Three Dead at Los Alamitos, Yet Another at Santa Anita

Thus far, at least three horses have died at Los Alamitos this month. According to the CHRB, Eyell Be Back is dead of an injury suffered in the 7th January 10. He was two. Ruby Roundhouse (Jan 1) and Jest Famous (Jan 7) succumbed in their stalls to what the Board is calling “gastrointestinal” issues. They were two and three, respectively.

Having just reported on Santa Anita’s third kill (of the current meet) this morning, we can now make it four. The CHRB says that Buckstopper Kit died on January 7 from an undisclosed cause. Buckstopper was four and had been put to the whip 21 times.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Holy hell. It’s a good thing they’ve got all those new safety protocols in place at Santa Anita.

    Imagine how high their pile of dead horses would reach if they hadn’t made safety such a priority.

  2. Vile.
    Here I go again with yet another round of emails to Gov. Newsom, Sen. Feinstein, CHRB and Sen Dodds.
    What a waste of my time because my last 10 letters, all polite, didn’t receive even an acknowledgement even though I wrote them on forms provided on their sites.
    This is an abomination to the political process and facilitates total lack of transparency.
    SILENCE is now the protocol.
    All pro-horse racing entities and publications have now gone silent over these last round of killings.
    It seems that their 2020 strategy will now be to completely ignore the racehorses dying.
    Los Alamitos is a public butcher show and has been for years.
    It’s incredulous that a business can get away with racehorses dying in their stalls with no explanation, disclosure or outside investigation.
    It’s so vile and so beyond any civilized society that it begs the question: why in the hell has this not been shut down by now?
    BAN horse racing in California for starters and the rest will follow like a house of cards.
    My thoughts go out to the dead racehorses who died for this vile business and those who are in it.
    You can’t possibly care for a racehorse forcing them to endure such abusive conditions that often result in dying.

    • You’re polite? I’m not anymore. I want answers, not excuses, and if these people are elected to represent me they damn well better have some good ones.

  3. When so many horses die after being under he whip, no one can convince me that whipping doesn’t hurt racehorses!

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