Yet Another Kill at Santa Anita Today; How Many More Must Die, California?

And another. In the 1st race at Santa Anita today, Uncontainable “took a bad step,” says the chartwriter, and is dead. Officially (CHRB): “Fractured right front ankle; per recommendation from the attending veterinarian, the horse was humanely euthanized.” Uncontainable was four and under the whip for the 11th time. He is the second horse killed in a race at Santa Anita in as many days, and 8th fatality statewide since January 1. Nothing has changed. And nothing will.

So the question for Governor Newsom, for Senator Feinstein, for Senator Harris, for each and every member of the California Legislature, for PETA and other advocacy groups working for reform, and for the good citizens of the state of California: How many more? How many more intelligent, sensitive beings must die – for, I remind, $2 bets and frivolous entertainment – before you understand that this can’t be fixed. Horseracing is inherently cruel and inevitably deadly. Horseracing must end. Period.

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  1. This must be a joke. Not a funny joke, but some kind of sickening hoax being perpetrated daily by Santa Anita. Day after bloody day, they’re the schoolyard bullies, taunting the innocent to try and dare to take them down. They’ve kept their thug followers (the racing press and the CHRB) close by their side, occasionally sending one out with a message for the horrified public. It’s not a surrender message; true to their bully nature, they will never willingly stop. Rather, it’s a vague, noncommittal message of false reassurances: “Revolutionizing reform. Transforming tradition. World-class safety protocols”…Etc, etc.
    These measures don’t work, and they will never work. Santa Anita won’t stop killing off horses, because they can’t stop killing off horses. Until, that is, we shut them down. For good.

  2. This time multiple racehorse killer “trainer” Peter Miller had UNCONTAINABLE in his care, custory, and control. He would probably be ordering daily needles/shots, meds, shock wave therapy and whatever else all conducted in SECRET – no transparency to anybody and no accountability now that another racehorse had died.
    As for Santa Anita?
    Owned, controlled by The Stronach Group they didn’t want to implement any reforms when I was there years ago, in fact, they BANNED me from their property and grounds.
    i remind you that I was a NEUTRAL government employee paid for by taxpayers and they were dictating to the CHRB what to do, what stewards they permitted and it was always ones that would tow the line.
    Anybody, like myself, who tried to bring in meaningful reforms to save lives they weren’t interested because back then, for some reason, the public wasn’t interested in all the racehorses dying and there were plenty back then as well.
    Nevertheless, reforms will not STOP or change the fundamental basis of this vile business, which is to enslave, exploit, cripple, dump and kill racehorses for an unnecessary gambling venue that has no place in the 21st century.
    How many more emails do I have to send do we have to send?
    How many more racehorses?
    Can somebody please provide a link to any newspaper or media that continues to cover these deaths?

    • Gina, they’re all still covering the SA deaths. ABC News (national) just posted a full story an hour ago. Every L.A. affiliate (and many outside, as well) are running with these as breaking news. This story is not going away. Please don’t stop e-mailing; I don’t get direct responses, either, but I know they’re getting the message loud and clear;)

  3. I’m trying to understand how in a society where video documentation of rampant animal abuse is making headlines in national newspapers there is NO action being taken on the part of the federal government to do anything against these parasitic sadists. Kick a dog and face jail time – and rightfully so – but beat a horse and you get paid and are applauded. A horse is dying at the alarming rate of one a day – sometimes more – on these racetracks, the sickening snap of their limbs actually televized for the world to see, and there is NOTHING being done. Animal abuse is a federal crime, is it not? How is a horse being hit 32 times in a row not abusive? How is suffering catastrophic injuries while being exploited for profit even permitted, let alone defended? So the newspapers are reporting deaths – where are the politicians who were so adamant about putting a stop to these deaths? Did they suddenly realize there were people who actually expected them to follow through on their brave words? What is so terrifying about an archaic community built on abuse and death that nobody is willing to stand up to them? I am so SICK of the duplicity of PETA and the Humane Society that they will emphatically state that they are against cruelty, abuse, and exploitation while at the same time kissing the asses of the racehorse owners and trainers who are some of the most vile perpetrators of said cruelty, abuse and exploitation. None of these animal welfare groups – including the Humane Legislative Fund – will answer the question : “Why are you not against horse racing when it embodies the very things you claim to stand against?” Giving me a form letter describing the animals you’ve saved – animals in the exact same circumstances as racehorses, by the way – and then including a donation form is not an answer, and as far as I’m concerned, not acceptable. It’s disgusting and heartbreaking, and honestly frightening, that horses can be emotionally abused, beaten and suffer the most horrendous catastrophic injuries in front of millions of people, and be thrown away like chattel, and because the Almighty Dollar is involved, it’s permitted, excused, and defended.

    • Rebecca. If they ignore us, maybe we’ll go away. Guess what people,not going to happen.

    • Sad to say but why is PETA appearing so soft on this situation.
      The “improvements,” are like better cages in vivisection labs.
      The medications they are forced to take create an orthopedic nightmare. It’s not if they will fracture a bone, it’s when.
      I remember going with my dad to Hollywood Park and Santa Anita, until I cried when I saw my first horse killed after breaking a leg.
      He stopped asking me go.
      Not that I would have.

  4. Today while all the brave people were peacefully demonstrating out front of Santa Anita it was confirmed that another racehorse died, TIKKUN OLAM, during training hours.
    That’s 3 dead racehorses in 3 days and that’s over 40 dead racehorses!
    What’s it going to take to shut this death ring and blood bath down?
    Just what?
    ABC news, thanks to them, made the announcement and they also asked the spokesperson for Santa Anita to present their side of the story.
    Does it surpirse anybody that they declined to comment?
    At this point, what in the hell are they going to say?
    At one time they blamed the track surface due to the unusual amount of rain, then it was established that the track surface was fine according to their track guru, Petersen, and according to Dr. Bramledge who dismissed the track surfact as a cause of the deaths.
    They then focused on “reforms” that was their magic pill, would change everything and would support their 100% non-fatality goal.
    For me, it was laughable because years ago Santa Anita didn’t want any stewards in their stand who was advocatiung for reforms and they were able to get away with it back then because nobody was paying attention to all of the racehorses dying back then and there were plenty.
    Reforms are just a reaction to public outcry and the economical factor of potentially losing their profits that are made off the bones, backs, and lives of their voiceless victims.
    It’s taken such a long time to finally communicate to the public what exactly horse racing involves and to get past the crisis management firms hired by Santa Anita to conduct damage control.
    Tarp after tarp to hide racehorse death after racehorse death.
    This is vile, unacceptable and it needs to shut down.

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