Two Kills in Four Races at Los Alamitos

I have just confirmed (CHRB) that two horses were killed in the first four races yesterday at Los Alamitos. In the 1st, it was Radio Tim, three years old and under the whip for the 5th time; in the 4th, Street Machine, four years old and under the whip for the 7th time. I do not yet have details on the specific injuries – not that that matters in the least. For Los Alamitos, this makes 7 dead horses on the year – for California, 19. The killing ends when – and only when – the last betting window closes.

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  1. Maiming,Torturing,….DEATHS. There,you have it in a nutshell-this IS horse killing. You proud of yourselves?,you fucking scumbags.

  2. Radio tim….11/22/19 50k claimer 8th of 8 23 lengths back
    12/7/19: 50k claimer 5th of 10 5 1/2 lengths back
    1/12/20: 5k claimer ( yes dropped from 50k to 5k no typo) new trainer same owner 5th of 6: 9 3/4 lengths back 6th place lost the jock at the start automatically goes to last
    2/7/20: 2,500k claimer 3rd of 7 : 1 3/4 lengths back, claimed
    2/21/20: 2,500 claimer: DEAD
    Heres your bullshit #iamhorseracing

    • Billy 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 It is cruelty beyond words.Civilized society can not have this. Go out and get a job, (a real job).

    • Billy, and some additional bullshit? – apologists will say Radio Tim was dropped so he could gain some confidence. Oh but he was killed? – more apologists’ BS, humans are killed in car accidents everyday. They’ll try every (STUPID) excuse they can think of to defend killing horses.

      • Smoke and mirrors, deny and deflect…thats all this industry relies on, until the folks like us prove them wrong, time, and time again

    • Thank you, Billy. Every horse has a “story” and looking at the downward spiral in the repugnant claiming game the sad ending is clearly predictable.
      These horses are doomed.

  3. Killing horses by running them to death and all of the other abuse that goes with using horses as gambling chips needs to be stopped. There is no amount of lies or excuses that makes it okay to kill horses. These horses deserved better!

  4. Thank you, Patrick. We’re doing what we can to alert the media and the public that Santa Anita doesn’t have a monopoly on killing off racehorses in SoCal. In fact, in several ways, Los Al is WORSE, First, they run fewer (ultra-fragile) thoroughbreds, which are far more breakdown-prone than their QH counterparts. Yet they still manage to kill them off at a horrifying rate.
    Second (and equally alarming) is their secretive, uber-defensive attitude toward any possible transparency about their carnage. At least SA and Del Mar officials PRETEND to care, when asked about all the deaths. Not Los Alamitos. They just deny, hang up, block, ban, ignore any queries about the dreaded “horse safety” topic. Maybe these two deaths will force a change in their tactics; looking forward to reading tomorrow’s headlines.

    • Ah yes….the old hang up-courtesy Los Al. I’m familiar with that!!!!! They are awful there,Kelly. Like you said, at least some of the others “pretend” to care! Just a sad,sad situation.

  5. As a former Associate Steward of the CHRB I had access to the “Kill Reports,” and Doc Allred, owner of Los Alamitos was running his own private killing track.
    Racehorses were dying there frequently and, back in 2005, the public had little interest in racehorses dying.
    On another note, I perused the Equibase charts on the weekend and they are horrifying.
    Every single race at every single track had racehorses barely making it through a race: “tired,” “eased,” “abruptly stopped,” tired,” but got going with urging (beating the crap out of the racehorse to keep it going).
    What’s going on is heartbreaking, horrific, widespread racehorse cruelty abuse, and inhumane treatment.
    All of this suffering for gambling bets when it’s completely unnecessary.
    Any other business in this country that attempted to justify animals repeatedly dying would not exist nor should it.
    On Saturday, at The Stronach Group’s flagship track: Gulfstream Park this happened:
    In the 10th Race, the last 4 racehorses either barely made it through the race or was damaged.
    Terrible Tara got the worse abuse as she was SLAMMED INTO THE RAIL.
    This caused the other two to be “taken up.”
    There’s no justification for this mayhem – none.
    Then the infamous Patricia Farro AKA Python Pat one of the most robust claiming trainer who makes a living off the bones, backs, and lives of spent out prior champion racehorses for the most part – a true parasite.
    She’s in with the gang in Pennsylvania – one of the most corrupt racing circuits in the USA as evidenced by extensive court documents and nothing has stopped it as they are at it again.
    In the 9th race WINSLOW HONEY was eased in the stretch and “vanned-off.”
    Parasite Pat should be “vanned-off” right into a jail cell on Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    All this destruction, and corruption going on in a state whose cash-strapped public coffers need money to education children – our future.
    I’m rooting for Gov. Wolf and I sincerely hope that his proposal gets through the GOP controlled Senate so that I can watch these murdering parasites be put right out of business as they should be.

    • Thank you, Gina – I thought of you when I was sent a photo of Winslow Honey last night – because of your experiences and sharing them here, we know more about her abuser, Patricia Farro.

      Winslow Honey had copious amounts of blood coming from her nostrils in the photo. There isn’t a horse who runs in her own pastures – and of course, she will not have Lasix in her system like Winslow Honey had – who will suffer EIPH like that. Not one.

      • Dog racing had no where near the number of deaths-and they were able to stop that! If people were being killed at the rate the horses were…it would be stopped immediately. Truth be told,I enjoy my animals more than people…god’s honest truth.

  6. “If people were being killed at the rate the horses are…..” I would be SATISFIED. I have come to hate the vast majority of the human species more than I ever thought possible for all the horrific things they do to animals of all kinds.

      • I’m so sorry beautiful horses that you suffer trying to please ”we humans”. It is so very unfair to you. If it does ( and I hope it does ) come up for a vote, I will vote NO for you…😩

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