A Collision Kill (With Video) at Charles Town; Another at Fair Grounds

The scene at Charles Town Friday (race 2), as described by the Equibase writer: “Princess Rashelle…broke her right front leg midway on the turn and was euthanized on the track. Into Bluegrass…fell over Princess Rashelle mid turn and was vanned off.” Princess Rashelle was four; this was her 29th time under the whip. Will update on the 5-year-old Into Bluegrass. The track announcer, by the way, called this a “spill.”

A “spill,” according to the ethically-challenged:

In the 3rd at Fair Grounds, Fist of Rage “went wrong, fell, [and] was vanned off.” In fact, no surprise, the 3-year-old is dead. In reporting the kill, The Daily Racing Form’s Marcus Hersh led with the status of the dazed jockey who “hit the ground hard when his mount broke down badly.” The afterthought “mount” was an intelligent, sensitive, naturally-autonomous being who was enslaved, exploited, and wantonly (for $2 bets) killed by wicked people plying their crafts in a wicked industry.

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  1. Patrick, that is pretty accurate. But its not “the industry” that is doing it. Its the trainers that are in charge of workouts and entries. Its also the trainer who makes all the decisions regarding tbe horses welfare and and worth. The problem with that is, most of the trainers are poorly educated to make those decisions and ethically challenged on top of that. The owners are complicit or ignorant of the training process and not involved enough to make important decisions. The very expensive horses are not discarded the way the cheaper horses are. Nobody wants to buy a $1 million horse and give it to someone who will destroy it. Those owners want the horse to develop and win money and fame so that their investment is enhanced. Its all on the shoulders of men who should never be entrusted with other peoples animals and the owners who are too ignorant to make the right decision. Men who cripple and break down horses should be punished and removed. But that will be a long time coming in the backwater southern states.

    • marymbaggaley, how is the horseracing industry not responsible for horse deaths when the racetracks’ owners and staff as well as the state racing commissions/ commissioners do not stop the carnage but rather encourage the activities that cause catastrophic injuries and death to the horses otherwise known as gambling chips? The industry provides the platform for all of these abusive acts against horses. The industry provides the platform for horses to be used as gambling chips. The industry fails to punish anyone other than a possible “suspension” of license and direct access to the racetrack.

    • Of course the industry is responsible, not sure what to say about that.

      I know of no statistics but I’d be surprised to find any correlation between breakdowns and value of a horse on a per start basis. I can understand the illusion because a) there are a lot more horses racing for cheap purses, b) those horses make a lot more starts, and c) the expensive horses who break down usually make their way down to the cheap purses before they break down. I would virtually guarantee that any horse that sells for a million bucks is insured for a million bucks, the assertion that somehow people care more because they paid more is absurd.

    • And these “poorly educated”, “ethically challenged” racing trainers would not be making these decisions regarding their horses’ “welfare” if there was no racing industry, marymbaggaley. It absolutely is the racing industry with all of its industry members – who are complicit in the cruel exploitation of the horses – that is responsible for the crippling, killing and discarding of their “beloved athletes”.

    • The horse racing industry and every single apologist and/or anybody who derives a living off the exploitation, dumping, and killing of racehorses is complicit.
      The trainers are the “fall people” – they take the hit as they should,since the racehorse is under their care, custody, and control.
      However, the owners are equally responsible as they 1. decide to enter this business knowing what goes on and the high risk involved to the racehorse because anybody who doesn’t at this point is lying to some degree. 2. they PAY the bills 3. owners can deny racehorses vet care and most owners want consultation for any vet bill or can refuse to pay the bill rendering their racehorse vulnerable to much needed vet care 4. Owners will often order their racehorse euthanized, not because they can’t be saved, but because the vet bills will run too high.
      So owners are not some ignorant bystanders. They know and watch their respective racehorse get abused and they condone it by paying for it. Very few enter with no knowledge of what exactly they are supporting. If not, they sure as hell quickly find out, and make a conscious decision to remain and support or they get the hell out.
      They may not know as much as a trainer, but they know enough to know what exactly they are supporting, which makes them equally responsible.
      Then there’s the racing commissions, the public wallpaper who are supposed to be protecting racehorses, and instead are protecting the billions in wagering profits over the benevolence of the racehorses. Most of them now are merely a management arm of the tracks and not a neutral entity. Incidentally, racing commissions are 100% supported by taxpayers.
      Of course the jockeys beating the crap out of a sore/tired racehorse actually delivers the abuse, but their repercussions for such blatant racehorse cruelty is far and few between. When they are actually financially sanctioned it’s so minimum that it pretty much condones this abuse.
      Then there’s the local and state politicians, our government, that financially supports a business that has not been financially sustainable for years.
      It’s everyday working Americans that are forced to financially support a dying industry that is morally reprehensible.
      While our public coffers suffer, while our infrastructure crumbles and why our children are not getting a quality education -all due to lack of funds – they decide to throw millions into the horse racing industry using the true and tried “jobs” argument.
      If this money was put towards education and other critical issues than it would create much more jobs than this industry has ever or ever will.
      Now if you happen to come across one of those “ignorant” owners than I can count on you to give them the link/information to this HRW site right?

  2. I saw that a racing fan on twitter said Fist of Rage’s breakdown was the “worst they had ever seen”. Why is ANY breakdown ok?! Why are racing fans and supporters fine with these deaths continuing to occur?!
    This is why I had to leave racing. Seeing these deaths and the trauma and the blatant disregard for the horses broke my heart. I just couldn’t stay anymore.

  3. Yes Nancy, that’s how I saw both. I didn’t see the actual breakdowns, in both cases I heard the announcer.

  4. Nancy, both cases…the horses who were murdered,must have been pretty far behind. Notice, I say murdered,because that’s what it is.

