2-Year-Old Dead of Laminitis at Belmont

At Belmont yesterday, according to the NYS Gaming Commission: “Krugerrand found to have severe laminitis LH, euthanized due to poor prognosis.” Laminitis, for those who may not know, is inflammation of sensitive tissue inside a horse’s hoof. It is typically very painful – a horrible way to die. Krugerrand was but two years old.

This is horseracing.


  1. Two-year-old fillies and colts should not be locked up in a stall 23 hours a day; they should be out on pasture and allowed to graze and get natural exercise. They should not be forced to carry weight and run and run fast. May KRUGERRAND rest in peace. This is sad and most likely could have avoided.

  2. It is my belief that Laminitis leading to Founder is the result of many different reasons one being sudden changes in diet, exercise,or too much of one or the other,It is also of my belief that a Horses Physiological System is so different from that of humans that it may be fairly easy to cross that fine line.I also believe administering experimental PEDs into a horses system,Increases the risk of disturbing a horses physiological system ( leading to tying up syndrome,which can lead to circulation problems and laminitis and founder especially if you have trainers administering or experimenting with relatively new Performance Enhancing Drugs that disturbs the horses system )some of these PEDs have little history as to their negative effects on the horse and it’s effect on the performance horse. One horse may be fine with the experimental PED and another may be on the brink of a deadly heart attack or foundering when racing on an experimental or relatively new PED. Most trainers are willing to take that risk. My question at this point is,would these trainers be willing to allow their Children’s High Scool Coach to administer a relatively new or any PED to their student athletes. Alledgly Jason Servis and Jorge Navarro have done very well for themselves,each developing world champion race horses.How many horses have been MURDERED by these super trainers while they win their way to the top and I’m not just talking about these two alleged cheaters. All trainers are looking for an edge to win. All jockeys are looking for an edge. Once upon a time,a Hall of Fames world class,JOCK said to me. “I DON’T LIKE ANY GAME I CAN’T CHEAT AT” end of quote….It’s embedded in the culture. If you examine trainers winning at twenty per- cent or higher I think you will find many dead horses left in their wake. A few years ago there was a super trainer that lost several horse in a very short span of time. ( STOP EXPERIMENTING TO FIND THE NEXT EDGE ) The next set of trainers that should be examined are the regular 5-10% winning trainer all of a sudden their win percentage jumps up to 12- 18%. And their horses show no tiredness in the stretch.All of this is nation wide and even more at your major racetracks. Can I get a VETS. opinion to dispel my opinions? STOP THE UNCONSCIONABLE ABUSE !

  3. Laminitis is a chronic condition.
    There are long term signs that a racehorse is developing laminitis.
    Most cases are PREVENTABLE with proper care, medication, and REST!
    Absolutely everything that the daily business practices of horse racing entails contributes to laminitis.
    For example, nutrition plays a huge role especially changes in diet.
    Just think about that for a moment.
    About 90% of racehorses run in the “claiming ranks” and most all racehorses are sold like slaves from owner to owner, trainer to trainer with constantly changing diets that aren’t always good.
    Secondly, a racehorse will shift onto their healthy hoof to avoid the pain so by virtue of running in the same direction, same turns, race after race further contributes to this very painful condition.
    Thirdly, imagine a racehorse with this excruciating pain getting repeatedly beaten during the race. This is blatant racehorse cruelty, abuse and inhumane treatment of a sensitive animal. This is a major contribution to racehorse disease and breakdowns.
    Fourthly, many of the tracks with dirt surfaces contain stones of various sizes. This is COMMON. As the racehorses run over the surface the stones become more exposed and they are running at high speed over these stones with this painful condition. Stones also contribute to hoof issues including laminitis, which is why a dirt surface has more breakdowns as statistics clearly show.
    Fifthly, colic. Both colic and laminitis tends to be intertwined to some degree. Most all racehorses are running with ulcers, which exacerbate one or both of these conditions.
    Six, dehydration. Lack of hydration in the thoroughbred contributes to hoof issues and the commonly used widely acceptable drug in horse racing is Lasix. What does Lasix do? It dehydrates the racehorse to unnatural levels and it’s given on a consistent basis.
    It goes on and on – everything – all the daily business practices contributes to laminitis.
    Equally worse, are the secret vet/treatment records because nobody knows at what stage a particular racehorse has laminitis as they get sold from barn to barn without the treatment records following them. So the window of opportunity to reverse this painful, chronic condition is not even provided let alone addressed.
    This is a complete betrayal of racehorses at every single “step” of the way and every single one of them are one step away from dying and it’s directly due to their daily business practices and their deliberate and malicious neglect and refusal to change things as they operate year after year with methods that are proven DEADLY for racehorses.
    This is all done directly due to the wagering profits as they need racehorses, pain or not, to fill races for them.
    Reforms will not stop racehorses from dying because this entire business is based on damaging the racehorse.

  4. Wouldn’t the trainer know about the laminitis before even trying to race this poor horse?

    • I believe once the process of laminitis starts it’s tough to get a do over. I would think heat in the foot would be the first indication. Some trainers might even disregard this first early sign of heat,due to ignorance.

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