“Stricken Horse” Dies in “Spill” at Fair Grounds

In the 7th at Fair Grounds yesterday afternoon, Jim’s Silverbullet “broke down” and was subsequently euthanized. In its report, the Daily Racing Form called the fatal event a “spill” and noted that two other horses “went down in avoiding the stricken horse.” Vile. Jim’s Silverbullet was two and under the whip for the 2nd time.

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  1. According to some articles and posts I’ve read, he was “vanned off”, then euthanized “later” due to the severity of his injuries. Another one made to walk and bounce around in a trailer on a broken leg. No mercy for these poor horses at all.

  2. Horrifc, repulsive, and unacceptable.
    What’s going on at tracks all over is nothing more than a blood bath.
    First of all, th
    These were babies, young horses that have no business on a track let alone the grinding and pounding on their underdeveloped muscoskeletal systems. This should be a crime.
    Secondly, true to industry form, they’ve eliminated the “head on” camera angle and this is completely illegal because rules and regulations in all states require the replay to provide the “head on” angle, not for the racehorses, but for the wagering public.
    Lastly, the reason why they didn’t provide certain angles is to, yet again, hide the truth. Masking the truth is the main operating procedure of this vile business.
    I’m providing the link I don’t know if it works, but:
    JIM’S SILVERBULLET started getting the crap beaten out of him at the top of the stretch, as he was trying to slow down, he got beaten more approaching the 16th pole where he went down.
    It appears to me that his injuries started just before the top of the stretch where you can see him struggling to maintain balance which is probably when the fracture occured.
    Instead of him being able to slow down and protect himself, save his life, he was beaten instead.
    This is horse racing.
    Where in America can you watch an animal being incessantly beaten to perform and get away with it?
    Horse racing.

  3. I cannot come up with enough unflattering adjectives to describe these criminals and the way they treat horses. 2 years old!! Mind you, Paulick states 3… who cares either way??? Still BABIES nevertheless. Dead for money!!! Yes, it is a crime, it is animal abuse, it is vile, it is horrifying and it needs to STOP. Now!
    Yet, everyone seems to be concerned about the damn jockey who broke a collarbone wishing him a speedy recovery!!! Heartless bastards.

    • Hi Andrea. I age the horses according to their actual birthdays – not the way the industry does (every horse advances one year on Jan 1). Jim’s Silverbullet was born April 23, 2017 and killed January 16, 2020. Two years old.

      • Patrick, thank you for providing the facts on age and the birthday or date foaled. It is significant to know the facts, not a twist of facts into a falsehood.

  4. Makes perfect sense, Patrick. As it should be. Thanks! Even their real age is being manipulated. Speechless.

  5. Anyone who advocates forcing young horses to carry weight in addition to their own weight is asking for trouble. It is sheer stupidity. Forcing them to run and run fast is stupid and extremely abusive!!! Any so-called veterinarian that advocates forcing horses to run and race is not looking out for the best interests of the horses but rather his bank account. Any so-called veterinarian that says the horses are “not unhappy” are sadistic slavedrivers that are incapable of empathy for the well-being of any horse. Why are people allowed to get away with such extreme MORAL DEPRAVITY and allowed to inflict pain and suffering on horses for money? Lying about it and trying to hide it shows that they know something is wrong, at least to a point. The morally depraved continue to inflict pain and suffering on horses because they are “not right in the head” and it’s their bread and butter. We need legislation to stop this unacceptable abuse and morbid killing of horses. We need it now! The horses need to be protected from the morally depraved now!

  6. Where exactly was this? Where is PETA abs the Humane Society? We need to putthese morally corrupt assholes to conviction punishment and jail. Let’s whip these assholes to death. Where was this fairgrounds located ?

      • Patrick, can’t believe only one dead from the cluster of Fairgrounds tragedies yesterday. I’m guessing racing officials in NOLA aren’t exactly forthcoming with details about their many horse deaths, are they? Anyway, Santa Anita today: Three eased, one fell, one vanned off. Just another day of “horse safety” at SADT?

      • Have any one of you ever been in the stable area of the Fairgrounds?
        It’s pathetic, depressing, one of the most horrific backside tracks that I’ve ever been to.
        It makes the slums of Calcutta look like a mansion.
        Local politicians cut a deal for Churchill Downs to fix up the stable area and the surrounding neighborhood in exchange for their casino license and millions in tax deferments.
        Years of collecting billions in profits and little to nothing has been done.
        My point is this business is vile from the start to the end and everything in between.
        They exploit racehorses, pay little to nothing to operate their business, do little to nothing to improve the communities while getting unprecedented sums of money and they don’t even have a mandatory percentage contribution to racehorse aftercare.
        They are a horrific, destructive business that exploits everything along the way.
        Our politicians fail the communities every step of the way by not holding them accountable to anything whether that’s property improvements or taking care of the racehorses.
        Any improvements Churchill Downs has done in the past couple of years has been to improve grandstand seating for wagering patrons and not one dime has gone to improve the plight of racehorses.
        Hardly people who care about them and these poor racehorses are dying.
        BAN horse racing.

