Two More Raceday Kills at Turf Paradise

According to Equibase, Secreto Primero was “pulled up in distress and vanned off” in the 4th at Turf January 8. He is in fact dead – euthanized, say the stewards, for broken sesamoids. Secreto was seven years old and under the whip for the 41st time.

Indian Brew, on the other hand, apparently finished his race without incident on the 13th. After “walking off,” however, “exam and radiographs found [a] fractured right knee – euthanized.” Indian Brew was two and under the whip for just the 2nd time.

This is horseracing – every day.

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  1. Interesting that a horse can race without incident with a fractured knee. And Omaha Beach has been discovered with the beginnings of a fracture in his rear ankle – but since he is a stallion he is too valuable for future breeding to be raced. Any bets what would have happened to him had he been a mere low level claimer gelding? Too vile for words!

  2. 👏 BRAVO Rebecca 👏. These assholes have no morals, they are some of the worst of the worst,of the human species.They are a stain on humanity,and I pray for them to be judged in accordance of their vile meaningless pathetic lives. They are all losers pure and simple. Societies can be judged by how they TREATED animals. VILE,empty meaningless souls.

  3. It’s telling that Arizona Dept. of Gaming officials waited two weeks to release their acknowledgement of poor Secreto Primero’s obvious death. Turf Paradise is every bit as deadly as SADT, but without Cali’s “transparency” about all their carnage. Another bunch of corrupt government hacks, pretending to “improve horse and rider safety” at their three dumpy tracks.
    Paradise, my ass. It’s a slaughterhouse in the desert.

  4. I’m sure Patrick is on this, well, THESE, diligently documenting the Aqueduct carnage. But I swear the chartwriter there is some kind of sick, aspiring standup comedian. Jesus Christ, it just gets worse by the day.

      • One, for sure. Hope Patrick can get some clarification on the very next race, where another DNF was “allowed to fade away.”

  5. Corruption beyond pale, but this is horse racing so why should anybody be surpirsed:
    If you take the time to read this article we’re talking tax evasion while they get millions in tax breaks and corporate welfare compliments of Arizona taxpayers.
    Colluding with organized crime, proven evidence and yet our politicians are in bed with them.
    Now, a family feud that could end up costing the Arizona government millions in a legal settlement, again, paid for by taxpayers.
    Now while all this corruption is rampant their voiceless victims, the racehorses continue to die.
    This is so outrageous it’s sickening and to watch the billions of precious casino pofits and taxpayers money go to support this vile business where few people benefit from.
    BAN horse racing.

  6. God Bless that sweet beautiful horse. This evil industry can’t even go one day without a horse being euthanized. This needs to stop NOW!!

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