Yesterday on American tracks:

Run On Energy “fell” at Charles Town

Last Tap “vanned off and reported to have bled” at Fair Grounds

Big Shanty “appeared to go wrong, vanned off” at Fair Grounds

Malkia “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Gulfstream

Cinder Queen “bled and was vanned off” at Mahoning

Hennessy Fire “bled” at Mahoning

Ebo Strong “took a bad step, pulled up lame, vanned off” at Penn

Critter “vanned off” at Sam Houston

Just one day – and all so that some men may gamble, others chase pots of gold.

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  1. And the tracks are mum on the conditions of these horses. I noticed on Friday that a horse, I’mluckysgirl, “went wrong” at turfway park in race 7. The track very quickly put out a post that the jockey was able to walk to the ambulance, so clearly she very severely “went wrong” if she dropped the jockey! Absolutely no mention, not even by name, the poor filly’s condition. No peep about her since either. This is the industries’ answer to “transparency” and showing their concern for their “athletes”.

  2. I’MLUCKYSGIRL(ILG) – Peggy is right, went “wrong” and vanned-off.
    Twitter reports says it was very bad, she busted some types of bones and went down hard.
    Probably dead, but remember how Kentucky was bragging about their “transparency?”
    Well, all “current” records are from 2019 and none are from 2020.
    ILG made over $100,000 the hard way, trainer to trainer, track to track – the typical claiming scenario.
    She barely made it through the last 2 races.
    In fact, on November 21, 2019 she finished last by 27+ lengths.
    The race after that, and just before the one she broke down in? – “faded late.”
    It’s obvious that ILG was done, something was seriously wrong, she was in pain and sore most likely, but she was need to fill races, flip a buck for the wagering firms and for her connections.
    Just another disposable gambling chip whose life meant nothing.
    I doubt if she’s still alive, but I’m sure Patrick can find this out for us.

    • Gina, your the one to ask…why on earth did horseracing start racing horses at 2????????? I’m sure they knew even way back then ,that is just F’d up…BIGTIME

      • Not only do they start racing some of these Thoroughbreds at the age of two-years-old, they start riding and running them as yearlings. I wonder if there are any of these morally depraved horse breeders who actually put “young boys” on the young fillies and colts that are not 12 months old yet???

      • Bonnie, 1. economics 2. the Kentucky Derby.
        Only 3 year old racehorses run in the Kentucky Derby. In order to be eligible a racehorse must accumulate points and earnings. In order to accumulate these requirements they must start racing at 2 years old and it’s usually at the upper levels so their running them very hard to perform. This entire business from breeding to foaling, and racing evolves around the Kentucky Derby. There was a small group of us who tried to up the age for the Derby to 4 years old, but neither Churchill Downs nor the horsey set wanted any part of it citing “tradition.” So in order to reduce or stop people from running 2 year olds you would either have to eliminate the Derby or up the age neither of which will ever happen.
        The late, great Sam Simon, co-creator of “The Simpsons” was a staunch animal rights activists who had a live radio broadcast before he passed from cancer. On 1 of those episodes he talked about horse racing and the Derby and although Sam was never around racehorses – he got it.
        He said something like this: “all the pain, suffering, and carnage for a 2-minute race is insanity.”
        He was right.
        In fact, studies show that the majority of racehorses are dumped after their 3 year old year whether that’s into claiming or otherwise because the dream is gone and they have a racehorse on their hands that will almost never financially pay for itself.
        They leave that mess to everybody else.

    • Gina, thank you for looking for an update on ILG also. I’m impressed you were able to find that much on twitter, because I wasn’t able to find anything on her except her wins over the years. It just seems to me that racing is trying to keep things even more obscure than previously. They are hiding even more.

  3. This is inhumane to treat horses this way! If anyone who owned and trained these horses truly loved them, they would not be running them into the ground literally. It is worse than disgusting! It is NOT HORSEMANSHIP!!!! IT IS TIME TO BAN HORSERACING!!!!

    The horseracing industry must have a copyrighters’ template in their computer software to say all of those PHONY lines of nauseating statements that say how much they love their horses. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. So the public relations department evidently gets paid a lot of money to say things that are not true as though they were true. These poor horses died because they were victims of greed!!!!! Love would not do this to any horse!!!!

  4. These magnificent horses win money for their owners and you’d think they would take better care of them, obviously not. I think the safety of the horses should be a priority, until then these awful accidents will continue to happen, which only the horses are the ones who suffer the most!

  5. Big Shanty was the favorite and broke a leg in the stretch. I happened to be watching because my mare had a colt in that race. Definitely deceased now. Replay would show it as it happened in deep stretch and he was up front.

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