Collapsed, Dead in the Dirt at Gulfstream

In the 6th at Gulfstream Friday, says the Equibase writer, Stay Again “collapsed after the race and [was] vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, Stay Again is dead – and he died right there in the dirt, from a cardiovascular episode of one sort or another. Stay Again was six years old; ’twas his ninth time under the whip, but first since last July.

This is horseracing. Every single day.


  1. The abuse and dying just keeps on coming.
    This wholesale racehorse death industry is operating with total impunity – always has and still does.
    As the racehorse population dwindles, mainly due to crippled, dead racehorses and decreased foal production, the abuse is exacerbated.
    Now I realize that it’s hard to imagine how the past and current abuse can get any worse, but it’s unbridled to such a vile degree that it needs to shut down.
    I supposed it always needed to shut down only now we are exposed to the truth.
    It’s getting impossible for horse racing to hide the ugly truth.
    Take for example, STAY AGAIN (S.A).
    As a former trainer it sickens me that S.A only had 1 official workout in almost 8 months!
    He was worked on 06/28/19 and then not again until 01/26/2020!
    That’s a HUGE red flag and this horse should have never been permitted to enter let alone run.
    What this tells us is that S.A wasn’t sound enough to give regular workouts to condition him up to a race.
    There were serious issues going on, most likely, and because we don’t have any access to training or medical information we don’t even know if he sat in the stall for weeks before raced.
    For you non-horse racing people this would be like going to run 1 mile at the park without any former daily exercise routine, you wouldn’t even make it through because your not in shape and neither was Stay Again.
    He was sent out to die, more or less, and the perpetrators will never be held accountable.
    All of these racehorse abusers, and killers are never held accountable.

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    How can this even be a possibility?
    When will people start caring more about others lives than their own pleasures and pockets?
    #horses #racing
    Du som spelar på #hästar #toto #v65 #trav etc bidrar till att detta kan fortsätta

  3. Not to be outdone by the Stronachs, Tampa Bay Downs had more of their usual starting gate carnage yesterday in race 9. Seems like it’s a daily occurrence there; horses cast, trapped, injured from the medieval torture device they call their starting gate.
    And this, following two horses vanned off, races 3 and 7.
    Well done, Florida racing creeps!

    • Tampa Bay Downs owned by super wealthy and attorney Stella Thayer.
      The 80 year-old Stella is hell-bent on keeping her “traditional” death trap for racehorses going.
      I worked, trained, and raced there for 1 season.
      I saw widespread racehorse cruelty, abuse and dying beyond words.
      I suppose TB is not unlike any other track as Kelly points out “not to be outdone by the Stronachs.”
      Stella has 1 daughter and what she plans on doing with TB when Stella goes is yet to be announced.
      I do know that they’ve been offered an obscene amount of money from developers to purchase it.
      The combined tracks owned by Stella Thayer and The Stronach Group has facilitated the massive pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses and it’s downright vile.
      When I was at Tampa Bay back in 1998 we tried to convince Stella to contribute to racehorse after even just 1% because, back then, the kill trucks were literally pulling up to the barns.
      However, Stella with all her money did little to nothing to help the racehorses that died filling races and her fat wallet citing that it wasn’t her problem – nice person huh?
      It was actually one of the main treating vets there – his wife – that started up an aftercare program and her husband left the track saying that he just couldn’t make a living off these racehorses anymore and that it was wrong totally contrary to his vet oath.
      Together, they formed an aftercare group that was completely overwhelmed with unwanted racehorses within 3 months of opening.
      Stella never financially contributed that I’m aware of, which is another reason why her husband walked away from a very lucrative track business saying that if she can’t support us then we can’t support her.
      It’s difficult to defend a family, like the Stella and the Stronachs, who are super wealthy and don’t need to exploit racehorses’ bones, backs, and lives, but chooses to do this.
      Greed is destroying this planet and the animal that live on it.

      • Thanks, Gina! Your posts are always so insightful and educational.
        For people like Stella and the Stronachs karma WILL catch up with them. Oh yes, karma IS a b**ch.

  4. All that could have been said has been said by the wonderful people here. I am disgusted at this industry and the “people” in it. Horses deserve a MUCH higher classification than livestock!! They have no voice, they have no rights and are cruelly abused from the minute they are foaled until their (unfortunate) death caused by the same parasites who claim to “love” them. And those who make it are dumped or slaughtered. I said it before and I will say it again… these majestic beings have carried human kind on their backs for centuries. They deserve to be loved, respected and understood. They do NOT deserve to be exploited by a bunch of assholes who do not give a damn about them. Not a day goes by without at least a killing. And this still continues??!! Egregious, despicable, heinous!
    Rest In Peace Stay Again. Unfortunately, you did not stay long enough and died a horrible, unworthy death.

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