A “Went Wrong” Kill at Golden Gate Yesterday; 25th Dead Racehorse in California This Year

I have confirmed (CHRB) that Get Like Me was euthanized after “[going] wrong” in the 6th at Golden Gate yesterday. He was five years old and under the whip for the 40th time. To add insult to kill, he was “For Sale” prior to for about as cheap as it gets in U.S. Racing, $3,200. Get Like Me is the 7th dead horse at Golden Gate this year, 25th at all California tracks. They can’t stop the killing, folks; it’s built into the system.

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  1. Congrats, Golden Gate Fields. You’ve proven that synthetic tracks aren’t even close to the panacea for breakdowns that everyone in racing wants so badly for them to be. They all point to the Jockey Club’s BS Equine Injury Database, and cry, “Look! Look! Fewer horse deaths on Tapeta!” (Or Polytrack, or any of the other fake surfaces racing randomly employs to make it appear that it’s not racing itself that’s killing off thoroughbreds by the thousands.)
    Stronach-owned Golden Gate sure has had a lot of fatal breakdowns lately, especially given the minimal numbers of horses they’re running, and that Super-Safe Synthetic Surface they’re so proud of.
    Rest assured, Cali racing folks: your surviving days as a legal entity are dropping even faster than all these racehorses.

    • Kelly, I didn’t research it but the question/s begged to be asked, “How many and which horses are being raced one day and then again the very next day and then again maybe less than 45 days just to get at least 4 horses in one race for “purse” money and the PARI-MUTUEL BETTING/WAGERING/ GAMBLING?

      • I have no idea, Wanda. What I do know is that they could start to solve the California “horse shortage” problem if only they’d stop killing off the horses.

      • That’s right Kelly. Horseracing is so cruel no matter how you look at it. You know that they cannot possibly love their horses in the true sense of the word love when they treat their horses like a commodity or a product. The horses might as well be dirty disposable diapers. They use them and get rid of them on purpose.

  2. Disgraceful the treatment of horses. The racing industry has a lot to answer for.

  3. I love horses and it makes me sick to see this kind of treatment and no one does anything about it. It’s like Soring, no one does anything about that either- a horrible thing to do to a horse! What is wrong with these sicko people that they do these disgusting things to these beautiful animals and no one gives a shit. This country has is a real disgrace !!!

  4. Why is nobody doing anything about all these poor horses that are dieing?? People are you so dam greedy that you don’t care about these precious animals, money is all you care about!!!! There’s a place in hell for greedy ass people 🤬

  5. If you are so disappointed in the horses YOU chose to race, face up, it’s your choice. They did not choose to disappoint you, they give their best. If you have so much money to throw away, get another hobby, one that does NOT involve live animals. Totally disgusted with horse racing now.

  6. RIP “Get Like Me” ❤️ your horrific abusers will never get like you! There is a very special place reserved for them. Another senseless young horse death. Vile to the core..but the end is near.


  8. I hope Coronavirus has unexpected benefits in helping to bring about the demise of racing as people stop going out to racetracks and casinos are shut down to prevent the spread.

  9. All horse racing should be banned. It’s inhumane to use these poor horses to line your greedy pockets. God did not put these beautiful creatures on earth for people to abuse them and to fatten their money hungry pocketbooks.

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