“Vied With Vigour” – Then Died. Vile.

The 6th at Aqueduct this afternoon, as relayed by Equibase: “Dark N Cloudy…vied with vigour for the top…lost his rider after suffering a fatal injury…was euthanized.”

“Vied with vigour,” then died. Can you imagine a sentence like that appearing in any other sports recap? These people have no shame, nor, it would appear, consciences. In his final three completed races – all for trainer Domenick Schettino and owner Antonio Blandino – the 4-year-old Dark N Cloudy brought up the rear – a portent, perhaps, of what was to come.

Earlier in the NY day, Jewel Can Disco “sustained an injury while breezing at Belmont, was ambulanced to barn…and euthanized” (Gaming Commission). He was five.

Dead horses every day. This, America, is your “Sport of Kings.”

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  1. “Vied with vigor”? Vile.
    How about the truth – he was having the shit beat out of him by a sadistic little prick and he suffered horribly before he died.

    • Perfect description Rebecca!
      Unreal!! These “people” including all the little pricks need to have the “Napoleon complex” beaten out of them… same way they beat our horses. And the world will be a better place without any of them in it.

  2. No shame? – agreed. But let me suggest heartless, as well…

    From racing owner, Antonio Blandino, a photo with this text (on Twitter); “Dark N Cloudy’s last picture today in paddock at Aqueduct unfortunately he broke down during race race and had to be euthanized.”

    The photo, Blandino’s “family member” Dark N Cloudy (minutes before his death) is in the background and a smiling Blandino, in the foreground. Unbelievable. Un-freaking-believable.

    • Totally agree, Joy. And in another tweet – he exclaimed – “I LOVE this game!” This poor horse had to lose his life for that “love”.

      • “Game”?! Only someone in the racing industry would think of a horse dying from a fatal injury as part of a game they’re playing.


  3. Breaking News — It appears that the beleaguered Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California, somehow managed to get through a single racing day without an equine fatality. We’ll have complete coverage, so stay tuned.

    • A fatality on the track, maybe, but I can’t believe there were no dirty little secrets back at the barns.

      • Probably. I understand SA officials are now reticent about admitting the non-racing press on the grounds of their facilities. Whereas they’ve described their prior relationship with the media as “cordial,” after nearly a year of non-stop headlines/breaking news about their dead-horses-collection, it seems they’re now backing away from that philosophy. The die-hards — Privman, Cherwa, et al. — are probably still welcomed on property, as they’re the only members of the media who have demonstrated their willingness to keep those dirty little secrets hidden away from the public.
        There’s a world of difference between a racing reporter and a news reporter, (and, yes, even a ‘sports’ reporter) when it comes to toeing the industry line. I’ve noticed that Joe Drape at the NY Times continues to cross over that line, and it seems the whole industry is scorning and criticizing him for it.

  4. How would David O’Rourke explain the death of these two horses, JEWEL CAN DISCO and DARK N CLOUDY? How would the Thoroughbred Safety Coalition explain the death of JEWEL CAN DISCO and DARK N CLOUDY? My questions are rhetorical. If they did attempt to explain, I am certain that it would nauseate me and anyone who knows that these horses were exploited to death for racing and gambling interests without genuine concern for the health and well-being of these two horses or any of the thousands of horses being exploited for money. Horseracing needs to be banned!

  5. Yes Patrick. It is pretty bad. I don’t think it can go on like this. I do believe that NYRA tracks pay attention to the “contact us” messages I send there whenever I see a horse break down. Because David Grening replies on Twitter immediately after. The first to go will have to be cheap claiming races where most of the breakdowns occur. These people that don’t want their horses try to get rid of them in these races and don’t really care if they die or not. The tracks need entries so they won’t punish trainers. We are at an impasse right now. The next best hope is the ALDF which sues people for harming their animals. Might need laws first. I don’t know. There has to be a way for these trainers to feel extreme pain. But right now I don’t know what it will be.

    • Mary,for the life of me I don’t know how these trainers can send the horses out to their DEATHS, when they know damn well the horses are UNSOUND. What kind of person can do that…and live with themselves?

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