10-Year-Old Dead at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of Peter’s Project at Belmont Wednesday: “colic, worsened throughout day…euthanasia.” This long-suffering horse was ten years old and had been put to the whip 61 times, most recently at Aqueduct in March. Just another sad, miserable life, and death. This, still, is horseracing.

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  1. Horseracing is a brutal way for horses to live and die. The brutality is excessive and violent. Horseracing must be BANNED!!!!!!! The animal abusers of horseracing must be punished!!!!!!!!

  2. I would assume if a horse has colic the owner or trainer would have a vet check and do whatever possible to ease the situation before getting worse. It sounds like they just let the horse get worse without any help, so disgusting. The pain these great athletes are put through, just to win money and a race, is disgustingly brutal and should not be happening in racing today!

  3. All racehorses count, but for me racehorses like PETER’S PROJECT (PP) are heart wrenching.
    PP ran his ass-off for every single parasite that sucked on his life.
    For the majority of his career he remained with one owner, Langap Stables and Trainer M. Ferraro (2013-2018)
    He made over $300,000 for these creeps by the time he was 8 years old and it’s highly likely that he was running with pre-existing conditions especially at this point after years of pounding and performing.
    Of course we will never know the dope that was put into him because they keep these records secret.
    Nevertheless, the parasitic creeps Langap Stables had a choice to make 1. Retire him, give a good forever home that he earned 2. Dump him.
    What do you think they did?
    Dumped him where he was claimed by notorious owner GUMPSTER STABLES who are involved with multiple syndicates, claiming, racehorses dying and known sleeze bag parasitic trainers.
    I can only imagine how stark his transition was after being in the same stable, pattern and routine for 5 years.
    His downward spiral was firmly in place after his 1st claim where he changed hands several times and ended up with Jeffrey Englehart – the “Engleharts” are just about as horrible as it gets.
    It only took them 3 races to finish off PP and kill him.
    I detest all of you racehorse apologists, every single one of you parasites.
    You can’t possibly possess any compassion while subjecting your horse to this and/or watch this horror show play out before your eyes.
    You all suck rocks and I hope that racehorse’s like PETER’S PROJECT rains down a living hell on each and every one of you.

    • Gina, look up A Fleet Attitude,basically a claimed his whole life,almost 700,000 lifetime,that AMAZING accomplishment still wasn’t Enough for these fuckers…may they ROT.. ….

      • Horrific racehorse abuse – poor A FLEET ATTITUDE..
        This gelding made over $653,000 – and this STILL wasn’t enough for these morally bankrupt scum bag parasites to give him a home.
        Like most of these racehorses they are FOR SALE, dumped, flipped, and sold when they are no longer able to flip a buck.
        Think of these racehorses as a piece of “chump” dangling in the water for any shark to come along and take a chunk out of them, bleeding them dry, slowly, painfully while they suffer.
        Then one day there is no more “chump” left to bite out of, no more life left in them to give.
        This is the sorrowful life of A Fleet Attitude who was nothing more than a disposable gambling chip, piece of trash to be tossed when no longer useful.
        You know it’s examples like this that infuriates me and makes me so determined to shut down this vile business and the vile people in it.
        I’ve been perusing the comments on pro-horse racing sites and they are repulsive the way that these people think.
        Unfortunately, there are many more A FLEET ATTITUDE’S and as far as the basket of apples goes?
        They are all rotten to the core.

  4. RIP Peter’s Project.
    The literature suggests a correlation between gastric ulcers and colic.
    And as has been established, 90% +
    of racehorses suffer from ulcers, some severe. I wonder how many are diagnosed and treated at the tracks???
    It is a very treatable disease and untreated leads to other problems including the strong possibility of colic like symptoms and euthanasia!
    However, the attitude with these unfortunates is keep them running, use them up, then get rid of them and spend as little as possible on proper care.
    Money spent on “training” and on drugs to keep them in competition is not money spent on care, in fact those expenditures are toward the demise of the horse.

    • The problem is that in order to cure ulcers you have to stop the drugs and stress that caused them in the first place. That’s a no go for these butchers.

      • Alan, when I read your info here it reminded me of the necropsy report for one of the horses that was full of parasites. Another simple fix for an ailment and no one spent the 20 bucks to aid the discomfort.SAD.

  5. Not to disrespect the memory of Peter’s Project today — racing does that to every dead racehorse, every day — but looks like it’s another bloody Sunday on the few remaining tracks running their scams through this pandemic. Oaklawn race 6, and Tampa race 6. Maybe they’ll go for that much-coveted Trifecta, with Los Alamitos killing off yet another horse in their race 6 tonight.
    Oh, and there’s no confirmations, of course. Just the usual slew of denials (and well-wishes for the jockeys) from the “Thoughts & Prayers” crowd. Now that’s what horse racing folks call Coronavirus Compassion:(

  6. 10 years under the whip…10 years of constant abuse… 10 years never experiencing love and compassion. EVER! Simply a gambling chip for heartless bastards who sucked the last drop of life out of him. RIP Peter’s Project! Beyond heartbreaking!!
    AND WHY THE F**K are tracks still open?? NOT EVEN A PANDEMIC CAN STOP THESE SHITBAGS?? Who the hell bets on horses’ lives when people are dying?? You people are the SCUM OF THE EARTH! ALL OF YOU!

  7. Have you guys ever noticed,the RARE horse that gets rescued…they always have those eyes where the life is gone because they’ve been beaten down from life too much.

      • Thank you Nancy, those Chestnuts tug on my heart.For me there’s something about them, almost a vulnerability, and they are ALWAYS so kind looking. I just want to tell all of you guys, be well,be safe,and take care of yourselves,Please!!

  8. OP is now closed due to Covid. Maybe if they would have closed sooner, Tizaprincessa and Tranquility Base would not have run yesterday. How anyone can endorse this pastime is beyond comprehension. RIP two Tiznow/Tapit babies.

    • Thanks for the update Nancy,
      It’s about time.
      Gulfstream Park remains open in one of the most volatile “hot spots” in the USA full of Senior citizens highly vulnerable to Covid-19 and the potential to die from this virus.
      The mayor and others have demanded that they shut down for racing, but they remain open.
      How in the hell can they remain open?
      This human catastrophe brings out the best and the worse in people, but horse racing has shown their true colors state after state.
      Most all tracks, especially The Stronach Group, has clearly shown that all they care about are their profits over human life and we’ve always known over racehorses.
      Under normal circumstances, The Stronach Group, Dr. Allred (owner of Los Alamitos), Stella Thayer & Howell Ferguson (owners of Tampa Bay) they exploit and facilitate the massive suffering and dying of racehorses.
      They continue to do so in the middle of a pandemic that is killing thousands of people putting entire communities at risk – nice people huh?
      They only close down when they are ordered to, but continue to fight hard for our local and state governments to rescind their decision and permit them to open.
      This business is so used to getting their way, to controlling our politicians and even our taxpayers money to support them.
      It’s time to rein in the horse racing business, to demand transparency, to shut down their funding, the hold them legally accountable for animal cruelty, labor violations, and business tampering.

      • Kelly.when I looked up the replay of race 6 they said closed thru the 30th due to Covid
        Its on their website .

    • Hoping you’re right, Nancy. But I’m not finding evidence of it. Source?

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