2-Year-Old Killed at Santa Anita This Morning

The CHRB has confirmed the death of Smiling Ali while training at Santa Anita this morning. She was but two years old. This is the 10th kill at Santa Anita this year – factoring in the times (for obvious reasons, less training/racing), right on schedule.

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  1. WHY is this still happening? How greedy are these people that they have no concern or compassion for these beautiful, innocent horses? They should all rot in hell!

  2. What the heck is wrong with these horse owners, some kind of insurance kickback?

  3. I have no words vile enough for the people involved in this gruesome “sport.”

  4. Oh, dear. A double-blow for The Stronach Group today. First, their super-safe (only killed off a couple dozen horses recently) Golden Gate Fields finally gets shut down by Alameda County Health Dept. officials. This, in spite of all their lame attempts to plead that horse racing should be considered an “essential” endeavor. Nice try; doesn’t fly.
    Now, here’s another blow to their (also super safe) Santa Anita Death Track. Yet another horse death, this one even as they’re barred from racing.

    Gosh, what could possibly haunt ’em next? The Governor of Florida going to finally finish them off by closing Gulfstream, too? Probably not; at this point, TSG has proven they don’t even need to race their beloved family members in order to hasten their early deaths.

    RIP to poor Smiling Ali. (And Tick-tock to the SADT.)

  5. Why is this still continuing? Taking the life of a 2 year old!!! Even training is uncalled for!!!! Too young & this needs to be SHUT DOWN NOW!!!! IT IS INHUMANE & CRUEL & SELFISH!!!!!!! All about GREED!!!!

  6. This is a deadly sport. There is so much death happening now going on now that this really needs to stop. Why are
    Racing anyways?
    Too many have died.

  7. The carnage continues unabated. Exactly who is STILL defending this blood sport?! Moneyed interests? Owners and trainers? Gambling addicts? Media networks? Well THERE’S your problem! The horses themselves have no voice and no money! Consequently, they will continue to be bred for profit and exploited until they die or become worthless to their human overlords. Track workers are stuck depending on this immoral animal abuse to feed themselves, so they prefer to turn a blind eye to the drugging and the debilitating training regimen. Any way you look at it, theses magnificent and intelligent animals suffer. And most of us just stand by, do nothing and let it continue. In that sense we all are culpable.

    • Horseracing is fundamentally wrong on all levels! It cannot be reformed! This depraved, vile, evil industry must be BANNED! The depraved, vile, evil, incorrigible criminals that brutally torture and kill horses in the racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling/betting/ wagering industry must be brought to justice!!!!!!

    • You are so right and all that look the other way are so guilty. I feel powerless to halt this abuse , thus left frustrated and angry, which does not help the horses. Other than donating, I don’t know how to really make a difference.

    A beautiful 2 year old horse is dead for what?
    Greedy people who do not care about animals.
    They all need to be locked up. Something has to be done. Please do not go to ANY of these
    events ever.

  9. KARMA is a b–ch and I hope that all who are responsible for these deaths get what they deserve!

  10. Did these f**n pricks not get the memo?? The planet is at a standstill for Chrissakes!! People’s lives,families,livelihoods are at stake and they are allowed to continue with the carnage??
    SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!! DAMN POLITICIANS START DOING WHAT IS RIGHT (for once). Start CARING for people ( I don’t mean the racing people-they do not qualify as human beings) and these innocent horses instead of caring more about your ALREADY FAT WALLETS! ENOUGH ALREADY!!

  11. What will and who will it take to stop the senseless dying of these magnificent animals? Greed is the reason the tracks are still open. These people are not animal lovers. Enough is enough!!!!!

  12. It is sad that so many humans are dying and we have people killing horses for no reason. Horse racing needs to stop so horses can live their lives in peace. These people need to be tortured like they torture the horses so they know how it feels. PLEASE GOD STOP THIS INHUMANE SPORT.