  5. I simply cannot watch. I CANNOT. But i don’t have to in order to imagine the horrific “accidents”.
    Babies AGAIN exploited, abused, killed.
    A “spill”?? Hersh YOU are an excrement of human being. No more no less. Supporting your sorry job off the backs of these magnificent beings. YOU, Hersh are a SPILL that we will enjoy cleaning up. soon. Very soon!
    And no, we do NOT in the least care about the Lilliput with the whip aka jockey who chose to abuse and inflict pain so he could attempt to get over his Napoleon complex. This whole industry is unscrupulous, unprincipled, deceitful and twisted! They all need to disappear.

    • Andrea, you have no idea how thankful I was that ALL horses involved were lagging so far behind, that they weren’t on my tv screen.

  6. I guess it wasn’t Hersh who referred to the kill as “spill rather the track announcer but who the heck cares? They are ALL the same.

      • Thanks, Patrick! I did not watch the video. I just cannot. One would expect even a micron of compassion and empathy from a human being whose lame job is sustained by these poor souls who are abused every single second of their existence. But, we all know that ALL of those involved with this industry directly or indirectly are the same…. heartless, sadistic beasts.

  7. “A spill” – like the Titanic was a “fender bender”. People who continue to watch horse racing when they see living sentient beings massacred for human entertainment are completely devoid of their soul. My racing supporter coworker said there must be something in the dirt at Santa Anita; I told her yes, the blood and broken bodies of horses exploited and killed for cheap bets.

  8. Nancy, you know me SO WELL. I’ve never been the kind of person who gets over WRONGS,I tend to hold onto things,and never forget,I wish my memory wasn’t so damn good…it’s been described “like a steel trap”. I thank the Lord, I didn’t see either one,just heard the caller. Poor Mongolian Groom took too much out of me. (as you know).

  9. So many horses have lost their lives CATASTROPHICALLY these past 2 weeks…and these assholes on tvg are yucking it up today,on the broadcast. These assholes are the worst that humanity has to offer. SICKO’S

  10. I saw rage of fist breakdown on TVG. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It was horrific. I have it taped on my DVR. I looked everywhere to see if the horse was ok. I found out on your site. These horses are beautiful and it’s sad to see them suffer.

    • JM Nicotera, in looking for photos of Fist of Rage after reading the chart, I came across a video of the race. I don’t ever watch them when I am certain the horse is dead – but there was no confirmation of his death at that time and I was still feeling hopeful. So I watched. I, too, will NEVER forget him struggling to rise, unbalanced on his hind, his right front limb dangling wildly.

    • And if Fist of Rage was truly vanned off with that dangling forelimb as the chart stated he was – instead of choosing to be as HUMANE as possible and ending his suffering right on the track – that tells us once again how cruel this unnecessary gambling industry is.

      • Joy, your description painted such a horrific picture. I cannot imagine the pain, fear, suffering poor Fist of Rage had to endure. We will all remember him for the beautiful soul he was. I simply cannot fathom HOW this carnage is allowed to continue and why it takes so MUCH effort to finally shut it the F**K down! OUR horses deserve so much better. The fight for them continues!

  11. So true, Bonnie! My son is 16 years old. He told he loves animals more than most people. “People are cruel” is what he said verbatim. These kids have access to much more information and they choose to respect all animals… not break, maim, abuse and kill them. This industry IS ON ITS LAST STRETCH! I can see the light… and for these criminals it IS the train!

    • Amen!!!, my Godson has four rescue cats,he’s so into wrestling and MMA. Today’s young people have been raised on POSITIVE things like Animal Planet. On a side note..he bought his cats a miniature wrestling ring for them to play in,too funny. He loves the wrestling because of the “babes”,which is also good.

  12. Peace be to you, wherever you are, Bonnie. By intentionally wishing violence and pain on other humans, you lower yourself below those in horse racing who may unintentionally but ignorantly cause pain or death to animals in their care. Using profanity only clouds your meaning. Love is the correct path. Love for God and your neighbor. Horses, too, if you wish.

    • Don,
      There is no excuse for causing injuries and pain and suffering, both psychological pain and suffering and physical pain and suffering, to horses. Ignorance is no excuse to hurt horses. Stupidity is no excuse to hurt horses. Being dumb is no excuse to hurt horses.
      Being an arrogant egotistical anything is no excuse to hurt horses. The people in horseracing intentionally cause pain and suffering to horses. No matter how much anyone deludes themselves into thinking that any person with the responsibility of taking care of horses can pretend to be dumber than a stick and somehow become magically innocent by using stupidity as an excuse is wrong. There is no excuse for hurting and killing horses with the intention of using horses for gambling chips and maybe winning purse money. There is no excuse for greed or corruption. There is no excuse for defending the barbaric and sadistic acts committed against horses in horseracing.

    • “Unintentionally”? ” Ignorantly”? You seriously just used those words to describe people in an industry that kills THOUSANDS of horses every year? “Love is the correct path”? Take the meditation crystal off your forehead and look at the pictures and read the stories on this site, then explain why we shouldn’t be angry at the exploitation and killing of living sentient beings. Kumbaya.

  13. Honestly, I think van off instead of putting up those ugly screens is an offering to have people believe there is a ray of hope. Or that the connections care about the injured horse. The humans loading the horse know full well how its going to go behind the closed doors of the road to the hospital.

    • Totally agree with you Nancy…it’s to try to make themselves feel better,because you don’t have to be a genius to know..what these horse racy A..holes are doing is a SIN- in the strictest of terms.

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