Yesterday: A Kill at Laurel; A Kill at Louisiana; A Kill at Fair Grounds (Second in Two Days There)

Yesterday, according to Equibase:

In the 9th at Laurel, Major Flirt “pulled up when going lame in upper stretch and was euthanized.” The official Maryland Racing YouTube page, as is their wont, edited out the ugliness – but kept the happy “Winner’s Circle” interview. Major Flirt was three years old, and this was his 14th time under the whip. The dead horse’s humans: trainer, Donald Barr; owner, Walter Vieser II; breeder, Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso Figliolia.

In the 1st at Louisiana Downs, Prs the Game Changer “stumbled start, euthanized.” Yes, you read correctly – “stumbled start, euthanized.” That’s it. But what to expect for the death of a young (two), cheap QuarterHorse running at a seedy Louisiana racino? The dead horse’s humans: trainer, Lamont Lee; owner/breeder, Pitts Racing Stables.

In the 10th at Fair Grounds, Classic Covey “went wrong inside the five-eighths and fell.” This, of course, almost invariably means dead, and indeed, he is, as confirmed by the Daily Racing Form (because this was a “stakes” race – hence worth reporting): “Classic Covey suffered luxation of the ankle joint – basically meaning all the soft tissue structures came apart – [and] couldn’t be saved.” Classic Covey was five years old, and this was his 14th time under the whip. The dead horse’s humans: trainer, William Mott; owners, J. V. Shields Jr, E. J. M. McFadden Jr; breeder, J. V. Shields Jr.

Not done yet. The day before at Fair Grounds, El Tristan was “vanned off” after the 10th. He too, I can confirm, is dead. This track garnered much unwanted publicity – thanks to our reporting – from Louisiana media in mid-January for a cluster of kills. These two make it (at least) six – just racing, mind you – in 24 days of racing. And all subsidized by the good taxpayers of Louisiana. The dead horse’s humans: trainer, L. Jay Cuccia; owner, Wildcat Racing Stable; breeder, Channon Farm.

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  1. I like that this site is posting the names of the owners, etc of the dead horses. Makes it more real and deadly. Thanks and I vote to keep it up if possible.

  2. And these are just the ones that are confirmed. Almost every track had van offs and bleeders yesterday. I read a comment from someone that saw Classic Covey go down. She said “it looked bad” from where she was sitting. And yet these pro racing fools will just shrug it off, say that “accidents happen”, and say it’s part of racing. That’s a lot of “accidents” yesterday! How can they defend this?? Sad that they are in a world where watching a horse snap it’s leg for entertainment is ok.

  3. I always do my best to point out the people directly responsible for every single death. That would by the trainer and owner and French referred to as the “connections.” In my never ending quest to affirm the facts as listed herein plus augment any information that I can it should become obvious to anybody that most all Trainers and Owners listed are “repeat offenders.” All top “trainers” have a long list of dead racehorses and, at some point, have made my suspicious list. So one would be curious to ask: why do they kill and kill? The simple answer is because they get away with it, no repercussions, little to no punishment or even the most minimal deterrent. This is where it should also seem obvious that the supporting structures, most notably, the racing commissions and the apologists are equally responsible . It’s widespread legitimized racehorse cruelty with acceptable, daily business practices that, they know, often leads to a racehorse dying. So although I honor the racehorse as a hero I ensure that the people who killed are exposed.

    • I can’t find anything on him either, Bonnie. It’s creepy how they circle the wagons and the racing so-called press gets all hush-hush and defensive when questioned about the deaths.

      Also, I know that this is only anecdotal, and not enough for Patrick to confirm here, but Devil’s Drama (race 6 at Oaklawn yesterday) is also dead. Twitter user says “euthanized, without a peep.”

      • Oh, Believe me I KNOW,they’re all programmed on tvg to say the same thing..”when we learn something we’ll let you know…that “let you know” NEVER comes. How can these “people” live with themselves??? None of them give a shit about these beautiful long as they keep collecting a paycheck,VILE.

  4. Glad you are exposing all that are involved in these horrible killings. It boggles my mind that they don’t think there is something wrong here if 3 year olds are dying right and left in this Dam industry! End horse racing now!!

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