Another Death at Los Alamitos Yesterday – That’s Four Just This Week

This morning, I reported on the second and third kills of the week at Los Alamitos, the only track in California still racing. Now, I give you a fourth. Knowing the various styles of chartwriters across the country, I recognize “injured, vanned off” at this track as almost invariably code for dead. So, I made inquiries (CHRB) into yesterday’s 1st; the response: “The 3-year-old gelding Isla’s Toy was injured Friday night during the running of the first race at Los Alamitos, requiring euthanasia.”

Four kills in one week, 15 on the year. And yet somehow, the county, the state see fit to allow this to continue. Voice your outrage:
contact Orange County
contact Governor Newsom

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  1. Yet, Los Alamitos still manages to avoid nearly all of the bad publicity that’s been heaped upon its fellow horse-killing track just one county to the north: the Santa Anita Death Track. The sub-humans at Los Al believe their refusal to answer inquiries about their skyrocketing death toll will somehow protect them from the Santa Anita Effect. And, it did, at least for a time.
    But four dead racehorses (and still counting) in a week? After they fought to continue racing horses to their deaths so that Los Al could be “the only game in town?” During a worldwide pandemic? Nope. No more. This is even more obscene than the usual, non-existent standards set by the entire industry.
    Give it up, Doc. You’re done.

  2. I am trying to choose my words carefully and not use them lightly especially when they are not complimentary. However, I can say with conviction that these people are true PSYCHOPATHS. This lack of empathy can only point in that direction. As guilty as the racing industry is, so are those who allow the carnage to continue. 4 horses in a week and about 70 in 2020 alone is just pure EVIL and simply INTOLERABLE. My heart breaks for all these beautiful horses who had their entire lives in front of them but ended up being gambling chips for PSYCHOPATHS who put control and money above all else. The cruelty needs to end NOW.

  3. Oh, dear. Looks like poor Oaklawn’s gonna have to concede one of their many, many kills this time. Muskoka Wonder fell in race 2 yesterday, but the only other notation made by the chartwriter is that he “unseated (his) rider.” His euthanasia was only noted, though, because his unfortunate jockey was very seriously injured in the fall — three compression fractures in his BACK.
    I’m sure Oaklawn officials won’t confirm Muskoka Wonder’s death, because, hey, they’re in Arkansas, and they don’t actually HAVE any reporting standards, or rules, or safety requirements, or transparency, or integrity. But the possibly-paralyzed jock’s agent let it slip to the racing press that MW was put down. Oops.

    • Kelly, take notice…his last workout was in FEBRUARY. All of a sudden yesterday he’s put in a CLAIMER. That says it all…vile.

  4. Based on his PP’s, the time that elapsed between workouts and racing, his significant drop into claiming says it all: MUSKOKA WONDER was sent out to die.
    These parasites host on their life and then go onto their next victim.
    This is the destructive, vile cycle of horse racing.
    It has got to go!

    • Agreed, Gina! I also wonder if that poor animal’s revolving cast of “loving” connections worry that, in doing so, they also sent out Channing Hill to be mangled, maimed, paralyzed, or worse.
      On second thought…Nah. They’ll just offer up their usual “thoughts and prayers,” then move on to their next disposable rider AND disposable horse.

      • Kelly, I have often thought of disposable diapers when thinking of how the racing industry uses horses. It is exactly as you said: …the racing connections will “move on to their next disposable rider AND disposable horse.” I would add, “especially horse” to your statement, because many more horses than riders are literally killed in horseracing and wagering. Why are the racing insiders allowed to continue killing so many horses and still collect government subsidies??? It isn’t right!!!! Horses should not be treated (inhumanely) and disposed of as if they were a consumer product such as disposable diapers!!!!! The horses are not given a choice in the matter, whereas the riders are most likely willing participants. I would like to add that some jockeys might be in a position to be forced to do things that they would not do under different circumstances. I am referring to migrant workers, especially ones from South American countries. That is another topic but very relevant in the HORSERACING industry.

    • You nailed it,Gina. They do it on purpose,with so,so MANY…they purposely send them out to die. Problem solved,in their evil,corrupt minds. This evil practice goes on constantly.

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