“Vanned Off,” Last Week

Horses “Vanned Off” after U.S. Thoroughbred/QuarterHorse races last week. While not all horses “vanned off” end up dead, most do, as borne out by my year-end FOIA reports. In other words, the majority of these names will resurface on my killed lists.

Uno Dos Tres at Tampa Bay
Taco at Tampa Bay
Scribe at Gulfstream
Riveter Gloria at Charles Town
Industrious at Sunland
Mr. Philly Dilly at Gulfstream
Devil’s Drama at Oaklawn
Randy’s Boy at Rillito
Blind Sea at Sam Houston
Gongheifatchoy at Aqueduct
Jessa Spitfire at Louisiana
Way too Smarte at Oaklawn
Different Days at Oaklawn
Arizona Chrome at Sunland

(source: Equibase)

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  1. Keeping in mind that the horseracing industry can keep an injured horse alive for 72 hours (in some cases) after being injured and vanned off and not count the dead horse as a racing death, I wonder how many of these 14 injured horses will have to be confined while suffering excruciatingly painful injuries until their owner(s)/trainer/veterinarian(s) and maybe insurance company, if applicable, decide to have the suffering horse euthanized…?

  2. Racing reaches a new level of disgusting every day. They’re piling up dead horses (even more than usual) at Oaklawn, and NOT A WORD. The entire industry carries on as if all is fine and it’s business as usual. But a popular stakes filly goes down, and everyone is suddenly “shocked and saddened,” and sending out “thoughts and prayers” to her connections.
    So gross.

    • Kelly ..did you include Taraz dead at Oaklawn training this morning? Source the PR report

      • Yes, referring to “the unbeaten” Taraz. Funny (okay, not funny) how Oaklawn doesn’t have to report its dead, so they keep it all hush-hush and don’t acknowledge any of the carnage.

  3. Even BEFORE they are “vanned-off” they are, most likely, suffering for days, weeks, and months before this occurs.
    Owners/Trainers of the racehorses in their care, custody, and control have a right to deny medical care and the vet, whose aware of this, doesn’t have a right to report it.
    This business operates with total impunity and in the corner cobwebs of their stalls racehorses suffer greatly.
    They are out public view and these abusers can do just about anything to them knowing that if they are caught nothing will happen to them.
    Imagine how many drunk drivers we would have on the road killing people if they knew there were no legal repercussions or rapists, murderers?
    When there are no legal protections, however minimal they may be, when there are no NEUTRAL agencies as an oversight then there will be rampant cruelty, abuse and inhumane treatment as we see every single day and these aberrant behaviors often lead to death.
    There are NO reforms that can change the fundamental operating procedures perpetrated on these racehorses until they are protected under our Felony Animal Cruelty laws and only when we see these “trainers” escorted off the track in handcuffs as it should be.

    • It’s as you have said many times, Gina, these horses are used and abused as gambling chips. It is the whole industry from breeding farms, owners, the racetracks, the racing commissions/ commissioners, the veterinarians, the gambling side of this whole ugly business of cruelty and torturing race horses as well as the trainers. They all deserve to be in hand cuffs, shackles and chains in my opinion.

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