What “Bled From the Nostrils” Looks Like

In the 9th at Parx Saturday, in her very first time under the whip, Winslow Honey was “vanned off” after having “bled from the nostrils” (which, for those who may not know, indicates pulmonary hemorrhage). One of our activists was there to document her suffering:

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  1. OH MY GOD!! Poor thing!! I am disgusted to even look at that fat bastard’s face and demeanour! ZERO WORRY OR COMPASSION for her.
    I sure hope and I am praying Willow Honey is going to be ok.
    Shut racing down!!! Put these bastards out on the streets so they can start looking for a meaningful job. Disgusting leeches exploiting these gentle, beautiful beings should be rejected by this so called civilized society.

  2. How could anyone watch the film and see the pictures and not be moved to end this barbarism?

    • Linda, from A LOT of experience and observation, I’m convinced that most of it has to do with the fact they have nothing going for them,or anything in their lives. This is their only means of having social life….no other options.

  3. She stands there so quietly and loads up so easily into the trailer or van, whatever it is in the video. I’ve seen photos of horses with blood coming out of their nostrils in the past. It’s never a good thing to see or especially never good for the horse. I wish they would just give WINSLOW HONEY a chance to retire from racing without killing her. She is a beautiful horse and someone could give her a chance to be happy, not abused to death for filling out a race card, betting and maybe purse money.

  4. Was she on lasix??? It is a treatment that prevents it, and there is nothing wrong with preventing this type of episode, except you dweebs that think
    It should be banned! Get a life and stop judging others.

    • Yes, she was on Lasix. Bigger picture, though: What you are saying is the fundamental action (running) in a horserace causes the horse pain – bleeding in the lungs – and the only way to control that pain is through drugs. A winning argument if ever there was one.

      • I wondered if there was a way to find out if she was on Lasix or not. Since she is/was on Lasix this proves that someone is selling something that is a lie. And they are selling it to the very people that attend the races. I have said it all along what Lasix does to the body and it was not to stop lungs from bleeding! They are pulling the wool over our eyes to keep the all mighty dollar flowing and it starts with the vet selling his wares. This makes me so angry!!

        It makes you think too, are the horses addicted to the pain meds and others? Look what happens to people when they are addicted to pain meds. I can only think that they are walking around high all the time then it comes time to race, the pain meds are taken away and then they introduce Lasix. When given Lasix they take away their water and food up to 12 hours before they race and are expected to run a race. Their bodies are starving for water and are denied. You see what happens with Lasix and humans who do not drink fluids. Their bodies start to shut down, a heart attack is the least of problems. Some serious shit goes on with breathing, nervous system, kidneys, and heart.

        No one is using their common sense when doping these horses. Trainers feed their horses Lasix because it makes them “run lighter”. Where did they learn this? Lasix makes you urinate more taking the fluids from your body. Hence, dehydration comes into play. The horses are sweating on their way to the gates as allot of times the weather is in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s, then they are expected to run 35 – 40 mph? No wonder they collapse on the field, they are dehydrated, salt, potassium, electro lights, their levels are completely out of whack. Then they dope them with pain killers. A body can only take so much before it quits working. What is wrong with these people?

        The only ones who benefit from racehorses being medicated on race day are the attending veterinarians and, subsequently, the veterinary surgeons.

        When a horse becomes overheated, it is dehydrated, and may have a heat stroke or the combination of both. Dehydration is severe fluid loss through sweating and urination. If the water is not replenished sodium and potassium rise to toxic levels resulting in cramping, nausea, headache and finally a coma. For every 1 hour of walking in the heat of the day, a human can sweat off 1 to 2 quarts of fluid. Imagine how much a horse will sweat off in an hour of walking, training, showing. Symptoms are excessive thirst, dizziness, nausea and they will lose strength, pass out and the little fluid that is left in their body is being diverted to their vital organs. If only the horse could tell you how thirsty he is, if only the owner, trainer, rider would lead their horse to water, he would drink. How many more youngsters have to die before its realized that the heat, stress, pain being inflicted onto the horse will lead to dehydration, high sodium and potassium levels can cause cramping of the muscles, and what is the heart? The largest muscle in your body, hence heart attack, death.

        Lasix begets a plethora of additional drug use. Wherever pre-race Lasix is permitted, additional drugs are administered to most all of the diuretically-infused racing horses by their trainers and attending veterinarians. Lasix allows and encourages a lot of drug use. It legitimized the stage for the medication mentality that has haunted racing in recent years with all the notable breakdowns, sudden deaths and wrecks.

        Lasix or Salix is furosemide, a potent diuretic that dilutes the urine and lowers the pulmonary blood pressure. The drug alters the electrolyte balance of racing horses and makes them vulnerable to heat stroke and metabolic dysfunction. As well, chronic diuretic use interferes with locomotory abilities required to run biomechanically sound by altering cardiac function, muscle function, nerve function, and most every other physiologic function.

        Diuretics weaken horses. These days there is little doubt that pharmaceutically weakened horses are more vulnerable to breaking down. It is not surprising that Lasix jurisdictions have more breakdowns than drug-free jurisdictions. We should have known. Now we know.

      • What other equine venue has horses bleeding like this and finds it perfectly acceptable? For that matter, how many “backyard” horse owners would see a horse in the pasture like this and just shrug it away? If the waste of a life with a death grip on that filly’s face had that much blood coming from HIS nose would the people around him just ignore it? Would HE ignore it? More to the point, if his KIDS were bleeding like that would he ignore it (since everyone in the racing industry loves their horses like their children)? And you racing apologists can look at this and defend it? YOU’RE the ones who deserve to have your insides bleeding out.. You and the owners and trainers destroying horses simply for entertainment and profit.

