2-Year-Old Killed at Turfway

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has disclosed the following for Happy Peddler, race 8, Turfway, Dec 21: “The filly was claimed [sold] in the race and was sent to the test barn. She cooled out lame and the claim was voided. [The next day] she was significantly more lame…radiographs revealed a significant fracture in her right carpus. The decision was made to euthanize her due to a poor prognosis for surgery.” Happy Peddler was two years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. There is everything wrong about horseracing! This is a prime example of what is fundamentally wrong with horseracing! There is no excuse for torturing two-year- olds to perform as though they were matured. It is demented to ride and race two-year-olds! This is as wrong as riding dogs or letting children ride dogs just because they look big enough to ride! This is wrong and there is no excuse for it!!!!!!!!

      • Saudi Arabian stewards issued $200,000.00 fine to Mike Smith for excessive whipping of horse in Saturday’s 20m dollar Saudi Cup. Also handed out an 8-day ban from riding. Not sure if USA will enforce the suspension. Fine sticks, ‘tho. Another rider in same race also received 8-day ban and smaller fine. Fake out on them.

  2. Way to embrace that transparency concept, Kentucky HRC! Y’all must feel so unburdened by releasing Happy Peddler’s death acknowledgment only TWO AND A HALF MONTHS after the fact.
    As usual, Kentucky horse killing officials slither into the millennium about 20 years behind everybody else. For them, this is progress by leaps and bounds, though, so we should all give them a big, hearty congrats for reporting this at all.

    • Kelly, I wish I had a magic wand-and could say be gone with you evil cretans. #IstandwithAnimals ❤️ Is the Answer.

  3. Jockey killed at Rilitto yesterday.
    Such a sorry, nasty, disgusting excuse for a “sport.” Horse racing kills off humans and horses. It’s past time for us to kill off horse racing.

    • That jockey had also gotten a 5 year suspension, of which he only served 4, for using an electrical shock device on a horse during a race. And that’s just for what he was caught. Wonder how many more times he used one and wasn’t caught.

      • Oops. it’s Rillito, not Rilitto. Oh well, tomato/tomahto, I suppose. Either way, I understand Mr. Gamez was rather advanced in years — 67, to be exact. That he should have a major infraction on his riding record isn’t a surprise to anyone at all. In fact, in a non-sport as corrupt and deadly as horse racing, it’d be more “shocking” to learn he DIDN’T torment his mounts with electricity. Still, I’m sorry he is dead, and I hope his family can find comfort in the fact that he died doing what he CHOSE to do — unlike all the racehorses this industry has whipped, shocked, abused and subjugated.

      • He took a form of “early retirement” and he won’t be around to abuse anymore racehorses with whipping and shocking ever again. His wife can apply for widow’s benefits if he paid his income taxes to the IRS. Anytime that a person guilty of criminal activities (whether it’s raping someone or animal abuse or anything that shows they cannot be trusted not to cause both physical and psychological harm, injury and suffering to their targeted victims) gets killed in an accident is a form of justice as far as I see it.

      • Does anyone know if the horse.Mr. Gamez was riding is ok? Mr. Gamez was 67 yers old. Sad..

      • Nancy,
        Richard Gamez was in the lead and his horse bucked him off. He was thrown to the ground in front of oncoming horses and jockeys. He was trampled and sustained fatal injuries. He died of head injuries that may have killed a person of any age. The horse that bucked him off was not injured. This happened at Rillito Park, Tucson, Arizona for anyone who missed that. [Go horse!]
        Also, he had retired in 2002. His wife died and he went back to being a jockey in 2018, I believe. It’s all in the news articles online. He was 66 years old according to the article on nydailynews.

  4. Patrick. I don’t know how you come by your reports but I know Oaklawn in Arkansas is having many more breakdowns and deaths than they are reporting. And they are known for not collecting data and and not reporting horse injuries or deaths. I want that to change and if there is anyone you know there please publish all injuries and deaths from Oaklawn. Its time they moved into the 21st century. And I think we owe it to them to help them do just that! I almost feel like going there myself but I don’t have a horse on tbe grounds so I could not get in. But they might not even check this, i don’t know. Arlington always checked I.D.s at the gate after the first week. If you have no business there you can’t get in. Therevwoukd have to be somebody working there to get the information. And the vets that work for the track would not be helpful. An owner or groom or hotwalker would know what was happening but it might not be complete information.

  5. This is condemning a horse to death!
    STOP forcing horses to race. It’s killing

  6. These “people” are criminals. Period! And criminals should rot in jail not fatten their wallets off baby horses’ backs. No one even thought about x-raying her legs after she “cooled out lame?? Maybe, just maybe she could have been saved?? No, of course not, that would have cost a bit of money and why the heck spend it? Horses are whipped, broken and killed so these leeches can make a pretty penny. Yet, when it comes to caring for them, they turn their backs, let them suffer and only after they’ ve suffered enough they give them the needle. This is maltreatment of beautiful creatures jn its most obscene form. Let’s not even talk about the sold-unsold-killed piece because it just makes me sick. Another day-another baby killed!
    This needs to end. And it needs to end now.

  7. To do list:
    1. Ban horse racing
    2. Press criminal charges and ENFORCE ANIMAL CRUELTY PREVENTION LAWS
    3. Force those who benefit form this activity to PAY ALL VET BILLS FOR LIFE
    3. Disrespect the “owners” by giving them the same humiliating names those people give the horses.

    • ADVOCACY, I like your STYLE!!! Bravo, I love your suggestions ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Just think, if this poor fully hadn’t cooled out lame she would have been handed off to new owners and would just as likely died under their “care”. Her connections must be pissed they couldn’t squeeze the final claimer’s price out of her – they have absolutely no morality like everyone else in this disgusting industry. And as for the jockey that died, sorry not sorry. He had a career of abusing and torturing horses and it finally slapped him on the ass. Of course there’s no mention of how the horse he was riding came out of the accident.

    • I totally agree with you, Rebecca. When riding horses in any type of riding, there is an inherent risk to the human rider/handler of getting hurt to various degrees. In horseracing, as is obvious, there is more inherent risk of injury to the horses than the riders/jockeys. So, the jockeys know what they are signing up for when they choose to be jockeys; whereas the horses don’t have that luxury of making a choice to be NOT victims of this industry that condemns every racehorse’s life to psychological and physical harm, injury, pain and suffering. It is intentional and there is no excuse for it.

    • Rebecca, the horse bucked him off. The horse was not injured. [Go horse!]

      • Wanda..thankyou for the info concerning the horse involved in the accident.
        Just for a tidbit, I have friends in AZ and they had no clue this happened. No news coverage or brief paper article.

      • Nancy, you are welcome. I had to do a Google search myself. The horse he was riding is named DRAMA IS OVERRATED, a 5-year-old gelding. I’m still wondering what happened to cause the horse to buck. It may have been that Jockey R. C. GAMEZ could have done something that the gelding didn’t like, or not. I’m sure I’ll never know.

  9. Horseracing is a vile “sport”, it is not a sport for the poor horses. Their lives are snuffed out the minute they leave their hell hole stall and then forced to run whether they feel like it or not. 2.5 years old is just a baby horse. Their bones are not fully developed to be strong and that forced running stresses their bones, and joints. But the horse does not have a say. they are whipped to run. END HORSERACING FOREVER AND EVER!

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