Santa Anita Claims Another, This One a 2-Year-Old Being Prepped for His First Race

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed a training kill at Santa Anita yesterday: Last Renegade. For now, all they are saying is “accident.” Last Renegade was but two years old. The killing continues – even in the absence of live racing – because horseracing kills, inherently.


  1. These morally deprived parasites continue to kill even in the middle of a humanitarian crisis.
    While many businesses are doing their part, at a huge expense, horse racing continues to badger authorities to continue their public butcher show.
    LAST RENEGADE – a baby, barely on this planet for 2 years.
    His life as a profit slave was one of pain, suffering, and forced confinement for the most part.
    Not only do they continue to maim and kill, but they also continue to actively claim racehorses.
    Multiple racehorse killer and active claiming Trainer Mike Maker just claimed a multiple stakes winner, 7 year old gelding whose made over $491,000 for another round of abuse.
    His original owners made a bundle off of him, then true to industry form, the dumping began.
    He’s changed owners many times, barn to barn, exploit and dump – the usual.
    Incidentally, a new owner can take out an equine insurance policy for the amount of earnings in most cases.
    So when Mike Maker potentially runs him into the ground and kills him they will make a tidy profit for having a racehorse in their barn for a very short time.
    In fact, Mike Maker has a pattern of doing this, but we will never know because everything is kept secret.
    Another pattern emerges with these types of claims and deaths.
    The racehorses usually die on specific tracks such as Gulfstream where they seem to be protected.
    They will often claim one of these racehorses at another track and then ship them into one of the Stronach-owned tracks where they might subsequently die.
    So I’m suggesting that there are many more dark things going on behind some of these deaths.

    • The name of the racehorse Mike Maker claimed, that I forgot to mention in the post, is TIGER BLOOD for owners Hootie’s Racing LLC.
      The name doesn’t disclose the people behind this claim on April 24, 2020 at Gulfstream Park.
      As with most of these highly suspicious claims that can often result in death Hootie’s Racing LLC is involved with 19 different syndicates all of whom have maimed and killed racehorses.
      Houston – I think we have a problem here.
      It’s called horse racing, but really it’s horse killing and what an appropriate name – TIGER BLOOD!

    • Gina, I rely on your helpful flushing out of the details and the names of perpetrators of crimes against equines. You are most informative. Thank you!

  2. I have written an article for my local paper against Horseracing. Any info is appreciated.

  3. Such tragedy’s happening to these very young racehorses, they don’t even get a chance at life. There must be a way to make horseracing safer, but, sad to say, when greed is involved in these races a lot of mistreated horses are forced to run. They are magificent animals and deserve so much more respect then they receive.

    • All racehorses are FORCED to run carrying a saddle and rider when they are not matured. It is fundamentally wrong!!!!!!!!!!! If you Google any racehorse’s name on Equibase, you can read their stats and the speed index. The speed index is very significant!!! Why does horseracing require the use of whips to whip horses??? Whipping the racehorses makes them exert themselves more and more and that might increase their speed index. It also leads to more breakdowns…

  4. Stop killing horses !!!!!
    You run them too much for too long starting too young ! Greedy uncaring jerks !

  5. I am so tired of hearing about how these horses are “born” to run and about how many “jobs” are attached to the racing industry. As a culture we have become devoid of conscience. Don’t know how to break through.

    • I know how you feel! I mentioned my near despair to a board member of HRW, and her reassurances that great progress is being made cheered me up!! We will all keep at it!

  6. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows horseracing needs to be shut down. It makes me very sad to hear of the deaths of these beautiful horses while idiots who have a part in their death roam the world freely.

  7. Please contact Governor Gavin Newsom and ask him to ban horseracing in California and especially at the Santa Anita Racetrack…he is an animal lover and animal rights advocate.

    Mailing address:
    Governor Gavin Newsom
    1303 10th Street, Suite 1173
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: (916) 445-2841
    Fax: (916) 558-3160

  8. Disgusting. Very sad. Two year old horses are too young to race. They (all ages) are abused so badly for money and greed. The horse racing industry is worse now than ever. Filled with GREED – abuse is ignored.

  9. And just why ISN’T Gov. Newsom shutting this down already? If he is such an animal lover, then he already knows about all of this.

    If people insist on having horse races, I don’t know why some virtual form of computer generated horseracing with algorithm-based results can’t be developed so people can have their stupid betting and no live animals will be involved.

