5-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos

Even with just a handful of tracks still running – the killing continues. In the 5th Saturday at Los Alamitos – California’s lone open track – Chromie, five, was “injured and vanned off.” The injury, I have confirmed (CHRB), necessitated euthanasia. For Los Alamitos, that’s 12 dead horses on the year.

This, still, is horseracing.


  1. Thank you, Patrick. Thank you, Horseracing Wrongs. And, while I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, thank you to the CHRB, for releasing horse death info immediately. It seems that just about every other jurisdiction drags its feet on acknowledging most kills. Cali seems pretty “open” (by racing standards, anyway) to admitting most of its carnage within a day or two.
    Having said that, the CHRB should have shut down Doc Allred’s horror show at Los Al last month, when it occurred to everyone else in the world that continued racing in the age of COVID-19 endangers horses and humans alike. Imagine poor Chromie’s last moments, as masked humans struggled to load him, “treat” him, and kill him, all while pretending to maintain social distancing protocols. Disgusting that Orange County officials can’t see what just about all others can’t:
    Massive suffering that should have been prevented.

    • Yes, thank you, Kelly. And I want to preface the following paragraph with this – it is just a bit of FYI for the PRO-RACING folks who often get into our protestors’ faces spewing “I bet you support killing babies, too”…referring to abortion. So for those individuals? – here’s your guy, “Doc” Ed Allred…

      “Finally, when Los Alamitos was put up for sale in 1990, Allred, having made his fortune owning and operating the largest privately held chain of abortion clinics in the country, was able to acquire 50 per cent ownership…”.

  2. CHROMIE is yet another victim of this horror show often referred to as horse racing.
    These tracks are dumping and killing pits for racehorses.
    While it took a deadly virus for many racehorses to get some form of temporary relief I dread the day that Santa Anita and all other tracks reopen.
    I know that the announcement can only lead to one fact: racehorses will die.

  3. These parasites are incurable. Is there anything that will stop them from killing horses??? Seems a pandemic can’t! My hope is HW and the good people WILL! RIP Chromie. Another young, beautiful soul fell victim to indescribable greed.

  4. It’s time for the human race to wake up, evolve and list horse racing as animal atrocity. It should be as illegal as dog fighting. I am grateful for the leadership of Horse Racing Wrongs.

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