3-Year-Old Killed Training at Belmont

From the NYS Gaming Commission, Belmont Park, Friday: “Pals Invader sustained leg injury at the 7/8 pole while galloping out after breezing, with subsequent examination confirming necessity for euthanasia.” Pals Invader was three years old.


  1. PALS INVADER was a three-year-old that was forced to carry weight and run faster and more often than any three-year-old should ever be subject to doing before the age of six years old. This horse was “trained” and killed by the morally depraved world of horseracing. In a world of true horsemanship, this three-year-old would have been protected from this kind of abuse!!!!! PALS INVADER would still be alive if horses were being protected as they should be protected!!!!

    • No. It was the horse’s connections not the “morally depraved world of horse racing”. All horses at the racetrack should be required to have complete medical and surgical insurance or they don’t train or race. And the worse a trainers breakdown record the more the insurance would cost. This would eventually get many dirtbag trainers out of racing. Insurance companies and lawsuits could transform horseracing for the better.

      • Marymbaggaley,
        You sound like you are defending the cruelties of horseracing by defending horseracing at all because it’s cruel to take young, underdeveloped horses and force them to carry the weight of a saddle and a rider and run and run and run and be whipped by the rider and sometimes shocked with electricity. This is what the horses’ racing connections do to the horses before a lot of us even know that these particular horses even exist. Those of us who are not directly “watchdogging” the horseracing industry to know the names of all the breeders, owners, trainers, track veterinarians, racetrack owners, the gambling/betting/wagering venues/vendors (and so many other people with occupations in the world of horseracing) or the names of all the horses that are being used and abused before they get to the racetracks would not have knowledge of how many horses are injured and killed by their connections or sold to a killbuyer or sold to a killbuyer that direct ships the horses to Mexico and/or Canada to be killed for the meat of these horses. You don’t seem to understand that the racing connections kill many horses on purpose because the racing connections regard their Thoroughbreds or Quarter Horses or Standardbreds or any other breed that is used for racing as a product more than they view them as horses. When I say horses, I mean an animal that you want to keep and take care of all of its life as long as that is possible. In horseracing, the connections don’t care about keeping any horse that isn’t creating revenue (profit, financial gain) for the connections. If your ideas were ever applied in horseracing, and it resulted in a live horse not being able to race (create revenue for the horse’s connections), the racing connections of said horse or horses would send them to slaughter so fast it would make your head spin.

        In case you haven’t noticed, some of the people in horseracing are lawyers. Also, if you read the downloadable PDF on MONGOLIAN GROOM, it was written by a veterinarian named Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage. He writes his report with a group of attorneys backing him. Of course, the group of attorneys are also backing or defending the whole morbid industry of racing, wagering handle, and abusing horses to the deaths of said horses and that includes The Breeders Cup group and the racetrack (Santa Anita Park in November of 2019) and the whole morbid horror show of racing horses and killing them one way or another as long as it creates revenue for the racing connections. The Stronach Group owns Santa Anita Park and the gambling connected to that so it makes logical sense that they would want to have a “veterinarian” write the so-called reasons why MONGOLIAN GROOM was allowed to race when there were obvious signs several days beforehand that indicated the Racing Secretary should never have accepted the entry fee money that was paid to enter him in the Breeders Cup race that turned out to be his last and final race. It was morally depraved for the racing connections to send MONGOLIAN GROOM out to die!!!!! It was morally depraved for The Stronach Group to accept the high-dollar amount of the entry fee required to get him in the race that day.

  2. I sure would like to know who did “the confirming necessity for euthanization”. I do not trust veterinarians the way once did. Especially veterinarians on the race track. If the leg injury was not displaced (radically) and it was not open then the decision was an economic one. Somebody did not want to pay to repair the damage their workout caused. And that would be Linda Rice since she is the owner of record. This is wrong. Because animals have no rights of their own they are considered property. Laws have to be changed then connections can be sued. The Animal Legal Defense is just getting rolling. And I hope this organization will be able to bring lawsuits against owners and trainers that don’t provide medical and surgical care for horses that are trashed. When you send a horse to the track, a fund should be established in that horses name for medical and surgical care and placement after racing. If the fund is not there, you cannot train or race. Insurance companies would pick this up. Right now you cannot purchase medical and surgical insurance for 1 horse in training at a racetrack .

    • According to the United States Department of Agriculture, horses are considered livestock and therefore it is legal to sell them to killbuyers who ship the horses to a foreign country to be killed in a slaughterhouse. Or, the horse might go down on the bed of the truck and get trampled by the other horses in transit. Or, the horse might have to stand around in a feedlot long enough to get a horrible and fatal disease.

