Santa Anita May Have Shut Down, But Los Alamitos Is Still Running – and Killing

Flokie, a 3-year-old under the whip for the 9th time, was killed in the 8th at Los Alamitos yesterday. No other details were provided by the CHRB.

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  1. This is evil, and obviously against the law!!!
    They should just shut down the entire horse racing businesses!

  2. Sigh. Poor Flokie. And poor ALL HORSES doomed to run at Los Al. That dump is as disgusting as any of the other, shittiest little bullring tracks that have gone under in the last half-century — and it’s in one of the most affluent areas on earth: Orange County, California. Go figure.
    As soon as Doc Allred keels over, it’s also game over for Los Alamitos. But I guess he figures that until that day comes, he’ll keep killing off racehorses — and hiding their deaths — whenever and however possible.


  4. How can this be allowed to go on? Killing innocent horses is not essential business !

  5. The pathetic morally bankrupt racehorse abuser, and killer Dr. Allred.
    What an evil human being.
    This dude has been killing racehorses for years.
    He’s been facilitating the killing of thousands of racehorses over the years.
    FLOKIE was a top tier quarter horse making over $711,000!!
    All racehorses count, but it’s particularly horrific to me when a horse runs its ass-off for despicable abusive people who just keep squeezing them dry until they give out.
    Not even close to 1 million dollars is enough for these greedy slime ball parasites to take him off the track to ensure him a soft landing, a good forever paddock which he earned – not them.
    They sicken me, every single one of them,gfp and this horrific business needs to be shut down now.

    • Pathetic morally bankrupt racehorse abuser…perfectly stated, Gina – just like the fans of racing. Per a tweet by horseracing fan Rodney Munch, this…

      “Flokie might of [sic] lost his life tonight but at least the $45 pick 4 ticket hit and paid $60 and my $4 lock won.”

  6. I always try to come up with a solution when I complain about anything…
    As despicable as horse racing is – there should be a law that if a horse dies in a race – both the owner and the jockey should be given a mandatory minimum of a 3 year prison sentence without early release.
    And if it happens again to another horse at same racetrack – the owner and the jockey are given a five year sentence…. again no early release….

  7. You kidding me, this is all things should not be open because of its mistreatment for animals, and the fact that these races create large crowds. And because most of the people that attend these have the IQ of 0, they will not be doing the CDC guidelines. Shut them down!!!!!

    • I read online that the Los Alamitos racetrack is conducting racing with only “essential personnel and staff” at the racetrack; all racing “fans” can watch the races at Los Alamitos from home (or wherever they are) online at a certain website. So, supposedly, the racetrack (personnel responsible) is allegedly cooperating with public health officials. It all sounds very wrong, of course, but that is more or less what I read online on Patch.

    • The people that attend have the I.Q. of “0”. I believe that is a radical statement. If there was a racetrack near me I would be there every day. But I would be there looking for trainers who broke rules and took unnnecessary chances and I would find a way to punish those people or get rid of some. This is going to have to be done with tbe help of lawyers. But some new laws have to be enacted first, possibly. I believe in reform first. If that does not work then racing at that location has to end.

      • Mary m baggaley,
        According to other testimonials of people who were in horseracing but got out because of the vile hard-core disregard for the frailty of young, underdeveloped, immature horses (among other aspects of racing) by the horseracing industry, horseracing cannot be reformed. In other words, there are people involved in Horseracing Wrongs that have already seen the proof that the horseracing industry cannot be reformed.

      • Reform, marymbaggaley? Surely you jest. If racing could be “reformed,” don’t you think someone would have stepped up and “reformed” it by now? Arthur Hancock has been trying to get drugs out of racing for three decades and has been unsuccessful in doing so. If he can’t do it, who can? You? The regulators? There is simply NO integrity in horse racing. This is a quote from Hancock back in 1991 (almost 30 years ago)…

        “We need desperately to create the perception of credibility, honesty and absolute integrity, and we need to rid ourselves once and for all of drugs and thugs.”

        Again, Hancock stated this 30 years ago and absolutely nothing has changed…and it never will.

        Now, I believe that Hancock is one of the better people in racing but I have a problem with his statement that racing needs to create the PERCEPTION of credibility, honesty and absolute integrity, instead of the REALITY of those three virtues. However, those of us who aren’t distracted by the fancy hats, frothy drinks and brilliant smiles know that the racing industry works diligently to create an illusion of glamorous people hanging out with gorgeous horses. The reality of what occurs on the backsides of tracks is far removed from the images portrayed by racing.

