse? Post a photo with his or her story or educational information about horseracing cruelty. Tag Horseracing Wrongs and use the hashtags #EndHorseracingNOW and #HorseracingKillsHorses.

5. Invite everyone you know to this event and let us know that you will be participating as a voice for the horses! Share!

For more information, please visit our Event Page!

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  1. I’ve shared the invitation on Facebook and I will do what I can to speak up about the cruelties of horseracing and about where many racehorses “go to retire” which is the slaughterhouse for a high percentage of unwanted racehorses.

  2. Horses should be SACRED to us,look at all the things they have helped man achieve,we’d be nothing without the hard work horses have done for us. Let’s REPAY them. Save their lives.

    • Thank you, Gina! So many people are participating today for the horses!

  3. Glad that the Kentucky Derby is finally getting all the negative attention it deserves. And I’m happy to help spread the word on what a ridiculously pompous, antiquated shitshow of animal abuse it truly is. Racehorses die for degenerate gamblers every day. And now that their signature event has been postponed because of this virus, they’re trying to fill the void with computer-generated, virtual horses. Really.

    Well, have at it, horse bettors/beaters! In fact, y’all should get used to watching ALL of your racing in this humane, digital-only format. Last I checked, bytes and pixels didn’t get whipped, doped, break down and die, or get shipped to the slaughterhouse when they didn’t perform well enough.
    So, it’s a win-win for racing creeps AND for us horse advocates.
    And the biggest winners of the Digital Derby will finally be the horses:)

  4. I’m not on Facebook,or any social media sites, so I guess I won’t be able to see it,or partake ??

    • Hi Bonnie, you might still be able to see some of the posts without log-ins on some of the social media sites. You can take part by sharing by email with friends and family or signing and sharing petitions. You can find our petitions here:

      Thank you so very much for caring about the horses and for your support!

      • Thank You Nicole,it’s MY HONOR. I’m in this for the long haul,because ANIMALS are so WORTH it. Every horse deserves a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gulfstream just hit the Three-Day, Dead Horse Trifecta with their first race. Good on the Stronachs for using Derby Day to round out their three-fer:

    Thursday, Apr. 30, race 10 – Sean’s Idea: Went wrong, vanned off.
    Friday, May 1, race 8 – Dalarna: pulled up in distress, vanned off.
    Saturday, May 2, race 1 – Irked: pulled up in distress, vanned off.

    Way to go, Gulfstream! Y’all aren’t quite up to Oaklawn’s high standards just yet (all three van-offs in one day, last Sunday) but I’m thinking you are getting close. Carry on, because…it’s Derby Day. Hooray!

      • Ugh. Maybe Oaklawn figures it got all of its kills out of the way on Sunday. So now they’re virtually guaranteed to send every horse home safely from the (*scoff) Arkansas Derby;)

  6. As long as there’s horse racing, there will be horse killing! The Kentucky Derby is scheduled to be run on Saturday, September 5, 2020. I hope it could be cancelled forever but time will tell.

    • That’s right, Wanda. We will never stop educating and fighting for their lives. Thank you for joining us in the fight!

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