    • Mary, there are 2 things that happen when a racehorse breaksdown on the track.
      The vet has the right to make an “on the spot” decision if it’s really bad to prevent further suffering, but this usually doesn’t happen anymore due to liability reasons.
      They usually consult with the Trainer for permission to go ahead and euthanize.
      The second option is that the Trainer can order a racehorse euthanized provided they have that specific clause in their Owner/Trainer contract.
      Any owner has the right to order euthanization no matter what because a racehorse is considered property under our laws and this includes over ruling a vet recommending that the horse is able to live, but it’s a career-ending injury.
      So your right in that it’s often a financial decision because the cost of rehab and rehoming is more than the cost to euthanize.
      Your suggestion that a “fund should be established…..after racing” is preposterous.
      I’m sorry to be so crude, but it’s beyond wishful thinking to even consider this.
      Simply put, it will never happen and this suggestion falls under the “reformist” category.
      The minute that the racehorse can’t flip a buck, usually due to their damaged limbs by this business, they become a financial liability.
      They are to be dumped whether that’s in the claiming ranks, in a neglectful situation, or at a kill auction.
      They are mere disposable gambling chips and this will never change.

  3. PALS INVADER – all information points to multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” Linda Rice.
    She’s on record as buying P.I for $45,000 at the 2 year-old in training sale although there are no names of the connections listed.
    P.I was pounded on his underdeveloped muscoskeletal system to ready him for the 2 year old sale.
    His issues probably started way back then, escalated with the incessant pounding and a Trainer all too willing to dope, mask, run and risk his life.
    He lost.

    • Gina, I personally FEEL those 2yr old in training sales are pure evil. They are ‘jacking up’ babies to run like maniacs on skeleton and musculature systems that are not even formed yet.It’s totally SICK.

    • Gina, thank you for sharing those details. Bonnie, I personally believe that it is a no-brainer that the sales auctions for 2-year-olds absolutely run the hell out of babies for the sake of making a few hundred thousand dollars or whatever the dollar amount of commissions are and the higher dollar amount they are bid up to, the more dollars they make in commissions. The Jockey Club doesn’t stop these vultures from preying on babies for big bucks. The Jockey Club itself as an organization is a major predator. The JC makes money from each new foal that the breeders-owners will pay registration fees on to get them registered. From what I understand, the breeders give the foals steroids to make them grow bigger than normal. It is all fundamentally wrong!!!! The world of horseracing is a morally depraved world and it must be BANNED!!!!!

      • Wanda…you are so right, I especially love that line you said “preying on babies,to turn a quick buck” I hate it how some of these foals are ripped from their mother-sold as a weanling ,then sold as a yearling,then sold as a 2yr old in training. These cretans are depraved individuals. Words cannot even begin to encompass how twisted their behavior is. These are living, breathing,souls that they are abusing.

  4. The entire system, breeding and otherwise is all geared towards the elusive Kentucky Derby dream.
    Churchill Downs describes it as the “Road to the Derby,” but really it’s the road to hell and into a death pit for most racehorses.
    The Kentucky Derby only permits 3 year-old racehorses to run plus the horse must accumulate points/earnings in order to qualify.
    This condemns racehorses to a horrid life as a 2-year-old.
    This Derby requirement renders anybody involved to run the hell out of their 2-year-old because the higher the earnings the more chance they have to qualify.
    The “Road to the Derby” is a dangerous one full of broken bones, and lost lives.
    Yet, the supporters, defenders and apologists actually pursue this so-called “dream.”
    One in which they are well aware of the risks yet choose to send out their “family member” into a high risk situation that often results in death or maimed for life.
    The 2-minute Kentucky Derby is preceded by 2 years of living torture for these babies.
    So it’s utterly ridiculous when they claim to actually care, but you would have to be a sadist devoid of compassion to participate in this killing show.

    • Well said, Gina!!! It might be a dream for the morally depraved in horseracing and gambling/betting/wagering because it takes sadistic people to enjoy hurting horses. But, it is a nightmare for the horses!!!! It is a nightmare to be forced against their nature to be treated in very abusively cruel ways, doped, both legal and illegal doping, to the point of injuries and death.
      I’m grateful for all who stand up and speak out against the cruelties of horseracing and for those who do protect horses from being treated so inhumanely!!! Even the FBI has not, for whatever reason, been able to protect horses from the heinous cruelty of “the road to the Kentucky Derby” but they did do an investigation to stop 19 people with criminal minds from doing horrible things to horses causing the death of so many horses through illegal doping on top of the other horseracing cruelties to horses.

  5. Alan, in response to your comment about getting the dirtbags out of racing: Thank you for telling the truth!!!!!!!!!

  6. Two vanned off at Gulfstream today, followed by an “almost fell…and never appeared recovered.” That’s one notation I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Anyone else?

    Of course, the Stronach Group is so very busy right now, all the way across the country. They’re frantically trying to convince L.A. health officials to pretty please let them keep killing horses at the Santa Anita Death Track. So, they probably won’t have any time to acknowledge the poor equine victims of their Florida horror show.

      • Sure thing.
        Race 5: Dermot (“bad step…vanned off”) Trainer listed as Katherine Ritvo. Hmmmm.
        Race 7: Gemonteer (“early lead then retreated…got vanned off after the race.”)

  7. Thanx , Kelly. That damn turf at gulfstream has claimed SO many VICTIMS,I absolutely HATE it. Couple years ago it killed a 2yr old who I loved and he did have talent,his name was Gran Airspeed, he died training on that death trap they call ‘turf’. And the other horse was a Distorted Humor Chestnut…another chestnut 😭. Everyone knows that turf there is criminal. I know if I had a horse,I wouldn’t want him/her to step onto it.

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