Colt Killed at Aqueduct

The NYS Gaming Commission has confirmed the death (“leg injury”) of Montauk Memories in the 6th at Aqueduct Saturday. The 2-year-old colt was under the whip for the 3rd time; in his previous two races, he finished a combined 37 lengths back.

This is horseracing.


  1. Just got in to read this horrifying news. Patrick, please share your knowledge of the DISGUSTING CIRCUMSTANCES of Montauk Memories’ death. (I know that they are ALL disgusting, but poor MM was absolutely forced to finish that race while mortally wounded.)

    • Same here, Kelly. These horrors are just ongoing. Whether we wake up, return from work or go to sleep another beautiful soul (or several) is /are killed in the dirt. Unbelievable cruelty by the hands of some minions ( and I don’t, by any means, mean this in a cute way) and heartless leeches.

      • I know and appreciate what you’re saying, Andrea; I’m always running out of adjectives (and verbs, and adverbs, and nouns, and…) to describe this non-stop horror show that IS horse racing. I try not to use profanity, but sometimes I slip up, like in this case, with MM. That jockey is a f*#@ing worm! Even the chartwriter knew it.

  2. Mmm…’a leg injury’
    Wonder what it was ?

    Cannon bone
    Collapse of the fetlock suspensory apparatus
    Carpal (knee) if a foreleg
    Hock if a hind leg

    MONTAUK MEMORIES was just a baby and given coming home distanced and performing poorly in his only two previous starts, this colt clearly had an issue detrimental to his safety and obviously not up to the stress placed on his body and mind.
    However, his connections shamefully turned a blind eye resulting in this baby suffering a catastrophic injury and dying.

    Utterly inexcusable.

    And where is your transparency NEW YORK STATE GAMING COMMISSION ?

  3. The jockey trying to squeeze him in in front of the 3 wall horse group in the lead
    And then when he was faltering in the back of the pack kept him going. Gotta get to that finish line to get my $2.00.

  4. What a shame. Poor horse. One horse wins another horse dies. This is a horrible industry. I can’t wait until it is stopped. I hope they close all racetracks especially Belmont, Saratoga,and Aqueduct

    • Babies shouldn’t be losing their lives. Horses can live into their 30’s for god sakes

  5. I’m sure most of you have seen this but for readers who don’t look at charts, this…

    “MONTAUK MEMORIES chased along the inside down the backstretch and then just off the inside through the turn coming under coaxing at the three-eighths, swung three wide into upper stretch and appeared to injure himself straightened away, got placed to a light hold, the rider looking down to the off side and was eased through to the finish to collect the last check taking bad steps before the wire and favoring the right hind leg, got pulled up four to five awkward strides after the finish and was subsequently vanned off.”


    THIS…is American horseracing.

    • Thank you, Joy. ^^THIS^^ If this isn’t criminal animal torture, I don’t know what is.

      • Ya would think this colt was trying to tell the owners something. Like I don’t feel well, I can’t do this but no one listened. They just beat them right up till their bones snap. Disgusting the way we humans treat the other beings on this planet. This was a baby and should not have been used up like this. You can’t call yourselves horsemen when this is the end result.stop this abuse and end it once and for all. What a dirty bunch of bastards and such a filthy business

  6. Maybe the Jockies and the owners of these horses need to be tarred, feathered and burned in a public audience exposing their shame and their evil wrongs to the public at large.. Just like they did in the olden days.. They all seem to get away with it thinking it’s not a big deal. perhaps if they are exposed in a different way forced to Public exposure and humiliation for their horrific actions, they might start thinking about what they’re doing..
    We are the voice of the Voiceless, without us nothing will stop..
    Don’t stop until these incomprehensible actions stop…💪🏼💪🏼

  7. I think we’re all forgetting how much there horses love to run (eye roll and gagging noise). And we’re supposed to feel sympathy for these sadistic little monsters who continue to beat a faltering injured baby just to scrape a couple of extra bucks out of him before disposing of him? Someone really needs to explain the “glories of horse racing” because I sure as hell don’t see anything of the sort.

  8. SHUT DOWN the unconscionably cruel, depraved and abusive HORSERACING industry.

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