Even With Hardly Any Racing, They’re Still Killing: 4 Dead in 6 Days – 3 in California

With U.S. Racing barely operational, they still can’t help but kill:

Yesterday, in the 6th at Tampa Bay (Florida, unsurprisingly, is one of the handful of holdout states), Tizaprincessa was, says Equibase, “vanned off the course” – “vanned off,” I can confirm, to her death. She was five. Saturday, Enchanting Eva, also five, broke and died while training at Golden Gate. Last Thursday, it was Royal Callan Rocks, training at Los Alamitos. He was two. Same track, two days prior, The Cullinan Dream perished from “other” (the CHRB didn’t specify) causes. He, too, was but two.

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  1. The horses that DON’t die, that
    live, win, and are retired: what is the difference between them, their treatment, and the ones that die?

    • No difference. Retire is a euphemism. In harness racing, to “Amish” your horse means to sell it to slaughter.

    • Male horses are often gelded to make them easier to handle, without the constant flood of testosterone in their systems. If a horse’s bloodlines, his sire’s performance at passing on his successful speed or stamina to previous colts and fillies, if the colt’s training is impressing someone, then he’ll be left a stallion, in hopes that he survives a successful and profitable racing career to produce more fast horses. If he doesn’t have a good racing record, no one will want to breed him to their mares. He’ll be, hopefully put up for sale to be retrained as an eventing horse, a trail horse, a pleasure riding horse. Of course, if he gets sold for the latter two purposes, he’ll get gelded. I’d not have a racing stallion on any day. They are too terratorial, many are very aggressive and stubborn, with the treatment they get while racing, they can be very mean and unsuitable for any use. So, those stallions end up at a kill auction, usually having been beaten for doing what nature and previous experience with people tells them to do, injured, and half starved. Geldings who don’t “prove” themselves on a track, might, if they have no injuries or crippling arthritis, get lucky and find a new owner. MAres who don’t pass on their famous bloodlines at a breeding farm, might end up being impregnated over and over, as the urine of pregnant mares is used to make a drug for women having problems with menopause. Yup, thats right. And, after they get too old for that, they go to the slaughterhouse. I don’t think many racehorses are retired, in the sense that they get a paddock to themselves (which is just as unnatural for a social herd animal as keeping them in a stall for 20 hours a day), and all the grass and oats they can eat. Horses are expensive to keep, whether they are working for their keep or not. Only the very rich can afford to truly retire a horse-and they’d rather make more money by selling off land to developers, than reserve that land for retired racehorses. The owners of racehorses who’ve passed their best years on the track, usually can’t afford the high breeding fees, to put their mares to a successful stallion. They can’t afford yet another gelding to act as a track pony to accompany a racing horse to the gate. So, they look for the fastest, easiest way to get these horses off their hands. The “best” of these owners (If they were the best, they’d not be racing horses) find a thoroughbred rescue, or a responsible private owner who can afford the feed and vet bills, and who has enough land for a retired racehorse. But, too many owners just leave it to a trainer or stable manager, to get rid of horses, and they probably don;t want to know any details. Because, they know, that as they go to bed that night, the horse got sold to someone who has a stock truck crammed with other horses, and its now on the way to Mexico, with no stops, no feed, no water, no chance to lie down, and will end up at a slaughterhouse.
      sorry I meandered and rambled. But its almost 5 am, and I fell asleep in the recliner again with the laptop on my lap!
      Its really, a rarity, that a racehorse gets to retire to a good life. The whole system of racing is set up to actually prevent that, tomy way of thinking.

      • Thank you, Karen — for such details — ALL THE MORE REASON to SHUT DOWN this horrific industry — even at its best, this industry — the most caring Humans in this racket — does NOT recognize the “Horse” as a living being or a member of the family — the “Horse” is treated like a t-shirt or a trinket : this is what BOTHERS me!! ///// let’s assume we have a smart, compassionate Landowner who adores Horses and brings as many as he/she can onto his/her property — true, Horses are expensive BUT donations can be sought from the outside world for Horses’ upkeep — something can STILL be done, but it seems to me as if they, “couldn’t be bothered” — too much work involved — so, again, let’s SHUT DOWN this cruel, unconscionable, depraved business — I wanna hurl.