    Real live horse racing can no longer be justified. It is as obsolete as slavery and just as indefensible and unredeemable.

  10. To horse racers think of it this way. If you were a horse and you didn’t have a choice and were made to race and be tortured how would you feel. That is what you are doing to these poor innocent horses who have no choice and then find themselves dead. They were created by God for us to enjoy their beauty not to torture and kill for no reason. See what is happening to humans right now with this pandemic It could be you it gets next and you don’t have much of a choice when people don’t care and take precautions. That is what these horses are feeling due to human insensiveness. STOP THIS MADNESS AND SAVE THE HORSES

  11. In the middle of any crisis horse racing exploits the general public by claiming that if they don’t get their way racehorses will go to slaughter.
    I witnessed it directly when Ontario horse racing FINALLY got their 345 million per year stopped.
    They all held a rally at Queen’s Park and put fear into animal loving Ontario residents by telling them that thousands of racehorses wouldn’t be cared for and end up at slaughter if they didn’t reinstate their money.
    Of course what most of the unsuspecting public didn’t know, as Patrick often states, what in the hell happens to them now?
    We know they are maimed, dumped, die and/or are killed on the slaughterhouse floor.
    Where is their rallying cry for them?
    Nowhere to be found of course because once they are done crippling a racehorse, and once a racehorse is deemed financially not viable then they can’t provide sustenance to these parasites so they spend all of their energy hooking on to their next victim.
    The majority of the general public is finally being exposed to the sad truth behind every 2 minute race.
    Santa Anita is so upset that they can’t open – I’ll get out my Kleenex, but not for them, but for the hundreds of racehorses that are maimed and killed on U.S. tracks every year.

    • When they had 5 days of racing a week in California, how many horses would the race tracks have to have in order to fill that many races? It would have to be a lot of horses, obviously. How many of those horses would get raced way more often than any horse could live through??? As you have said many times, Gina, the horses are mere disposable gambling chips. It is sickening that TVG is online waiting to take anybody’s money in the form of bets on racehorses…😣

  12. This is unacceptable and those involved should be held accountable for this tragedy.

  13. Here’s a brief recap of the victims of the Santa Anita track.
    No less than 12 racehorses have died since January 1, 2020.
    This is outrageous, vile, unacceptable, and heartbreaking.
    Names and details provided by HRW.
    GOLDEN BIRTHDAY – 4 y.o. Broke its rear leg during a race, “vanned-off.” Euthanized.
    BUCKSTOPPER KIT – 5 y.o Found dead in his stall.
    HARLISS – 6 Y.O. Broke his ankle during a race. Euthanized.
    UNCONTAINABLE – 5 y.o. gelding. Broke his ankle during a race. Euthanized.
    TIKKUM OLAM – 4 y.o. gelding. Collided with another horse during training hours. Euthanized.
    DOUBLE TOUCH – 5 y.o. “sudden death” while training. Trained by multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” John Sadler..
    MISS ROMANIA- 2 y.o. “fractured shoulder” during training and died.
    UNVEILED – 4 y.o. snapped his humerus during training and died.
    CHOSEN VESSEL – snapped his ankle-off during a race. Euthanized. Trained by multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” Craig Dollase.
    SMILING ALI – 2 y,o filly died after completing a workout. Trained by multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” Jeff Blonde.
    M C HAMSTER – 4 y.o. filly snapped her ankle-off during a workout. Euthanized.
    LAST RENEGADE – 2 y.o colt. Got lose during training and ran head on into the rail. Died back at his stall.
    Trained by multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” Peter Eurton.

    There could be many more victims at private training centers such as San Luis Rey where deaths are not reported.
    Covid-19 or not this track needs to be shut down permanently and the rest can follow after that.

    • Considering that racetrack owners and operators don’t like to be transparent, it is a given that the ones reported here are not all of the horses injured and killed. Because of their greedy, callous racing connections, the injuries and deaths of many horses will go unreported as long as there is a way to hide it from the public and anyone that might discover the illegal use of illegal drugs administered to horses of all ages to enhance the performance of horses intended for the purpose of total exploitation and gambling. There is no record that I know of that reports the number of racehorses sold to killbuyers and slaughter houses that are/were being “culled” also known as dumped!