      • Rebecca,
        …and the barbaric buffoons referred to as track veterinarians. They are contributing to horses dying in more ways than just euthanizing them.

      • Cunt is too kind of word for you. In denial is no excuse. Only a moron would think it’s all sugar and lollipops at the track. How selfish to think this should just continue for your perverted pleasure. Put a saddle on and do a lap and we can all bet on you. Because our need to gamble outweighs any sense of humanity.

    • Yep- worked great- huh Suzi?? Works great on a lot of horses – this is why there’s a bunch of horses every week showing as “bled” in the charts! And those are just the ones we know about- that bled profusely. So many more only bleed in the lungs, visible only by scoping. And the majority of them had lasix. Such a great treatment.
      I had a horse that was always on lasix, he came back from a race bleeding so badly that his stall looked like we had slaughtered him. I was even embarrassed to have other pro racing people see it. And we had a bunch bleed when we were at a local track one summer. The air was so polluted that it hurt the horses lungs. And guess what – they were all on lasix. Lasix is a PED. Period. It is useless for preventing bleeding- and no one will convince me otherwise. It should be banned. So from personal experience – I guess I’m a “dweeb”.

      • Right on peggy, lasix is considered a ped in every other sport nationally including the Olympics, for obvious reasons due to drug testing still being done by urine sample. Lasix is considered a preventative by this shameful industry, but as seen by numerious examples it is still negligible to whether it works or not, also american racing is the only jurisdiction in the world that will allow it. As you know other countries have a no lasix on raceday policy.

    • Suzi,
      There is one part of your comment that I agree with even though it is a bit out of context from the remainder of your comment. You said, “…there is nothing wrong with preventing this type of episode…” and I completely agree that there is nothing wrong with preventing this type of episode. The only way to prevent this type of episode is to stop forcing horses to run fast and faster when they are not fully matured. That basically means to stop training them for racing, especially as yearlings, 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds. *One of the major problems with the horseracing industry is that starting baby horses under saddle and forcing them to run and race is not something that the horseracing industry is willing to stop.* The horseracing industry takes in millions of dollars in wagering handle and government subsidies to keep racing propped up. The horses are of secondary concern while the horses are treated in extremely sadistic and barbaric ways. There is nothing wrong with preventing horses from profuse bleeding and other catastrophic injuries but there is everything wrong with the abusive treatment horses are subjected to by the horseracing industry that causes these horrible injuries including bleeding from the nostrils and/or pulmonary hemorrhages. As people who have compassion for horses, it is our duty to speak up on their behalf. They need someone to call the emergency number for them to prevent their abusers from killing them by unacceptable abuse! It’s too bad that there is no emergency 9-1-1 for horses. It would be people with your attitude that would be opposed to protecting horses from catastrophic injuries, would it not?

    • Suzi “dear”…I believe you are in the wrong place, on the wrong site at the wrong time. But, just to enlighten you (maybe, just maybe you’ll grow a conscience) this condition (bleeding) that you obtusely believe can be “prevented” is called Exercise‐induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) CAUSED BY STRENUOUS EXERCISE! Who, just WHO in their right mind thinks Lasix is the answer to a lifetime of abuse?? This is a BABY horse, a pure soul who ended up in the wrong hands to entertain despicable people (like YOU??)
      So yeah, HERE we are judging people like you. Sorry…NOT sorry. We want NO BETTORS, NO RACING, NO LASIX, NO APOLOGISTS…we simply want healthy, happy horses, as they are meant to be.

      • And those brain-dead fuck-up’s who are always saying “but they love to run”. I’d like to force them to run til they COLLAPSE

    • I’ve seen many racehorses bleed through Lasix. Any racehorse who bleeds should be banned from racing, but then again this entire freak show and death ring should be banned.
      Furthermore, due to their SECRET operating practices and records we will never know what other drugs were combined with Lasix. Most racehorses are on a drug cocktail with no regard for their welfare because this is the vile world of horse racing full of apologetic parasites like you. The only life you apologists know is sucking the life out of your host victims – the racehorses, but this will END.

    • Suzi, you must know it is very unusual for ANY horse to race in this country without Lasix whether they are “bleeders” or not. And you probably know Lasix is considered to be a performance enhancer in the racing community and that is the REAL reason behind the inappropriate/abuse of this drug. You also must know most horses start their racing careers when they are 2yrs. old.

      Lets take a closer look at Winslow Honey:

      1, She will be 4 yrs. old on 31 March which is unusually “old” for a first start (what was the problem ?)
      2. She sold for $1,000 as a 2yr. old (definitely a very “cheap” horse in this business)
      3. Her trainer is Patricia Farro (check out her record)
      4.The horse is in the claiming ranks
      5.She bled very badly in spite of Lasix ( bleeders bleed right through Lasix!)
      6. Her first race was a DNF because she was, essentially, drowning in her own blood.

      What do you think will be the fate of Winslow Honey?

  5. Horses are so patient and trusting, yet we constantly betray them. Thank for the documentation.

    • That’s why humans are the superior species ( to abuse and take advantage at every turn ). All for greed.

    • Betrayal is a word that comes up often on this site. The concept of the word betrayed takes new meaning after you have been on this site for a while.

  6. No being should be used for profit nor entertainment! Animals deserve respect and freedom!

  7. We don’t often see the actual pictures of the condition since we only have the text narrative. Seeing the horse makes the event all the more heartbreaking. What is the most common cause of pulmonary hemorrhage in horses? It was tragic seeing this horse bleeding from the nose. Do they ever survive?
    I pray every night that animal racing will end in my time.

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