      • Thank you, Karen. You don’t need to apologize for speaking the truth around here.
        You’re obviously a horsewoman, like many of us here. Racing folks prefer to think we’re naive and ignorant about equine care and horse welfare. Quite the contrary: we’re against horse racing because WE DO KNOW and understand the inherent cruelties of their entire business model.
        And thank you for this, especially:

        “The “best” of these owners (If they were the best, they’d not be racing horses)…”

        That bears repeating because it’s so painfully true.

      • Thanks for sharing your horse experience Karen.
        Horse racing apologists often use the excuse that people who haven’t worked around racehorses know nothing and somehow don’t have a right to take a stance on it.
        Of course this is completely irrational because people don’t have to work around racehorses to see what’s going on and draw the conclusion that it’s immoral.
        Just as people who are not involved with working around Pit Bulls specifically for dog fighting, which incidentally is the same of horse racing only the victims are different, can draw the correct conclusion that it’s immoral.
        You don’t have to participate and support in something to take a stance.
        Wrong is wrong whether you partake in it or not.

  2. Killing racehorses is criminal. Anyone that defends horseracing is criminal. Horseracing/ horse training/ horse-killing is abuse and brutality against horses. Horses don’t deserve to be abused!!!!!! Horseracing must be BANNED!!! The abusers must be punished!!!!!

  3. These monsters just won’t stop! 4 kills in 6 days? How revolting and repulsive is THAT??
    And of course babies AGAIN!
    Shame on you, Florida for allowing these scum bags to continue killing! There isn’t enough death going around for you, is there!!??
    If these useless parasites including you, politicians can’t stop the carnage, HW and the good people here WILL!! Until then… damn you all for the abuse, cruelty and deaths!

  4. Why, when only essential activities are to be conducted in CA is horseracing even being allowed? Contact Gov Newsom and let him know that horseracing is continuing–not for any reason other than gambling and putting CA citizens at COVID-19 risk. USPS address and online form to send comment to Gov Newsom are at: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/

  5. This is heartbreaking. When will humans stop abusing animals. Beautiful creatures far more intelligent than these sick humans. They should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  6. No remorse from these hideous killing machines, the dumb asses will continue
    to kill and kill. Stop all horse racing forever and let the horses enjoy their lives
    in peace and never to be beaten, needled, drugged any more.

  7. All I can say is humans are monsters all they care about is making money at some one else`s expense witch means the animals are the ones that pay the price. stop killing these animals.

  8. I still don’t understand why horse racing is still operating!!! There is no reason these animals need to run ‘for there lives’ only to be beaten or killed if they don’t win. Or to be drugged or soared so they can perform if they have injuries.

    These trainers/owners need to be expected to do same things they expect these horses to do. I guarantee they would change their tune!!

    This also applys for dog races.

  9. Why the hell is any track still open during this pandemic? Total idiots. We’re talking Life and death. Track owners don’t care about the jockeys or any other humans who need to work at these tracks. Assholes.

  10. It’s a “habit” — they do it without thinking and feeling — they’ve been murdering frequently and for so long — it’s equivalent to their NEED to kill — their “fix” — SHUT DOWN the UNCONSCIONABLE, CRUEL Horseracing Industry — PERMANENTLY.

    • You are Soooooo dead on Right in your analysis…they are so cruel it’s a habit at this point….they the humans are dead on the inside.

  11. Thank you Marilyn for sending the link to Governor Newsom. I just sent a letter to the Governor Gavin Newsom asking that all horse racing be shut down due to covid pandemic spread as well as animal abuse issues.
    Please everyone send a letter to the Governor. Thanks in advance.

