2 More Killed at Golden Gate; 23 Dead Racehorses in California on the Year

The CHRB has disclosed the following deaths at Golden Gate Fields February 29:

Thousand Oaks, no details given but the Stewards Minutes note that the 4-year-old was a scratch for the 6th March 1 because, of course, she was “deceased.”

Keck, training. Curiously, the 5-year-old had just recently been put back in training, after not having been raced since July 2018.

This makes 6 dead for Golden Gate in 2020, 23 at all California tracks. It is what it is, and what it is is animal cruelty and animal murder – for $2 bets.

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  1. Patrick it is NOT “for $2 bets”. Over $1 Billion is paid out in purse monies annually to owners of the young horses used for racing. Your credibility is seriously undermined when you use false “facts”/information.

    • You are a sad, deluded apologist, Gail; that’s why your comments always go to moderation. As for your assertion, at its core horseracing is but a gambling business – $2 bets. No bets, no races; no races, no kills.

    • So the owners and trainers get the money, and the horses who are actually running these pointless races get the 23 hour confinement, the drugs, the shock therapy, the stud chains and tongue ties, the whipping, the severed spines, broken backs, splintered legs, skull fractures, internal bleeding, laminitis, colic, and “sudden deaths”. Then those that can’t be exploited for any more of this wonderful billion dollar purse money you’re so proud of get sent to the slaughterhouse. Seems like a fair exchange to me, Gail. What are lives of a few thousand sentient beings taken every year compared to those big fat purses, right?
      Why do you soulless racing apologists keep coming onto this site? Are you hoping to get rid of us by making us so pissed at your stupid ass comments that we’ll all have heart attacks?

      • EXACTLY, Perfectly said Rebecca. It’s ALWAYS the INNOCENTS who pay the REAL price. With their LIVES. As for Gail…I’M in No MOOD to be fucked with today…I’ve had it.

    • Gail, you must be high! Lay off the cool-aid and smell the coffee. What do you think fuels the existence of horse racing? It’s the idiots in the stands (and virtual stands) that don’t feel responsible for any of the horse suffering because they’re simply placing a bet.

    • Gail, a racing contact just texted me that Palm Meadows is a “crime scene”. Looks like SOME of the “druggies” in racing are going down including Jason Servis. Please do NOT come on this site and defend racing because it can’t be defended. It is rotten to the core!

    • Gail, YOU are one to talk about credibility!! The entire industry you are so vehemently defending for its needless crimes against these poor souls ( yes, the horses I mean) is full of people like YOU with zero morals, values, empathy and just basic human sense concerned only about blood money.
      You got one thing right… “young horses”. Yes, Gail, too young to race for idiotic entertainment. Too young to be killed for equally idiotic entertainment so that cretins can bet and make themselves feel better or somehow powerful when/if they win some. Because… the world ran out of entertainment, right? Killing beautiful, horses is all that’s left??? And what about the horses?? What do they get?? Oh, yes, drugs, whips, electric shocks and the needle. YOU should be ashamed of yourself for showing up here with your obtuse comments. “Your” beloved killer industry is obsolete and will see its end very soon.

  2. Ignorance is no excuse for causing the pain, injury, suffering and eventual death of horses used for racing and as gambling chips. May THOUSAND OAKS and KECK rest in peace. May horseracing end to stop the sadistic and barbaric treatment of horses.

  3. If the racing industry could figure out how to run a deceased horse to squeeze a couple more bucks out of him, they would. But we already know that these two horses “never mattered” to their connections or the dregs of society who put cheap bets on them.

    • I don’t doubt that the owners want to win purse money but the racetracks don’t have any races for purse money only. Looking at the whole picture, all horses entered (except dead ones or scratched for whatever reason) and running in any race on the “card” are for bettors to make bets on so gambling is a huge part of horseracing. PARI-MUTUEL BETTING is a fact at the horse racing tracks, which goes without saying for most people familiar with horseracing. In most newspapers that report on anything to do with their local horseracing track, the PARI-MUTUEL WAGERING HANDLE is THE most important topic of the article. At least, that was before so many horses were dying at Santa Anita Park allegedly because of the surface of the track. Now it is becoming more common knowledge that horses die from causes other than just the track surface.

      • *above comment meant for the not well-informed, whoever that person may be.

  4. Everyone in this disgusting industry has been raving all week about all the “excitement” of today’s races. Big fields, big money, big death count. They’re already up to four DNFs/Vans that I’VE counted, and there’s likely more occurring as I type this.
    Racing creeps won’t acknowledge any of these horses for their lives of abuse, nor for their early deaths. We, on the other hand, will not only pay tribute to the memories of these poor, broken beasts, we will call out every sub-human involved for their greed, violence and indifference to equine suffering.
    As always, I offer a million thanks to Patrick and the good people at Horseracing Wrongs.

    • Did I say only four? Make that five DNFs/Vanned offs. Turf Pairo’deaths apparently wanted to get in on the “excitement,” but they even did these other tracks one better: they added a “fell, lost rider” to the otherwise-humdrum carnage already offered up today. Bonus points for the horse-killing slugs at T.P.

