A “Sudden Death” Kill at Golden Gate

The California Horse Racing Board has confirmed the following training kill at Golden Gate yesterday: A Lonna At the Top, “sudden death.” She was but three years old, still a pubescent – “sudden death.” 20 horses have now died at California racetracks in 2020. Is there any rational person out there who still thinks reform is a viable option?

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  1. Nope. Pretending to reform is their ONLY option. Somebody’s gonna crack, though, and admit REFORMS SIMPLY DO NOT WORK. Horses will die in racing, always. Literally, by the thousands. No reform will ever even begin to curtail the carnage.

  2. There are so many things about horseracing that are fundamentally wrong that there is no such thing as reforming the industry as a whole. It is a business that is corrupt to the core and money is the primary concern while treating the horses in a humane manner is relatively non-existent in horseracing. Not everyone cares that yearlings should not be ridden. Not everyone cares that there should be no such thing as Baby Races. So yearlings will be cruelly treated to get them supposedly ready for the races for 2-year-olds. The Kentucky Derby, being the most popular race in the United States, is for 3-year-olds and in true HORSEMANSHIP, 3-year-olds are NOT doped, drugged, whipped or shocked with electrical devices to force them to run carrying over 100 pounds to run in a race that is for tradition, wagering, and the revenues brought into that venue through hotels, motels, restaurants, liquor sales, and so on. Don’t forget the mint juleps and fancy hats as well as the tackiest, cheesiest hats you may ever see in your life. Meanwhile, the horses are being treated like prostitutes, forced to perform for profit. The owners, trainers, veterinarians, and all the participants in horseracing do all of the most cruel and sadistic things to the horses to force them to perform. That is not true horsemanship and it never will be; so to answer the question, “Is reform a viable option?” the answer is a straight up, “NO!!!!! There is no such thing as reforming greed and corruption and heinous abuse of horses.”

  3. This is an obsolete industry. Just like many others that vanished over time, so does horse racing need to vanish and take down all the parasites within it who only break, maim, destroy and KILL gorgeous souls. If their so called reforms would have worked, horses would have stopped dying but the injuries inflicted seem to be getting worse by the day.
    There is NO ROOM for horse racing anymore. And probably never was but people were too oblivious. Now we all know. Now we all need to pull together and stop the deaths, abuse and cruelty. Well, at least those of us who CARE

  4. Reform is needed but will never happen. Too many good ol’ boys who don’t care, too many politicians who don’t care. I once thought that once the general public learns about the abusive practices it could change. I think it’s just too big of a money making industry. But still keeping the report of deaths should continue.

  5. How many horses have to die before these Satanic Greedy Devils come to the realization that supporting this is evil, sick and unjust.

    These people who support these races by entering their horses, the gamblers betting and the spectators and of course the League promoting this are all in the wrong.

    As Ghandi said if you are not part of the Solution you are part of the problem.

    These 20 now dead horses 🐎 will be in Animal Heaven now yet their lives were cut short by greedy freaks.

    These people I highly doubt will go to Heaven and will be judged accordingly.

    They will go nowhere in the next life and may even go to Hell.

  6. I wonder if Coronavirus will have an auxilliary effect on horse racing, as the public gets scared and stays home.
    I will take ANYTHING that contributes to putting an end to this industry.

    • abs314, I also wonder how many people in how many states are going to be directly affected by the coronavirus before or by the Kentucky Derby in May because it seems to be spreading like a wild fire. It has affected several people in Washington state in the Seattle area and Portland, Oregon and New York plus more. It isn’t stopping so far. Allegedly, warmer weather may slow down the spread of it. I am not assuming that to be a fact unless I see it in factual news.

  7. What has happened to horse racing, it used to be the best horse and jockey combination won. Now it’s cruel cropping, drugging, over working and just plain cruel action’s dictated by cruel owner’s with cruel intention’s with nothing more than winning a lousy bet. They are the one”s who deserve to be worked hard for ONCE in their miserable lives, rode hard and put down before going to pasture.

  8. This bloodsport, fed by naked human greed and corruption, is already obsolete. The ugly secrets of this dark industry have been pouring out of the stalls and paddocks for a long time now. We surely must be near critical mass of public opinion to pivot against horse racing and end the carnage. END IT ABSOLUTELY AND FOREVER WITHIN 24 MONTHS—the clock is ticking! Fine the owners and trainers. Get the horse sanctuaries ready. Help the workers prepare for a new occupation. Bulldoze the tracks and grandstands.

    Have the moral courage to end this gross abuse of these magnificent animals. You cannot truly love race horses while you are associated with drugging them, doping them, whipping them or prodding them with high-voltage electrical current! NO MORE! ¡NO MÁS!

  9. Why do we as a society think this is ok!?. We need to stop racing horses to save their lives NOW!

  10. This happens far too often! They run these magnificent horses to death, when will someone get a pair and stand up to all these killings and do something!


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