  12. The Cullinan Dream dies of “other” at 2 yrs. old. How casual is that statement!

    Makes one wonder what happened to the 2yr. old baby – how did he die…
    But to racing he is just a dead horse, one of many, many horses killed in this gambling business day in and day out.

    • I think it’s time for CNN, New York Post and Washington Post to do another segment on the disgraceful horse racing industry. They probably think that nothing is going on right now because of the covid-19 Pandemic, but unfortunately it is still going on. Time to call all the news media Outlets again. Horse racing must end! These beautiful animals need to be set free out and beautiful pastures and to be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

  13. Just apalling! Horse racing industry should be ashamed. Especially the dopers…they should go to prison for 20 yrs w/o the possibility of parole!

  14. That is ENOUGH ~ I will not watch racing anymore , let alone bet~ THE END

  15. Whenever I look at pictures of the foals it makes me cry,because I know what they’re in for…a life of pain,torture,abuse,and ultimately a HORRIFIC death. How can these people do this to innocents?????

  16. I sometimes wonder what would happen if some violent species from another planet comes to earth, looks down on us as something to eat, wear, or use for sport, and does to humans what we have done to all of the animals on Earth.

  17. Two vanned off at Oaklawn today, races 8 and 9. Of course, their so-called racing officials will never, ever, not-in-a-million-years, concede that either House Drunk nor Replete had to be euthanized. They just don’t and won’t practice transparency in Arkansas, especially during this pandemic.
    In fact, what more could Oaklawn Park want? COVID-19 protocols have assured them that only racing industry insiders will be witnessing all of their carnage. They fall all over themselves to deny and cover up their horse deaths even in the most prosperous times; now, they don’t even have to try. And they’re more than happy to be “the only game in town.”
    Soulless monsters.

  18. Kelly,in both cases,had barely got out of the gate. Un F’n believable!!!!!!!!! Hey…flyover country-shut your hillbilly asses down…nobody wants you.

  19. This needs to stop very horrific deaths. They are killing them on purpose sounds like to me. Dam it stop this…👎👎

  20. Kelly,the baby filly by Carpe Diem had only ONE workout at over 53 sends last of all,VERY slow,to say the least! This baby was trying to tell the fucking human assholes “I’m injured” I can’t fucking take this evil corny ass bullshit…anymore.FUCK that trainer named Paul H. Whoever the fuck he is. Death is on all of their hands…Steve Ass…all of the corny used car salesmen assholes.

    • Mongolian Groom’s trainer and owner were complaining about his SLOW workouts…and look what happened. Horses tell you when there’s something WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only people listened. People are dumb-and evil.

  21. Speaking of California, a pro-horse racing site reported on a huge meeting with the principals of horse racing and the authorities in California to demand that live horse racing immediately continues at Santa Anita.
    The article made clear that the horse racing industry will now go after “animal rights activists” aggressively as they are blaming them for shutting down horse racing at Santa Anita.
    Now it shouldn’t take a whole lot of brains to conclude that anybody who claims to love racehorses, like their family members to boot, would want them subjected to the daily abusive business practices required nor would they want to risk their life and/or watch them die in the dirt.
    In fact, if they truly loved racehorses than they wouldn’t exploit them in the first place and they would support those “radical animal rights activists” who are a voice for their voiceless victims.
    Even a total shut down of live racing at Santa Anita still results in racehorses dying and that’s why a total BAN of horse racing is the only solution,
    These pathetic parasites are hell bent on killing racehorses.
    There’s just no other way to put it.

    • The Stronach Group and all of the Pari-Mutuel betting/ gambling/ wagering venues they own want the money that they make through the wagering handle. I think it is logical to assume that they are missing a lot of revenue from their wagering handle during this PUBLIC HEALTH PANDEMIC so it would make logical sense for these sadistic, barbaric, heartless, money-grubbing heathens to “point the finger” at the animal rights activists groups. Of course, protecting Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses (and all breeds of horses exploited for racing and wagering) is the main objective to BAN HORSERACING.

