Fair Grounds: Four Kills in Six Days

Going into its big day of the meet (six stakes races) yesterday, Fair Grounds in Louisiana had this to boast: four – yes, four – kills in the previous six days of racing:

J Rob – who “won,” had celebratory pics taken, then was euthanized – on the 9th
Big Shanty on the 11th
Jim’s Silverbullet (in a “spill”) on the 16th
Take Charge Cece on the 17th

Four kills in six days. Where’s CNN? Where’s that Santa Anita outrage?

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  1. Running horses to death is NOT true horsemanship! Running horses to death is ABUSE! Killing horses by running them to death is morbid cruelty and torture of horses. The people running horses to death need to be locked up in a prison cell and only let out in shackles to work on a chain gang. They need to know that it is a heinous crime to do what they have done to the horses. Pass legislation now!

  2. Celebrating pictures taken then put down, how disgusting is that! There are no other words for that!

    • Sharon, I think it epitomizes the morbid cruelty and torture of horseracing. It epitomizes the moral turpitude of depraved individuals involved in the horseracing industry who exploit horses.

      • The industry as a whole should be closed permanently. As for Santa Anita, it’s not a race track it’s a death sentence. Morbid cruelty, crude and down right disgusting! The place needs to be shut down and completely demolished.

  3. Running horses to death is a crime beyond inhumane. To use a life of such a majestic beauty, to death, all for your gain. You should be sickened my yourselves. What is wrong with you Horse racing people? Have you turned into monster’s who do not care for what you once loved? How can anyone allow this!
    How disgusting and cruel you are to the animals you use,manipulate, overwork then kill? THIS is a vile business. You need to stop killing horse’s! You are cruelly abusing animals past limits obviously!
    There is no sportsmanship in THIS disgusting behavior.You need to stop. Where is your honor? Where is your humanity? After what you have regularly done to the horses you already abuse, now you commonly murder these dear innocent horses because YOU broke the poor animals, beyond repair or your wallet? Truly it’s that broken heart. Only a sick person would allow this to continue! It’s a disgrace and you all need to be charged for these crimes.
    I hope soon.
    Don’t think we are all going away! No chance.
    Protect the horse’s, because you’ll be protecting yourselves, soon enough…
    Murder is a crime and that’s what your all party to.
    Wake up!

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