A Death at One Track Is a Death at All

The NYS Gaming Commission reports this for Appealing Briefs at Belmont yesterday: “[G]elding last raced at Gulfstream, euthanized due to poor prognosis of cellulitis.” The first part, at least as I see it, is a pathetic attempt to shift blame. First, as I’ve repeatedly admonished since Santa Anita, U.S Racing is a single entity – a league (think NFL) if you will. Horses are ever being shuffled from track to track, state to state, so don’t get distracted by individual (track) numbers; focus on the aggregate instead. Second, though, the horse in question here had two workouts at Belmont after that Gulfstream race, the most recent April 4. Imagine that. What’s more, he was raced at all three NYRA tracks in 2019. Bottom line: Appealing Briefs is an industry casualty, for which each and every track (trainer, owner, etc.) shares responsibility.

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  1. I would assume cellulitus would have been noticable at any time before racing this horse. What is wrong with taking time to assess the horse to see if he is showing any ailments. There are just too many of these young horses dying, what is wrong with the people in this sport. Football players, basketball players and baseball players are taken care of, there is no reason that these horses aren’t taken care of, they are great athletes also! Greed, greed is the answer!

  2. The morally depraved world of horseracing consists of many morally depraved people also known as the racing connections. It’s where horses are abused on a daily basis and horseracing is portrayed as something “glorious” to the public. Ignorance is not bliss. The ignorance of the public is fatal to horses!!!!

  3. Anyone think the Stronach Group can’t put on its usual Horse Death Horror Show with their one, lousy track running these days? Well, they still can, and by golly, they will.

    Gulfstream, Race 4: Mrs. Miniver was vanned off. I’m not even gonna quote the chartwriter, because the notations are too sickening, and I’m disturbed enough by having read them just once. Suffice it to say, it certainly SEEMS that this poor mare has seen her career — if not her whole life — ended today.

    Oh, but by all means, Stronachs: keep up those lobbying efforts to allow you to continue your soul-crushing, televised equine carnage throughout this pandemic. People need something to bet on, after all. It might as well be horrifying animal abuse and grisly deaths. Right, racing creeps?

    • Same jockey as the break down yesterday too. Apparently he can’t feel a horse breaking down under him, because he did not even attempt to pull this poor filly up today, even when she took some obviously bobbling steps, And on their crappy turf track again too. Sickening thing is that there’s no mention of the horse on twitter, but all the gambling addicts and Courtney acacia are discussing their bets and winners, and that Luca Panici is “sore” after falling off this poor horse. Nasty people.

      • Thanks, Peggy. Took me awhile, but I found the Tweet you’re referring to. It’s CLASSIC horse-killing double-speak between a paid apologist, Ms. Courtney, and a random racing fan, who’s clearly asking a question she DOES NOT want to answer:

        Ms. Courtney: “Luca Panici is off the remainder of his mounts @Gulfstream Park…”
        (This is followed by a dead link to nowhere.)
        Random fan: “Any word about why?”
        Ms. Courtney: “He has a sore shoulder.”

        End of discussion. That’s it. Not, “He has a sore shoulder from riding back-to-back breakdowns, killing off two horses in less than 24 hours by continually whipping them as their bones were shattering.” Nor, “His mount, Mrs. Miniver, unseated him as she crashed through the rail before collapsing in terrified agony, thus causing Mr. Panici to suffer a boo-boo and get the rest of his day off from whipping abused animals into the ground.”
        Nope. Instead, she’s showing the world how THAT’S the kind of laser-focused, hard-hitting, tell-it-like-it-is, horse racing journalism that makes real reporters envious of the racing so-called press.
        Somebody please give Acacia Courtney a promotion, STAT.

  4. Of course…it was TURF race,gulfstream!!!! Read what I posted…just last night!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sick,how many more lives does their turf have to claim??????????????

    • Bonnie, I did read your comment about the Turf. I took your word for it.

  5. Poor MRS. MINIVER.
    I reviewed the PP’s on MRS. MINIVER and they portray a racehorse who has been suffering since her first race.
    October 27, 2019 – Gulfstream Park. She finished dead last. Barely made it through the race.
    I watched the Replay and it was horrific.
    The jockey was beating the living crap out of her and it was reflected in the chart writer:
    “raced under STEADY URGING in stretch and failed to move on.”
    In fact, her entire life was one of abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment at the behest of this vile business and the vile parasites in it.
    Based on all evidence, MRS. MINIVER was sent out to die and I think she is dead.
    APPEALING BRIEFS. Another victim of this repulsive business.
    Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the soft connective tissue under the skin.
    It usually occurs in the back legs and it presents as extreme swelling and heat in the leg.
    Everybody can see it and quick intervention with some antibiotics usually clears it up.
    It seems obvious to me that Mrs. Miniver had been suffering for a long time and was not provided with proper vet care and forced to run in that painful condition.
    However, it will be difficult to prove because they keep their vet/treatment records secret.
    These killers will not be held accountable

    • Gina, is there any way to find out the reason for MM’s very recent scratch? I know I saw it…but can’t remember if it was vet or trainer.

      • The day before, April 23, 2020, MRS. MINIVER was SCRATCHED at Gulfstream Park for Race 1.
        The reason for the scratch was “re-entered.”
        This is a rare scratch and one in which would require the approval of the Stewards in most cases.
        She barely made it out of the gate and was only able to make it 3/16’s of a mile – that’s how bad it was for her.
        All indications support the fact that she was sent out to die.
        She was in “significant distress early, unseated the rider, and crashed through the rail collapsing near the end of the backstretch and was vanned-off.”
        Not only was she sent out to die, but she knew what was coming for her – racehorses feel it.
        I can’t imagine how horrific this was for her, but her entire life was one of cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment all facilitated by The Stronach Group, the commissions, and all the “good apples” who watched this go on.
        The industry often claims (the other day on Twitter Donna Brothers and some pro-horse racing entities) claimed that they just need to clear out the “bad apples” that most are “good apples.”
        Wrong – you are all bad apples rotten to the core, in an basket weaved with evil, hate, and horrible abuse against defenseless, voiceless beings.
        You all make me sick.

  6. As a non-legal person (and possibly missed an explanation elsewhere), the term, “Appealing Briefs” is new and unknown. Is there a link where this can be explained, and if so can it be provided?
    IMO, a “brief” is usually the filing of a lawsuit–and is not “appealed,” but it might be “dismissed.” Once a verdict is rendered, then that can be appealed…so not sure what “Appealing briefs” are, or how they work in horse racing to continue the harm of already-abused horses. Are they similar to injunctions, or cease and desist?
    Thanks for any info or links to become informed!

  7. This is unacceptable and those involved should be held accountable for this tragedy

    • You are absolutely right!!! No person directly involved in the exploitation of horses for wagering handle/ gambling revenue should go unpunished!!!!

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