A “Went Wrong” Kill at Gulfstream; From “Winner’s Circle” to Dead at Fair Grounds

The 9th at Gulfstream yesterday: “Salambo bumped with Sleeping Giant and checked at the start, went wrong in upper stretch and was pulled up, and had to be euthanized” (Equibase). Salambo was four and under the whip for the 23rd time.

I can also confirm that J Rob, the horse who was whipped – “vigorous urging” – to a “win” at Fair Grounds Thursday then was “vanned off” after the celebratory photos, is indeed dead – fracture, euthanized. To add insult, the 2-year-old was sold immediately prior to being killed. Vile. Horseracing.

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  1. Both J ROB and SALAMBO deserved better than these parasites taking away their right to life.
    Both matter, but the example of J ROB exemplifies just how vile this business is.
    Just to review the “claiming ranks” are races where a racehorse is up FOR SALE to ANY buyer.
    The lowest level claiming race is usually $5000 with the upper levels going as high as $100,000.
    However, it’s the lower level claiming ranks that are the most written races and the most popular among people in this business because it’s a race where they can dump their problems onto everybody else with not one iota of compassion or accountability to anybody when the racehorse drops dead in the dirt.
    What makes it intentionally malicious is that the owner/trainer of a racehorse is well aware that their racehorse is having issues, most likely, serious pre-existing conditions which is precisely the reason why the racehorse is dropped into a claiming race to begin with – it can’t perform due to its injuries.
    As time goes on, those injuries become chronic, severe and the dope required to keep that racehorse going isn’t working as well as before.
    So these owner/trainers who claim to “love them like family members” are those who are quick to dope up, and enter a racehorse into claiming knowing that their next race could be their last one, knowing that the pre-existing conditions will give out – a game of Russian Roulette plays out on tracks all over America every single day.
    What makes it even more egregious is that they keep their doping/vet records and treatments SECRET so that nobody knows what exactly is wrong with the horse.
    To add injury to insult they beat the living crap out of a racehorse who is sick, injured, and slowing down to protect its injury especially in the stretch when the dope has worn off and their really feeling the pain, but the pain from the whip is the one a racehorse usually chooses to run away from propelling them forward and driving a nail into their coffin as the pre-existing condition(s) fractures and down in the dirt they go.
    Considering this information, it should seem obvious to anybody that racehorses in these scenarios are sent out, more or less, to die.
    The daily abusive business practices and the connections who maliciously and knowlingly sends out a racehorse in this condition (about 90% of racehorses have issues to varying degrees, but the racehorses in the claiming ranks are the most vulnerable) plus the entire supporting structures of horse racing continues to deny racehorses even the most basic protections like disclosing the records.
    These horse racing people are deliberately delusional and they don’t care and J ROB exemplifies that.
    When a racehorse is performing and dropped into the claiming ranks it’s not uncommon for that racehorse to change hands multiple times as we’ve seen and disclosed the names of those dead racehorses time and time again.
    Tom Amoss – “trainer” whose had multiple racehorses die under his care, custody and control, and active claiming trainer who makes no secret of the fact that he’s strongly connected with one of the largest wagering f
    Not one of these idiots have any intention of taking care of that racehorse no matter how much money they make as we’ve seen multiple stake winners with over $100,000 in earnings DUMPED by the very people whom they made all this money for.
    It’s sickening to watch, but this is what parasites do.
    So Amoss said “the type of injury J Rob sustained would have been difficult to diagnose in advance.”
    Are you fucking kidding me?
    He hasn’t even seen the history of the medical treatments, doping and vet records yet he makes this preposterous claim!
    True to industry form – absolute parasites, every single one of them.
    If any of them truly cared they would be demanding the disclosure of these records so that they don’t run a sore racehorse, but again this industry requires this lack of transparency as they have no problem playing Russian Roulette with a racehorse’s life and they know damn well that they will never be held accountable for killing them because this is horse racing and given this mentality there’s NO WAY that any reforms will ever stop the widespread suffering and carnage of racehorses.
    Take all of these parasites these ignorant, stupid, abusive, mentally delusional people and SHUT THEM DOWN.

  2. Thank you Gina for your insightful,poignant answer! The whole damn thing is just beyond EVIL!!! Horses are precious worthy SOULS.

    • In my dreams, all of the people involved in horseracing, which is another way to say horse killing, would be charged with moral turpitude and Animal Cruelty and TORTURE. They would be charged with all of the illegal doping and drugging they do to the horses. They would be arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. They would be locked up for life and all of their horses would be seized from these morally depraved people. The horses would be taken to a rescue or sanctuary for abused and exploited racehorses. The horses would get proper care and love. That is in my dreams…

  3. The thing about horseracing is that they do very stupid things and very dishonest things. They straight up lie. If a trainer who has been in the business of training racehorses cannot see the signs of a horse having issues of any kind, he or she should have their license revoked!!!! The thing about horseracing is that the racetrack can hire a veterinarian who will give a rubber stamp of approval for a horse with serious injuries to be “qualified to race” while anybody with a brain would know the horse will do the logical thing and that is, breakdown and die on the track or near the actual track. If the horse doesn’t die, it will be killed by so-called humane euthanasia. There is nothing humane about how these horses are treated leading up to their death.

  4. So they forced a critically injured horse into the winners circle for a photo op? A horse they were planning to dump one way or another anyway since he was sold immediately prior to his last race. The word “disgusting” just isn’t adequate anymore.

  5. Looked up Salambo.  He was on the vets list 3 times most recently, Nov 30, 2019, Aug 18, 2019, and May 10, 2019.  So something was wrong.  But trainer Elizabeth Dobles ran him on Dec 18, just 18 days after vet scratch, then Only 9 days later ran him back Dec 27, then just 16 days later on Jan 12 runs him again and he dies.  This was pushing this horse.  Why did the last vet let him run so soon?  Seems like they were aware of something but not careful enough.  Surprised this trainer was so aggressive with this horse.

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  6. Joe Sharp, again. The article in the paulick report about voiding claims had these few lines in it about J Rob:
    “Sharp, as owner and trainer…. got the $9,000 winner’s share…and $15,000 for the claim.
    Amoss (claiming trainer) ….got the DEAD HORSE.”

  7. Sad how we seem to keep seeing repeat offenders for trainers. And who, in racing, seems to really care or question that??

    • Peggy, I guess when your dealing with a scummy racquet …your gonna get scummy people. Let’s all be honest…you don’t have the “best and brightest”

  8. J Rob, you poor dear 2yr.old,you were failed by people. A baby horse SHOULD NOT DIE…FULL STOP

    • Right, Bonnie. A 2-year-old horse should be out on pasture and allowed to grow up to maturity which is known to be at least 6 (six) years old.

  9. I looked up J Rob- what do you know… sold as a 2yr.old in training. I see a pattern here,so many breakdowns are the ones who were pushed to their limits,in those a-hole “training” sales!!!!! Coincidence?… I think NOT!

    • I wish The Jockey Club would put a halt to all of this diabolical abuse of baby Thoroughbreds. Allegedly, the foals are given anabolic steroids, then they are forced to carry the weight of a rider (any weight at all is fundamentally WRONG) and forced to run. It’s all FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • At the age of yearling, however many months old I am not exactly sure, the horse abusers force the not-developed-enough-for-riding-yet-let-alone-running young horses to carry weight. I wonder if some of these morally depraved creeps even wait until the babies are even 12 months to force them to carry weight on their backs. These babies are most likely pumped with other drugs besides steroids. It’s MORALLY DEPRAVED to do this to young, underdeveloped fillies and colts!!!!!

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