Another Kill at Fair Grounds Among Multiple Incidents on U.S. Tracks Yesterday

Yesterday, according to the Equibase charts:

At Penn, Painted Clown “stopped, was eased up in the lane and returned bleeding.” Florida Boys “went lame while returning to the unsaddling area and was vanned off.” Loco Lobo “stopped in the lane and appeared sore upon return.”

At Fair Grounds, Lu Sea “was eased in the stretch and vanned off.” Red River Chase “went wrong near the back of the field late and fell then was vanned off.” Red River Chase, according to a tweet from the chart caller, is in fact dead (“shattered leg”). Same race, separate incident, Floatie “fell passing the wire”; Sarah Ann’s Pointe “fell over a fallen foe [Floatie] just past the wire…vanned off.”

That’s seven injured or dead horses at just two tracks in one day. This is horseracing.

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  1. For the 1) love of money and 2) PARI-MUTUEL BETTING/ WAGERING/ GAMBLING (being sins and abominable) these horses were forced to suffer extreme cruelty and torture, which is more ABOMINATION to God. What is wrong with our society that allows these horrible criminal acts to be committed over and over? It’s time to shut this horror show down!!!

  2. Can this get any worse?? All I am praying for is that the ones “vanned off” will be ok…
    Yes, this IS horse racing… abuse, cruelty, death. Yet it is allowed to continue! Sick!!!

  3. This is public torture, a public butcher show, and so heartbreaking it’s beyond words.
    This should not be happening in the 21st century let alone ever.
    There are no excuses, no justifications, nothing that justifies this continued, widespread, legitimized racehorse abuse, cruelty, doping, corruption, beating, dumping, crippling, and killing of these poor racehorses.
    In the corner cobwebs of their stalls while being restrained these voiceless victims have no hope, total despair while these parasites shove needles into their jugular veins, muscles, joints and up their asses.
    Yes, I will disclose something that I’ve never said before and I’m doing it because Bob Baffert has just released an article and statement published in The Washington Post.
    It was reportedly rumored by former quarter horse people that Bob Baffert shoves morphine sponges up the ass of his racehorses and has the timing down pat.
    Who would think about looking up their asses?
    On a previous post Mary Johnson reminded us that some people said that Baffert would give Drano to a racehorse to win – anything to win at the peril of the racehorse.
    I can’t confirm, but lots of people that knew him in his quarter horse days said that he had the method down pat and they nicknamed him the “ass man.”
    Who knows?
    I wouldn’t put it past him or any of them.
    The fact that Bob Baffert released a statement on the “corruption” in horse racing and now supports the feds getting involved is a trainer who is part of the problem, always has been, and this is just his way of saving his own “ass,”
    How ironic and how delusional can a person be?

    • Yes, Gina we can’t be sure re: Baffert but we are PRETTY DARN SURE this is exactly what this excrement does for a pretty penny. Disgusting how he’s now coming out pretending to be a “good boy” helping put the “bad guys” away… when really, he IS one of the worst if not THE worst. I am assuming though he has pretty influential connections who have his back…. unlike him and all the other ones who break horses’ backs so they can stuff their wallets. I ran out of adjectives to describe these bastards

  4. Patrick, what about race #6 at Golden Gate yesterday? Any word on Get Like Me?

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