Gulfstream: 3-Year-Old Suffers “Heart Attack,” Crashes Through Rail, Dead

The Equibase note for Mrs. Miniver in the 4th at Gulfstream yesterday: “lost her action while appearing in significant distress early, unseated the rider and crashed through the rail collapsing near the end of the backstretch, and was vanned off.”

“[S]ignificant distress…crashed through the rail collapsing.”

In fact, Mrs. Miniver is dead – “heart attack,” says the jockey’s agent. She had just turned three. Still in puberty.

This is horseracing.

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  1. The racing connections are killers of horses. MRS. MINIVER is another young, underdeveloped filly that should and would still be alive if the cruelty and torture of horses used in horseracing was recognized as a crime and punishable by law in which case there would be no more legal horseracing and brutally exploiting babies for morally depraved betting and entertainment. It is criminal to do what is done to racehorses. The government subsidies to the morbid abuse and killing of racehorses needs to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!! The serial killers of horses need to be charged with criminal animal abuse and locked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Horses,like all animals are very sensitive,they pick up on the evil and greed of the trainers,owners,breeders,which causes an unbelievable amount of STRESS. I say to these losers of life get a real job,that doesn’t involve using and abusing animals. Quit picking on animals,make your OWN way in life.

  3. Heartbreaking cannot even begin to describe this poor soul’s fate. I can not even imagine her desperation, fear and pain. The morally deprived criminals who keep inflicting pain and death should be treated the same way they are treating these horses. Somehow they seem to think they have a right to kill and maim. Cruel to the core. It’s indeed a horrible world we live in. One in which goodness seems to be in very short supply. But I know they will all pay… one way or another. RIP sweet Mrs. Miniver… another baby ripped off her right to live as nature intended her to.

  4. bulldogmomanne,
    The governor of the state is the one who signs a bill into law (to the best of my knowledge) that gives millions of taxpayer dollars to horseracing to add money to purses which in turn attracts more horse owners to have their horses compete in races at those racetracks in that state. That in turn creates more horses in a race and more money from gamblers betting on horses. That creates more money for the tracks wagering handle. The horses are disposable gambling chips as Gina Powell has said many, many times in her comments on this Horseracing Wrongs blog site!!! I hope this helps and feel free to ask your questions on Google, please.

  5. Once again, a young under-developed horse has greatly suffered and died at the hands of money-grabbing, profiteering pieces of human trash. Human trash that thinks nothing of inflicting as much torture and torment onto these innocent victims as possible, just so they can ‘reap the glory’ of having a winner. The shameful truth is that once these horses ‘are of no use’ to these fat-assed morons, they are passed on to their friends, the kill buyers, where they then end up being horrifically slaughtered for their ‘meat’ to fill an equally fat-assed stomach.

  6. MRS. MINIVER suffered greatly before she died a horrific death.
    Her PP’s tell a story of pain barely making it through most of her races.
    Upon review of her Race Replays, simply put, it’s heartbreaking.
    She was repeatedly, incessantly, and mercilessly beaten with a whip in every race and beaten harder when she was slowing down to protect herself.
    All evidence points to Mrs. Miniver being sent out to die because this gambling chip wasn’t “paying her way,” and these parasites can only feed from those who provide sustenance.

  7. I get more upset over animals dying…..than I do people. The longer you live…the more people get on your NERVES. Most people are too ego centric, all they care about is their ugly ass selves. #TruthToPower

  8. I definitely saw a horse PULLED UP today at Oaklawn…of course. F Oaklawn. 🤬🤬🤬

    • Bonnie, there were THREE pulled up at Oaklawn today:
      TWO of the THREE were “in apparent distress.” (I guess the distress of poor Slovak wasn’t apparent to the geniuses at Oaklawn who “safely” whisked her away, while abiding by necessary social distancing protocols.)

      Hooray for Oaklawn. They hit the Trifecta:(

  9. Here’s a brief recap of the public butcher and horror show playing out at Oaklawn Park:
    RACE 1 – WEWOKA “showed little” barely finished the race last by 17 lengths.
    RACE 2 – SLOVAK “vanned-off” was up FOR SALE in this her 2nd lifetime start. In her first start she was behind the field by 20+ lengths and they still ran her. So obvious she had serious issues which is probably why they didn’t start her until 3. A horse has to be really bad if they don’t start them until 3 in most cases. This is another example of sent out to die.
    RACE 3 – PORTION ‘backed-up” In other words, starting going backwards and finished by 17 lenghts.
    RACE 4 – PRIMORDIAL BAY barely finished in this his 3rd start “outrun” by about 24 lengths. Finished by a combined 30+ lengths in his 2 previous starts. Obviously serious issues deliberately ignored in their attempt to flip a buck with an industry who gladly supports this abuse to have another gambling chip.
    RACE 5 – ROCKY’S WARRIOR – “vanned-off” was behind by 15 lengths when he broke down.
    RACE 6 – SHESHED – “stopped in the turn” Did not indicate whether she was “vanned-off,” but seems likely because a racehorse doesn’t “stop” for no reason. Multiple racehorse killer “trainer” Bob Holthus.
    RACE 7 – MIDNIGHT SWAY – “pulled up in distress.” “vanned-off” and was 20 lengths behind the field.
    RACE 8 – AND ISLES – trailed by 20+ lengths, barely finished the race.
    RACE 9 – MONEDAS DE ORO – Barely finished the race trailed by about 20 lengths.
    RACE 10 – PORTAL CREEK – Barely finished trailed by 17+ lengths.

    So 4 “vanned-off” 1. SLOVAK 2. ROCKY’S WARRIOR 3. SHESHED 4. MIDNIGHT SWAY.
    These 4, most likely, dead and/or maimed for life.

    The rest listed barely made it through the race.
    So 100% of racehorses were maimed, killed, and forced to suffer for stupid gambling bets.
    All of them now financial liabilities, if they made it out alive, and will most likely be dumped with little to no vet care so that the “animal rights activists” can rescue their disposable gambling chips with their own money and a whole lot of compassion to boot.
    This is the wonderful world of horse racing – shut it down.

  10. When and where did this happen? I am writing a story on Horseracing and would like the most current information.
    Bonnie Engelman

  11. Oaklawn shows up on Maps as Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, Hot Springs, Arkansas so I’m guessing they are attempting to attract as many tourists as possible besides horse owners and all of that for the financial gain and the horses can go ahead and die for all that the gambling industry cares.

  12. This is unacceptable and those involved should be held accountable for thos tragedy.

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