  13. Yet another failure of our government to act to protect the vulnerable…oh, wait, they can’t even protect people! I guess horses would be out of the question. It is disgusting that our stupid country allows this animal abuse to continue. I agree with the previous “rot in hell” comment…that is where our “leaders” should all go. We are pathetic as a nation. I am embarrassed to be an American.

    • They are trained “under saddle” too young; their bones are not formed until they are 5. In the Quarter Horse industry (My family showed quarter horses in 4H and the AQHA), horses are not permitted in the show ring for any “under saddle” events until the age of 5yrs. and are strictly monitored. They can show in a “Junior Pleasure” performance event at age 4, but only one event is available…. a 5 minute walk-trot-canter-reverse…. and YES, Quarter Horses live into their 40’s!

      • Cindy,
        That is interesting about showing Quarter Horses but the American Quarter Horse Association is pro-slaughter. Also, as you probably are aware of, the AQHA is responsible for recognizing the racing of Quarter Horses at the age of 2-years-old and 3-years-old and up. You certainly must be aware of the All American Futurity for underage, underdeveloped Quarter Horses. It was known as the World’s Richest Race for Quarter Horses. I remember that a horse named BUGS ALIVE won it 1975. So they coined a phrase, “BUGS ALIVE IN ’75.”

  14. Put down the humans who do this and all who think this is OK to do to these magnificent animals! Not gonna miss these losers from the gene pool!

  15. This continues because our federal Govt. subsidizes this industry. They are untouchable. Our tax dollars at work….

    • Everything that is WRONG,EVIL. Using taxpayers money for a torture freak show. No morals.

  16. How DAMM horrific this has been. I live in Florida and good people here are trying to shut down horse racing tracks all together. These owners/bastards care nothing for these horses and believe me, sorry to say that I know that first hand. Its all about the $$$$$. This has turned into just a DESPICABLE happening. I hope and pray that all involved end up suffering tremendously. This is humanityat its worst.

  17. Horseracing needs to be made illegal. It’s a horrible “sport” – the horses suffer and die. Shut it down.

  18. https://www.horseracingnation.com/news/Belinda_Stronach_We_are_all_in_this_together_123

    My response to a statement (link above) from The Stronach Group(TSG) CEO Belinda Stronach.
    Ms. Stronach,
    Your choice of words to encompass and describe horse racing tracks as an “ecosystem” is yet another deception deliberately perpetrated on the public.
    The use of the word “ecosystem” invokes images of environmentally, friendly surroundings where both people and animals (in this case racehorses) are respected and treated equally.
    Anybody who has either been on the track, and/or knows the ugly truth about it knows that this word is inappropriate, unrealistic, and deliberately deceptive.
    From exploited labor to racehorses dying in the dirt with shattered bones this is the antithesis of an “ecosystem.”
    If you cared anything about humanity than you would order the racehorses off the grounds, out to farms, which would end your absurd claims that you actually care for the stable area workers.
    Contrary to what horse racing claims there are no grassy paddocks or farms waiting for them when they are done with them, which is precisely why they insist on keeping them on tracks because they don’t want to pay for them and you want to exploit them.
    Not only do you exploit labor and racehorses under normal circumstances, but you do it during a pandemic so that you can keep your killing show going to churn profits for TSG.
    It’s long overdue for this “ecosystem” to be shut down permanently and it’s taken a humanitarian crisis to expose just how vile this business is and to spotlight what they really care about: profits over racehorses and even humanity.

  19. Saw an article questioning whether PETA is responsible for this rash of racetrack closures. Umm, there’s a freaking global pandemic you f***ktards – not everything in this universe involves PETA.

    • Oh, yeah. Racing creeps are falling all over themselves to blame others (mainly their antagonists, like us, who work to save their equine victims) for their own reactions to this pandemic. Their pleas to continue racing would be utterly laughable, were they not indicative of their own, self-created racehorse slaughterfest.
      The “kings” who own racehorses and now refuse to pay for their upkeep need to be Named & Shamed. Of course, it’s easier for the industry to point fingers at “PETA” instead.
      As if PETA itself hasn’t given them way more credit and chances than they’ll ever deserve.

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