12-Year-Old Mare Killed in 43rd Race

The Arizona Dept. of Gaming has confirmed the following for the 6th race at Rillito Feb 9: “Buddy Princess suffered a catastrophic injury at the 1/4 pole and was humanely euthanized by the track vet.” This long-suffering mare had just turned 12 and was under the whip for the 43rd time.

This is horseracing.

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    This TWELVE (12) year old mare was foaled in February 2008 and she had her first start in 2011.
    43 starts for $27,374 over a period of 9 years is not viable and my guess is that this mare was a hobby for the trainer/owner, Monica Ortego.
    It appears that BP had a reasonable number of starts in 2011, however, as the years went on she had less and less starts per annum. I don’t know the reason for this, perhaps health issues were a factor but whatever the reason, the horse is at risk when not race fit and expected to perform high speed exercise – needless to say whilst suffering the pain of being whipped forcing the horse beyond her natural limitations.
    Most mares retire from racing at 5-6 years of age. Occasionally, a high profile mare will race up to 7 years of age.

    I find it utterly disgusting that BP was still racing at 12 years of age having begun racing at 3 years of age. NINE (9) years of racing. How sick is that.

    Once again no rules in place by the self-regulating racing industry to protect the horse
    and BUDDY PRINCESS suffers a cruel death.

  2. The ongoing deliberate and malicious torture of BUDDY PRINCESS.
    This poor mare went from trainer to trainer, owner to owner, barn to barn and was forcibly run by these parasites.
    She was nothing but a meal ticket for these racehorse abusers, but she didn’t even make enough money to pay her way so you would have to conclude that she was nothing more than a gambling chip there to be used, abused, doped and maimed.
    Horse racing attracts racehorse abusers whose sadistic, demented, deliberately delusional practices are widely accepted by this industry and anybody in it.
    Nothing is ever done to these abusers – nothing as racehorses have no legal protections under our laws.
    BUDDY PRINCESS was often struggling to get through a race and I want outsiders to understand that running a 12 year old mare is abuse in and of itself.
    It would be like taking your grandfather out of retirement and making him run in the triathlon.
    I could refer to your actions as “animalistic,” but even animals take better care of themselves than you morally deprived parasites and we will shut you down.
    There are no jobs, no economy, nothing that justifies this vile business and it can’t shut down soon enough for these racehorses.
    BUDDY PRINCESS I wish I could have done more for you, but I hope this post brings attention to your horrific abuse and to an industry that is widespread, legitimized racehorse abuse.

  3. To wake up and read this post makes me mad and sad!! I lost my good friend, Carolyn, this month. She was a retired health worker, who suffered heart issues among many others, 80 years young. I feel that Carolyn’s death and Buddy Princess’s death are similar. Both were pushed and pushed till they had no more to give!!! It brings me a little comfort to know these two ‘Princesses’ are not in any pain anymore…

  4. Heart and soul shattering! What is even more so, is the fact that this poor soul’s only escape from these leeches was death. RIP Buddy Princess… one thing is certain… we will keep fighting for you and your buddies and you will NEVER meet your abusers in heaven where you are.

  5. This was unconscionable. That means the p.o.garbage who was her owner and probably trainer should be run out of the country on a rail. There is no end to the disgusting behavior of the participants in this business. These Southwestern and Southern tracks are pitiful in monitoring the welfare of the horses that are forced to compete there. Horrible places but the people who work there probably have no idea how low they are. The good ole’ boys. These places are so far from civilization that they probably have no idea that protestors want to get rid of horseracing. Ignorance is bliss.

  6. It seems like the track veterinarians are not much good for anything besides “humanely” euthanizing (killing) horses. I know it isn’t just the veterinarians that are killing horses used and abused for racing but it seems as though they “legitimize” this horror show. What these barbaric individuals do as a group, an industry, needs to be under legal scrutiny and if not legal scrutiny, public scrutiny.

    BUDDY PRINCESS may you rest in peace in death. Obviously, the morally depraved individuals involved in torturing you to perform have done this before and they will do it again. It’s their “business” or possibly hobby. They are unacceptable in a society that objects to using and abusing horses as gambling chips for horseracing. Stop the abuse. Stop racing horses. It isn’t necessary. It’s vile, depraved, unacceptable, repulsive, objectionable. This is why horseracing MUST be banned. There is no such thing as reforming an incorrigible criminal!

    • OMG – unbeleivable!
      The victim this time: FIST OF RAGE.
      To all you apologists: If you think your going to keep on sucking the life, blood, and breath out of these beautiful racehorses you can think again because for every one that drops in the dirt we will make sure that people know.
      You’ve been hiding your dirty secrets for a long time now and that’s a thing of the past and you all need to be a thing of the past.
      FIST OF RAGE, bred for racing, died for racing.
      The tarp is probably over his dead body now.
      You blood-filled, dirty parasitic bastards – every single one of you.

  7. No mercy – no rules when it comes to protecting the horse – no commitment to horse safety but lots of “recommendations”!
    Same state (Arizona) with double the national average in kills – same track (Rillito) where Blazingulch raced then shipped to Turf Paradise and raced again, less than 24 hours later – same commission with long lists of new safety “recommendations” – same commission where it was noted, from 2013 – 2018, horses 4 yrs. and up, were 74% of total fatalities, while horses under 4yrs. made up 42% of total – same racing commission that has not yet published its 2019 “Equine Safety Review” report due each September!

    Also, the trainer, Juan Pablo Silva, responsible for starting Blazingulch twice within 24hrs. had two vet. scratches for “sick” horses at Turf Paradise ( I Dub Thee, on 2/3/2020, race #6, and Lady Higbee, two days later, race #2)
    Perhaps the commission’s “safety review” should include a “review” of this trainer and other bad actors!

    • Perfect, Rose. I hadn’t heard about their absurd percentage calculations. Doesn’t surprise me, though. This is the same group of yahoos who sent out official notices for their “public” meeting to be held on Thursday, January 9th AND Thursday, January 10th.
      I say Arizona horse racing is just a convenient way-station from their three dumpy desert tracks to the Mexican slaughterhouses. But at least they’ve leaped into the 21st century with so-called “transparency” about the carnage; they’ve acknowledged Buddy Princess’s death in UNDER THREE WEEKS. Super speedy work, there, AZ Gaming!

  8. To add injury to the insult there was a claim in for FIST OF RAGE by Trainer Ron Faucheux and Owner Winalot for $12,500.
    The parasites were waiting in the wing to squeeze some more blood and life out of FIST OF RAGE.
    I can tell you with 100% certainty that Ron Faucheux and his owner are hoping that FIST OF RAGE died so that they won’t be on the hook for the vet bills and for a racehorse that is probably maimed for life.
    When a racehorse leaves the gate the claim is valid in most cases unless there’s “claimers insurance” in place.
    The ONLY way that they will get their money back is if they have claiming insurance and the “horsemen groups” AKA HBPA usually ensure that there is claiming insurance so that they can kill racehorses with no financial liability, we know that they have no compassionate liability, and walk away scott-free.
    Isn’t the world of horse racing just wonderful?
    Parasites – every single one of them.

  9. Horse racing is a cruel sport. People earn or win a lot of money, while the poor horses win NOTHING…..they lose their lives!

  10. Does humanely euthanized equal murder by gun as it does with the wild mustangs??? This is horrible 12 years old and still racing poor lady

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