“Epistaxis From Both Nostrils, Expired Before Any Treatment Could Be Administered” – Five More Kills at Turfway

Recently disclosed (Kentucky Horse Racing Commission) kills at Turfway:

I’mluckysgirl, Jan 10, race 7 (31st time under the whip):

“[S]he abruptly unseated her rider approaching the 5/8 pole. It was apparent that she had suffered a serious injury: failure of the suspensory apparatus and rupture of the digital flexor tendons; intersesmoidian ligament was ruptured…resulting in biaxial basilar fractures; lateral sesamoid had comminuted fractures.”

Super Touch, Mar 6, race 3 (40th time under the whip):

“Was fractious in the gate and reportedly struck his left side on the starting gate stall and was also reportedly bothered at the start of the race. He trailed the field for most of the race, pulled up and jogged normally to the unsaddling area. [A]s he was cooling out became unsteady on his feet, collapsed and died. This horse fractured the tuber coxa at some point, whether in the starting gate…or…at the start. The hemorrhage reported and the changes in the lungs point to shock being the cause of death.”

Love Totem, Mar 12, prior to race 5 (would have been 56th time under the whip):

“Was in the saddling paddock when she became fractious, reared up and flipped over, striking her head on the back wall and floor of the saddling stall. She exhibited epistaxis from both nostrils and expired before any treatment could be administered. There were comminuted fractures of the occipital condyles of the skull and a fracture of the cranial aspect of the first cervical vertebrae; large amount of hemorrhage in the surrounding soft tissues and multifocal acute hemorrhage in the brain.”

Tudox Lifting Off, Mar 13, prior to race 1 (would have been 28th time under the whip):

“Was loaded into the starting gate and while in the stall waiting for the rest of the field to be loaded she kicked the back of the starting gate stall. The attending vet noticed she was standing on only her right hind leg and went to the stall to examine her: open, complete diaphyseal fracture of her left hind third metatarsal bone.”

Emely Heart, Mar 20, race 3 (8th time under the whip)

“Was racing in the pack and suddenly pulled up near the 3/8 pole with an injury to her left front limb: fracture of the lateral condyle of MCIII with a comminuted mid-body fracture of the medial sesamoid and an axial avulsion fracture of the lateral sesamoid; fetlock was open and disarticulated; extensive soft tissue damage.”

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  1. Apparently the owners do not care about the horses!

    What does appear clear to me is the almighty dollar at all cost?

    These owners need to pay a VERY HIGH PRICE for their neglect, and I would recommend jail time of the remainder of the owners lives.

  2. These injuries and deaths of Thoroughbred horses exploited, used and abused for $2 bets are ghastly, horrible, horrifying and sickening!!! It’s ghastly, horrible, horrifying and sickening to know that so many people support this horror show!!! Horseracing is NOT SAFE for horses and nothing about the fact that horses are exploited for $2 bets will ever make horse racing safe for horses!!!!!!

  3. Yet another heartbreaking list of destruction and mayhem.
    Make no doubt about it, these poor racehorses are fighting a war that they regularly lose.
    They are fighting for their lives every single day against a bunch of morally bankrupt parasites who care nothing of them other than to use them up, dispose and kill them.
    I can’t and won’t accept this brutality, torture, and beating of racehorses into the ground.
    I will continue to be a voice for them and to fight on their behalf against their slave masters.

  4. Santa Anita colt Last Renegade trained by Peter Eurton 2 yr old died 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  5. I’m uncertain as to how we as human beings have allowed treatment like this to ever exist.

    We use animals for entertainment, food and financial gains without any respect for them as sentient beings.

    We as a human race cannot claim ignorance anymore. We are responsible for our actions And this Must STOP.

  6. I would love to ask trainers,owners,…How do you justify so many horses being sent to slaughter? Was it worth it…because you were incapable of getting and holding onto a REAL job???????

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