        Now, I think you mean well when you state that you would be looking for trainers who broke the rules but how would you know? Would you take up residence in a stall on the backside? Would you put up security cameras to make sure all the horses are safe? Would you hire lawyers to punish those who took unnecessary chances with the horses? Why punish some and not all? These are rhetorical questions and I don’t expect an answer from you or anyone else because I already know the answers. Please step away from your delusional world and embrace reality because the horses need you!

  8. How can other honest businesses be shut down during this pandemic but not non essential gambling establishments that profit off the misery of animals. This is truly disturbing on so many levels.

  9. The COVID-19 pandemic, aside from track closures, has, in my opinion, actually provided some relief for the industry and its apologists by taking the spotlight off the racehorse doping scandal…for a while, at least.

    I was reading some comments from a few racing trainers regarding Servis and Navarro and their “doping program” (as the federal investigators referred to it)…how telling they were in their statements. There was no sadness for the horses hurt by those pathetic pukes, no words of concern for what X Y Jet, Nanoosh, Maximum Security and countless other horses endured at the hands of those “trainers”. Can you guess what THEIR concerns over the illegal drugging of racehorses were? – illegal drugging that caused “cardiac issues, overexertion leading to leg fractures, increased risk of injury, and in some cases death” (per William F. Sweeney of the FBI)?

    Here are a couple of the comments…

    – Jeff Greenhill; “This makes me nauseous. If guilty, I hope they all face the stiffest penalties possible. It’s tough enough to win without facing hopped horses.”


    – Mark Casse; “It’s frustrating when you work and you work and you work, and you know you’re getting beat not by a better horse [nor] a better trainer.”

    They sound all broken up over the horses they love so much, no?

    And for a reminder, THIS is an example of what Greenhill and Casse were commenting on…

    “[Veterinarian Dr. Louis] Grasso allegedly consulted with [trainer Thomas] Guido after an unidentified Guido runner died suddenly. Grasso suggested Guido “probably over juiced him” and said that horse deaths as a result of excessive doping are not unusual – “I’ve seen that happen 20 times.”

    • Joy, these heartless heathens of horseracing show no empathy for their horses or any horse at all, even the animal abusers who allegedly do not cheat, or at least, didn’t get caught doping. Horseracing must be BANNED!

    • The promise of cash, favors and the good life supercedes all. .human decency, morals and the oath one takes at graduation from vet school.

    • Thank you for the comments, Joy. They confirm what we have known about this industry all along.
      The horse is a disposable asset in racing and there is NO concern for his suffering and life. Money and MONEY alone is the concern – it is the sole driving force in racing.

  10. I honestly thought this virus would put horse racing out of business because no large gatherings are allowed. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!! Horses are beautiful gentle beings & should be loved and respected (as any animal should).

    It is a travesty that they are losing their lives so people can make a quick buck. So wrong!!


  12. There is little moral decency in the human species and those who have it (like those of us here and others who speak out) are in the minority and unable to stop it. The scum who are involved in horse racing will squeeze every last cent out of their despicable trade. They are no different than the trophy hunters and poachers whose behaviors against animals have brought the world the coronavirus. May they all be felled by it.

    • Absolutely,you are SO right. Evils perpetuated against Innocent Animals. You know the old saying…”God will get you”

  13. No shortage of cruelty, that’s the reality, been going on too long, shut it down , shut it down hard, make them donate every dime to forever homes and animal abuse prevention!!

  14. It is time to END this horrible and disgustingly greedy sport that is 100% tied to animal abuse.

    • Exactly! 100% tied to animal abuse is exactly right in describing horseracing. It is fundamentally wrong to force young, underdeveloped, immature horses (Baby Races for two-year-olds) to perform as though they were matured. The horses are not fully matured or finished growing and developing until 6 (six) years of age. Horseracing is fundamentally wrong on so many levels.


    Cruel Blood Sports Canceled Across the World
    As a result of stringent government measures in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, many events that exploit animals have been canceled across the world. Horse races in France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the U.K., and other areas have all been suspended, preventing horses from being run to their deaths. Bullfights across Europe will also no longer be taking place, including 21 of them in Spain, and neither will cruel spectacles such as the Easter Feria in France. And in Thailand, elephants aren’t being forced to give tourist rides on their back.

  16. Seriously I can not believe they have not shut this down. What is wrong with people. This only shows that its about the money and not the love and safety of the horses or the people. Shut this down now!!!!!

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