      The REGULATORS were not able to protect hundreds of racehorses from being killed by their breeders, owners, trainers, veterinarians and others, so the horses need people who care about their health and well-being to step up for them in some way. The FBI did what they did and that is great! But, they were not able to protect the horses that were killed from being killed. Neither did the regulators prevent horses from being killed. MONGOLIAN GROOM should never have been raced in the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita Park. But, it would make sense that for these money-grubbing barbarians to get some money out of him that they could just run him and, in my opinion, collect the insurance money if they did have a policy on him. Being at the top level of horseracing, it makes logical sense that the owners would have an insurance policy on MONGOLIAN GROOM. His death was SO PREVENTABLE in a world where horsemen and horsewomen exercise TRUE HORSEMANSHIP! But, in the world of horseracing, we are not dealing with people who exercise TRUE HORSEMANSHIP. We are dealing with people who treat horses like something to be used, abused, exploited, whipped, doped, shocked with electricity, run to the horse’s death and killed for whatever “reason” they see fit to suit their own “purposes” and that would be money or financial gain of some sort. There are “people” who say that if a horse isn’t being used for something, that it (the horse) is going to waste. There are some “people” who say that if a horse is just out on pasture (and not being used) that the horse is “going to waste” so they try to exploit the horse in some way. There are some “people” who say that if a horse isn’t slaughtered for its meat that the horse is going to waste. So, no horse is safe that is owned by anyone with that attitude or philosophy!!!!!!!

      • Right on Wanda.
        At every step, these low life pathetic parasites do nothing to protect racehorses from dying in the dirt because they can’t.
        They know damn well that their reforms will not stop them from killing because that’s all they know.
        The only reason why they have responded and vowed to change is ONLY because their gambling asses and profits are being challenged.
        When the money was flowing in, and when people weren’t paying attention to all the racehorses dying and being sent to slaughter they had no interest in changing at all.
        They REQUIRE cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment in order to fill races and their wagering coffers.
        It’s about the money over the health and welfare of the racehorses.
        We now know that they also put humanity at peril for their stupid bets.
        We’re in the middle of a pandemic, people are dying, and most of us are doing our part to try to mitigate the damages, but these barbarians are hell bent on abusing and killing racehorses.
        In the newspapers, they make it sound like their the only ones suffering and their the only ones supporting labor – bullshit, we are all suffering, we are all in this together.
        Furthermore, if they care so much about taking care of the racehorses then send them out to a farm, which will greatly reduce labor needs and mitigate the potential for spreading this deadly virus.
        The truth is they don’t have places to put these racehorses, they never have the intention of taking care of them when they are done maiming them.
        In fact, several recent articles has disclosed that the unwanted racehorse mess just got a whole lot worse as if it wasn’t worse enough PLUS the racehorses in active training have NOWHERE to go, their connections don’t even have a retirement plan or any decent destination for these racehorses when they are done with them.
        We see this time and time again even racehorses who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars are DUMPED into the claiming ranks enduring years of abuse until they finally give out dying on the track.
        You apologists are despicable human beings and you have the audacity to label people who truly care as “radical liberal left wing animal rights activists?”
        I will gladly carry that label, you can call me a “radical liberal animal rights activist” (their words) anytime, they can call me whatever they want to because I know that I’m on the right side of morality.
        I know that I truly care about the racehorses and for every one that dies for this vile business, it gives me the impetus to continue fighting for what’s right, to be a voice for their voiceless victims and profit slaves.
        I will continue to fight and watch these hell holes for racehorses shut down one track at a time even after we get over this horrific pandemic.

  22. What the crap is going on ?!?!?!!! Looks to me like there needs to be a serious investigation ‼️‼️

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