Collapsed, Dead at Laurel

In the 3rd at Laurel Saturday, Birdies Honor, says Equibase, “collapsed on the gallop out and was vanned off.” I can now confirm that the 4-year-old Birdies is indeed dead, a “cardiac event” of some sort. He was under the whip for the 32nd time.

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  1. Poor Birdies Honor.
    Yet another victim of this vile industry and the vile parasites in it.
    Laurel Park is owned by, yours truly, The Stronach Group headed by CEO Belinda Stronach.
    So the “reforms” being proposed and/or implemented in California are not part of their other tracks.
    So one could reasonably surmise that the main motivation in California is driven by the possibility of losing wagering revenue and even their business.
    At Laurel and Gulfstream Park their isn’t the same level of public frenzy, which there should be, that there is out in California.
    Essentially, any owner/trainer can just move their racehorse from California to the more lax tracks where rampant abuse, lack of transparency, and cruel daily business practices exist.
    So all this talk of reforms in California has little to no impact on the poor racehorses being moved around like chattels to flip a buck.
    This business even goes so far as to knowingly and intentionally writing the death ticket for thousands of racehorses whom, we know, end up bleeding out on the slaughterhouse floor.
    All their billions over the years and still no mandatory contribution to racehorse aftercare – not even 1% of the racehorses earnings goes to take care of them.
    This is not a business who cares these are a bunch of creeps, racehorse abusers, and parasite whom the supporting pro-horse racing entities condone and support.
    Horse racing is widespread, legitimized, racehorse abuse which is why it needs to shut down.

  2. “Collapsed”…these amazing souls left on this planet for A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PURPOSE than to be used and abused, are “collapsing” left right and center EVERY frickin day and an obscene society allows it to happen! No shame, no morals, no values just a bunch of leeches….with money. Ha! The Stronachs! …disgustingly enough they cannot seem to get their family problems straight and are fighting each other. How can we expect THESE people to care about horses when they have ZERO respect for each other?! Money really creates monsters… at times.
    RIP Birdies Honor! Another innocent victim!

  3. Under the whip for the 32nd time – but how many lashes did he get during each race? As terrible as this death (and all of them) are, at least he’s beyond the reach of those parasites now. Isn’t it heartbreaking that death is the only relief so many of these horses have?

    • It’s a very real occurrence in animals that they simply give up and almost literally will themselves to die.

      • You guys are idiots. Stop trying to profit of someone’s loss of their horse. The irrational things that you spew do nothing to help take care of horses. If only you had the slightest clue about how much love and passion go into these horses.

    • Yes, Claire, passion as long as they win. Love? Not so much. What I saw and heard was abuse and hatred. Yes- hatred. The comments like “f***ing donkey! F***ing rat! I don’t care where he goes- he needs to go now. I need that stall! I’m entering her again in a few days- she didn’t even TRY!!” Or… better yet, “that horse doesn’t have HEART!” Or horses being ignored as they were colicking? Or horses beat when they were on the track and not going fast enough for training, or soured at being on the track again? Yes- I saw horses get hit in the face or the head. Or seeing the horses weaving, ears pinned, lunging at people walking by, trying to bite anything that moved?? Guess I’m “irrational” for hating all of that and seeing it! Maybe that’s your version of love and happy horses – but I can guarantee you it is not the version of love to the people the support the end of horse racing! Joy is right- you’re a fool.

      • “Kelly” I’m sorry but you ladies are wrong. That’s a fact that will hinder your efforts. I wish you could take your excitement and mold it into a way to actually improve horses lives. But the comments I see here are so misguided it seems like a waste of your time and talents. I have a barn full of happy horses. Some race. Some are retired from racing. What you say just sounds like exaggerated, made up bologna.

  4. Oh look. We have a new visitor! “Claire” is here — just like all her predecessors, horse-killing, racing creeps, one and all — to remind us all how utterly humane her blood sport really is. Let’s all welcome “Claire” to the discussion, shall we? She’s full of valuable insights about all that tender, loving care that goes in to keeping TBs on the track and producing for those kind, benevolent degenerate gamblers whom we heartlessly criticize day after day.
    Thank you, “Claire,” for yet another dose of that “insider’s wisdom” that we all sorely lack. I, for one, don’t know how I’ll spend all that “profit” I’ve earned off the death of Birdie’s Honor. On second thought, I’ll just use it to play the ponies. Here’s hoping I don’t bet the one that got too much “love and passion” put into him. Got any picks for me at Laurel, “Claire?”

    • Kelly…thanks for your response to “Claire” – we PROFIT? – the facts shared here are IRRATIONAL? – the exploited, crippled, dumped and dead racehorses named here are evidence of Claire’s and the industry’s LOVE and PASSION?

      Claire’s asinine comment left me speechless – what a ridiculous fool. So thanks for putting together what I couldn’t gather my thoughts to do…

      • Nancy, she absolutely does – I appreciate every one of her comments…as I do those of the others who are here simply because they love and respect the HORSES and abhor the cruelty they are silently enduring in this barbaric and unnecessary industry.

      • If by love and passion you mean dope and illegal substances, then yes, these horses are brimming with it. And how are WE profiting by the loss of their horses? Do we hold the insurance policies on the horses that “mysteriously” drop dead? Are we the ones exploiting horses by forcing them into races time and time again for whatever pittance of purse money we can squeeze out of their pain racked bodies? The slightest clue? The clues slap us all in the face daily! The severed spines, broken shoulders, splintered legs, bloody faces, colic, laminitis, internal organs rupturing, tongue ties, chains, bits, whips, shock therapy, doping and drugs, and lets not forget the greatest show of love: the slaughterhouses. Your precious industry is DYING, Claire, just like the THOUSANDS of horses it’s abused, exploited, and killed. And all the disgusting rhetoric and old propaganda aren’t going to save it, so why don’t you slink back to the Paulick Report and share your ignorant vomit with them.

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