      • Okay, I just can’t anymore. We’re up to seven. SEVEN. Not even counting all tracks, and this racing day isn’t even over yet. I honestly don’t know how Patrick does it. I was hoping Turf Pairo’deaths would be the last Van-off for the day, but then Rillito Dumping Grounds (killed a jockey last week and had his memorial today) decided they were overdue for a breakdown, too. That made SIX DNF/Vanned horses acknowledged on Equibase today alone.
        Alas, Fair Grounds NOLA topped off the bloodbath in their final race of the day; “Bad step/DNF/Vanned off.” And that brought us to lucky number SEVEN. I think I’m gonna be sick.

  5. Kelly!, 7 in one day?!!!!,that you know of. Nothing is worth the loss of lives. This must come to a just end. People Suck

    • Actually, no, Bonnie. EIGHT. Turns out I missed one (their THIRD for the day, by my count) at Gulfstream. Last race, 4th place “winner” Scat Mommy vanned-off after finish line. I’d like to think this was some kind of sick record, but I’m sure it’s just another day at the office for these racing scum.
      Oh, and the Fairgrounds breakdown was a horse Patrick wrote about just six weeks ago: Miss You Jo apparently lived to die another day.
      Can horse racing get any more disgusting?

      • No, Kelly, it can’t. Thank you for staying on top of the brutal exploitation of these poor horses and exposing it.

        And the gelding, Miss You Jo – before the race on March 7 where he “takes a bad step” and is vanned off, THIS was what he endured on January 24; “MISS YOU JO…clipped heels…then fell and was struck by two foes from behind.”

        Some kind of entertainment, isn’t it.

        Owners, Steve and Patricia Roe
        Trainer, Alfonso Balderas

      • Oh, I’m sure it can and will. Let’s give the racing industry the credit it deserves for being one of the most atrocious and sadistic legalized venues, only behind the Yulin Dog Festival for sheer wholesale butchery done in the name of “tradition”.

  6. The year is only 2 months old and there are already 23 horse deaths due to horse racing. This is HORRIBLE!!! And, this is ONLY the death count in California.
    My long time dream has been to see the death of horse racing so that no more horses will suffer. Horses BUILT our country; they carried, and pulled, all the heavy loads for us, moved our families across the country, delivered our mail, and kept us fed by plowing our fields. And, this is how we thank them; by abusing them at horse races for the sake of gambling. Horse pain and suffering in exchange for the almighty dollar. Horses are beautiful, regal animals that should be honored, respected, and loved; or at the very least, protected from abuse. Horse racing MUST stop!!!

  7. Hey, you guys,I was just thinking…with this Coronavirus outbreak, I cannot think that there will be demand for events with crowds of people…how will this effect the Kentucky Derby? Kelly, and Joy…your FACTS and posts are just sickeningly HEARTBREAKING. Please,make it stop!! , these beautiful animals SO deserve a life.

    • The way I worded this post… I did not mean no more posts from Kelly and Joy, I was referring to NO more DEATHS,which anyone with half a brain,knows is totally caused by horse racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End it now

      • Bonnie, I knew you meant to make horseracing stop. We all want the barbaric and sadistic exploitation of horses for horseracing to be stopped. Did you see the news about 27 people busted for illegal doping/drugging?

  8. NYT: More than 2 dozen charged in horse racing doping scheme
    Among those charged was Jason Servis, the trainer of Maximum Security

    — By Benjamin Weiser and Joe Drape | March 9, 2020

    Federal prosecutors announced charges on Monday against more than two dozen racehorse trainers, veterinarians and drug distributors in a wide-ranging series of indictments that laid out a corrupt scheme to secretly dope horses and cheat the betting public in what has become a $100 billion global industry.

    Among the 27 people charged was Jason Servis, the trainer of Maximum Security, one of the best racehorses in the world. He covertly administered performance-enhancing drugs “to virtually all the racehorses under his control,” the indictment charged, adding that from February 2018 to February 2020 he entered horses in more than 1,000 races.

    In May, Maximum Security crossed the finish line first at the Kentucky Derby, only to be disqualified for almost knocking over a rival horse and slowing the momentum of others. Country House, a 65-1 shot, was named the winner. Last month, Maximum Security won $10 million at the Saudi Cup at the King Abdulaziz racecourse in Riyadh, the world’s richest race

    The scheme, as laid out in four separate indictments against a total of 27 people, was to manufacture and distribute adulterated and misbranded drugs and to secretly administer them to racehorses under their control.

    Horse racing has a long history of trainers’ repurposing drugs in pursuit of a performance edge. Frog and cobra venom, Viagra, cocaine, heart medicines and steroids have all been detected in drug tests. This reliance on performance-enhancing drugs combined with lax state regulations has made American racetracks among the deadliest in the world.

    Nearly 10 horses a week on average died at U.S. racetracks in 2018, according to the Jockey Club’s Equine Injury Database. That figure is anywhere from two and a half to five times greater than the fatality rate in Europe and Asia, where rules against performance-enhancing drugs are enforced more stringently.


  9. By now, you’re all aware of the huge doping bust. It took the government long enough! This has been so open for so long! But, I am waiting for AG Barr to start reducing charges, and if there are convictions ( there better be!) reduction in sentences. The owners right now are probably not too happy, and are probably calling the White House about this.

    On Sat, Mar 7, 2020 at 8:25 AM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:even so open for so long…I’m just

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “The CHRB has disclosed the following deaths at > Golden Gate Fields February 29: Thousand Oaks, no details given but the > Stewards Minutes note that the 4-year-old was a scratch for the 6th March 1 > because, of course, she was “deceased.” Keck, training” >

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