  7. That adorable little guy should have been in a pasture playing with his buddies. These babies are being put under too much pressure. What I say to these “people” …. get a life,get a hobby,something that doesn’t involve torturing innocent animals.

  8. Dr. Bramledge racehorse apologist extraordinaire, true to his parasitic form, supports, promotes and uses his knowledge to defend this horror instead of preventing it from happening.
    On many occassions people who comment here ask “why does Dr. Bramledge continue to defend such horrific practices on baby racehorses?”
    It’s about money, it’s about the economics and on a previous post from HRW’s Joy Aten she summarized it in the best way one could:

    Karen, why doesn’t Bramlage speak the truth? – because the continued existence of the racing industry affects his fat wallet.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

    This says it all and so true he even made money from MONGOLIAN GROOM’S death and intentionally avoided to address the obvious, yet again, justifying this horrific breakdown.
    He completely ignored huge pieces of the puzzle and focused on those he could explain away.
    Furthermore, one would have to ask: out of the hundreds of equine vet specialists why did they pick Dr. Bramledge for this high profile breakdown and subsequent report?
    It’s because they knew that good ole boy Dr. Bramledge could be counted on to deliver the goods, to cover this up, to make it appear so sterile and succinct even acceptable, a mere “risk of doing business.”
    In short, to justify the ongoing killing of racehorses.
    Dr. Bramledge didn’t disappoint for his big fat pay.
    However, another NEUTREL (a vet not deriving their living from racehorses) vet, not connected to this business would have gone in and conducted an objective investigation and I bet their findings would have been entirely different than Dr. Bramledge’s.
    Again, the fox guarding the hen house – that’s all this industry knows because they know damn well that nobody else would accept these egrecious acts of cruelty on racehorses that often end in death.

  9. Destroyed without ever having had a chance at normal life or knowing human compassion. And all the racing industry cared about was hiding whatever they could about his death. I’m not calling it an accident – what happens to these horses is premeditated, like a serial killer planning the next attack. They know these horses are too young and fragile, they know how dangerous the drugs and “therapies” are, and they know damn well when they’re sending an injured horse out on the track and what will happen when that horse is in full flight with a jockey flailing away the entire race. The owners, trainers, vets, and jockeys are members of an archaic system of animal abuse that profits from pain and death – and like a serial killer, will never stop because they are addicted to the abuse and the power they feel from it.

    • Never knew human compassion. Beyond heartbreaking. You are so oooooo RIGHT,Rebecca, pre-meditated MURDER…..it must be said,as harsh as it sounds!!!!!!!!! Truth to power.

  10. The racing commissioners and track owners and the gaming commissions are guilty of ABUSE and TORTURE and KILLING of horses just as much as the breeders, owners, trainers, jockeys, and so-called veterinarians are guilty. Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage is a paid mouthpiece to attempt to dazzle people with brilliance, but he can only baffle with BULLSHIT! Not everyone is as much of an idiot as he is for his thinking that he can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. He denies that racehorses are unhappy and he says that it’s difficult to detect the difference between lameness and “everyday soreness” in racehorses. How much of an idiot does it take to not be able to put two and two together? You would think racehorses enjoy being in pain by his BULLSHIT. HE IS AN EDUCATED IDIOT WITH A PAYCHECK FROM THE HORSERACING INDUSTRY.
    All of the painkilling drugs are not making it better. The drug abuse needs to stop! Abusing horses is a business in the racing industry. As far as the jockey getting his collarbone broken, he won’t be able to whip any horses for awhile. That is a good thing! May the horse, JIM’S SILVERBULLET, rest in peace. 💔😞

  11. Just saw this….pressure is rising!! Excellent!! Let’s make sure HE and all the rest of them in the industry NO LONGER HAVE A “JOB” in 2020! That’s what we are looking forward to.
    David O’Rourke understands that 2020 will be a crucial year for the New York Racing Association. Yet NYRA’s president and CEO also believes the importance of what happens in the coming year extends far beyond the borders of New York state.

    • Wow, so ho-hum about the disgusting aspect of racehorses bleeding. Seriously. No other equine venue accepts blood running out of a baby horse’s nose as a part of life. And so they ban Lasix on race day – Lord only knows what drug will replace it in those poor horses. That CEO was right about one thing: it is like drinking out of a fire hose. A fire hose spewing sewage.

  12. Each and every post is hard to read it is all just so heart-breaking day after day these poor animals suffer, Yet so very little is being done to end it. How much suffering are these people willing to watch, how many will die just to swell humans bank accounts. Humans are just so despicable we shame this planet.

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