  14. Another victim of horse racing at Stronach-owned Golden Gate in California: DATA HAWK.
    DATA HAWK – 4 y.o gelding flipped over during his shower in the morning training hours on 2/2/20 fracturing his skull and other horrific injuries.
    Tracks do little to nothing to ensure and prevent safety measures for racehorses.
    They don’t even build shower racks with rubber footing at a cost of about $200 each a pittance of their billions in wagering profits.
    After all, racehorses are disposable gambling chips to them.
    DATA HAWK – another victim of this vile business and another to add to the Kill List for California.
    On another note, 2 racehorses went directly from Mountaineer to a kill auction in the fall.
    Both racehorses were owned by the infamous Burton K. Sipp.
    SIMPLY BELONGING – earned over $88,000 the hard way. Mainly a claiming horse, bought and sold many times, track after track, race after race being beaten to perform only to end up in the hands of pure evil who had every intention of disposing of this gambling chip at the kill auction.
    He had at least 1 DNF and vet scratches, but Burton has no mercy and just kept running him.
    BURNING BLUEGRASS – a 8 y.o. gelding that Burton shipped directly from Mountaineer to the kill auction along with SIMPLY BELONGING both of whom were photographed by rescue people who desperately tried to raise enough money to save them from the slaughterhouse truck.
    Nobody from horse racing would send a dime preferring to let their “family member” board the slaughter truck to Mexico or Canada.
    Despite the fact that Mountaineer, Charles Town and the other PA tracks where both racehorses were run, were provided with solid evidence and photographs from the kill lot, like so many times before, Burton K. Sipp still gets allotted a ton of stalls totally contrary to their “no slaughter” policies.
    True to industry form just another ruse.

  15. He was last seen at Turf Paradise in January.
    He shipped in with some horses and shipped some horses to the kill lot.
    Before that, he was actively shipping horses from Mountaineer to the kill lot back in the fall probably before he left for Arizona.
    I’m told that he’s still shipping horses to the kill lot on the East Coast around Mountaineer and PA tracks, but I have no proof of that.
    It makes sense since many owners are dumping their racehorses.
    It’s inevitable that they dump them anyways, but not being able to pick up a check for last place is only speeding up a process that they’ve always done.
    If I hear anything else will update or if you hear anything update please.

    • Gina interstate 81 which goes straight to Canada is real close to PA tracks. Perfect dump off place for an exchange. There are animal auctions near Harrisburg PA also straight pipeline to 81. If I find any more info with my research will let you know. As usual,your expertise and guts are appreciated by all of us in this quest.

      • I was wondering about longer wait times for anyone shipping horses to slaughter in Canada and/or Mexico since the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has changed everything. I have not been able to find much current information about crossing the borders especially with truckloads or trailers full of horses destined for a foreign slaughterhouse. There are necessary steps to be legal and there are videos of horrible conditions that horses bound for slaughter are subject to and one video names the names of some of the worst offenders that don’t do everything legally when shipping horses. Not all of the horses shipped make it alive in transit or in holding pens. It is so repulsive and sickening!!!! Does anyone here have any specific information about new requirements (in light of slowing down the spread of COVID-19) to ship horses from the United States to Mexico or Canada?

      • We have a picture, including license plate. of a kill truck loaded with racehorses that crossed the border into Canada and headed straight to Quebec.
        The driver stopped for a coffee at Tim Hortons.
        I politely asked him “do you mind telling me where you picked up these racehorses?” always maintaining a minimum of 6 feet social distancing with my mask on.
        He said “yes, I picked up all these racehorses in IOWA at a location.”
        “They are all racehorses right off the tracks from California, Arizona and New Mexico.”
        “We usually pick up the west coast racehorses in IOWA where nobody bothers us about it and the owners/trainers who send them know this.”
        I said “do you mind if I take some pics of the tattoos?”
        “No, sorry I can’t do that because their loaded,” so I took a picture of the tail of a racehorse sticking out the back of the ramp – it was so sad.
        Their eyes all looking at me and some even nickering for their oats thinking that I was there to feed them.
        My communication with this man ended there, but there were about 12 -15 racehorses – double-decker.
        No hay, no water, standing in their own manure up to their knees, some laying down in it.
        These racehorses are the true faces of horse racing and this is what it takes to keep this vile business going.
        Like I always say: Disposable gambling chips.

      • We now have another valuable puzzle piece regarding an Iowa connection. AND I hope that the connections who love them like family were able to sleep real well in those days they loaded their disposable family members up.

  16. These people who enter their horses in the race are there just to make money so it is easy just eliminate them so the horses races will be oblige to close.

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