Finishes 2nd, Dead Shortly Thereafter

Saddle Club was “vanned off” after “placing” (and “winning” $2500 for her people) in the 4th at Los Alamitos December 28. In fact, I have confirmed (CHRB), she is dead (fracture). Saddle Club was six years old and under the whip for the 18th time.

Horseracing is inherently cruel and inevitably deadly. Horseracing cannot be fixed or “reformed.” Horseracing must end.

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  1. Patrick, thank you for always keeping your nose to the grindstone to report on the current status of the horseracing industry. Unfortunately, there are fatalities, dead horses. It’s sad but it’s more than sad. As you say, horseracing is cruel, deadly, cannot be fixed, cannot be reformed and must end.

    There is a vast difference between inherent risk and moral turpitude. All horse activities and disciplines have inherent risk or risks. Going on a trail ride on someone else’s horses, paying money to do so, each rider must sign a waiver due to the inherent risk and there is a specific state law that covers that inherent risk. I forgot that exact WAC or RCW number/numbers in the State of Washington but anyone with a smartphone or other device may look it up if they choose to do so. On the other hand, there is such a thing as MORAL TURPITUDE. Again, anyone with access to the internet may look up the definition of moral turpitude if they choose to do so.

    The horseracing industry exudes moral turpitude. It goes beyond inherent risk.

  2. Wow. This needs to stop. Horses are beautiful creatures from Heaven. Horse racing has lost its luster, period.

  3. What a tragedy, the pain must have been horrible! I pray that some day owners, trainers and jockeys will start taking better care of their horses. They are magnificent animals and should be treated with kindness and respect!

  4. ally ignored. These beautiful creatures are pushed beyond endurance resulting in injuries and death. When they are no longer profitable, many well known race horses with a winning history are sent to slaughter. A recent article researched the history of some horses sent for slaughter and found quite an astounding thoroughbred history. These horses were once considered golden and priceless only to end up sold for slaughter. Some horses were able to be rescued and sent to a sanctuary. The more we learn about the enormous risks to the health of horses in the business of horse racing, the good people of this world have to stand up and say no more. No more deaths. No more pushing horses beyond exhaustion in races for profit. It is not worth the price.

  5. I don’t follow horse racing, but I am following your journalistic investigation. Why so many deaths in the U.S. vs Europe? What are ‘we’ doing differently here?

    • jeri, I suggest that you watch videos about horseracing and you will learn something as I have and as I’m sure many others have learned something from YouTube videos. PETA and The New York Times have revealing videos on the horseracing industry. Mainly, as far as I have learned is, in addition to the normal inherent risks of equine activities, that doping and drugging young underdeveloped horses to perform at a maximum performance to race and possibly win but the breeders, owners, trainers and race track stewards and commissioners are in it for money first, foremost and above all else. These morally depraved people don’t love their horses. They love money and fame in their own twisted sense of the word fame.

    • I don’t necessarily believe that the U.S. kills significantly more racehorses than Europe, Jeri, mostly because there’s no one like me holding those foreign industries to account. In other words, how many are actually dying overseas is very much in question.

      • I think racing officials in the U.S. want to spread that misnomer because it makes them appear they can actually do anything at all to improve these numbers. They can’t. If anyone’s proven that, it’s good old Santa Anita. Their “groundbreaking” safety measures have come up empty at each and every (“bad”) step of the process. And, their very public consideration of Tapeta is probably out the window with the horrific death of Elegant Sundown on Sunday, at their sister track, the oh-so-safe Golden Gate Fields.

  6. Gambling is an inherent vice in many people. As long as Horse racing is a profitable enterprise and Race Tracts make a profit the activity will continue. The way to stop Horse racing is to attack the revenue stream. Race Tracts have been closing due to lack of profit. Golden Gate Fields, in the East Bay of California closed many years ago, I believe Tan Foran, in So CA has also closed. There are more gaming outlets for the betting crowd than ever before( Bingo parlors, Casinos, State Lotteries, Sports Betting are all outlets for people that are becoming more popular and have drained away a lot of people that use to go to race tracts. Many race horses are insured and if they sustain an injury that prevents the horse from racing the insurance company pays the owner. If Insurance companies would stop offering insurance for race horses this would put the burden of loss all on the horse owner. Horses begin their racing career at 2 years of age. Their skeletons are not yet mature enough at that age to withstand the stress and many break down. Increasing the age at which a horse can be raced would require the owner to support the horse longer before they could see if the animal could race successfully. This would put many racing stables out of business. Giving veterinarians more authority to examine race horses and declare them unfit to race would help keep unsound animals off the tract. If the people want the stop horse racing they need to hit the sport where it hurts, in the pocket book. Moral issues will not do it. As with most issues, where Humans are involved, politics also plays a role. In California there are two appointments to State Boards that are used by the Governor to reward people that donate large amounts of money to the Governors political party, The Horse Racing Board and the Board of Regents of the University of California. Eliminating Horse Racing would kill one of those plumb appointments. J. H. Theis, DVM, PhD.

  7. The only way that I envision horseracing ending is if the citizens vote to end it. We, here in Florida voted to end greyhound racing through a Constitutional amendment. That is what we should be working towards in order to end horseracing, because our lawmakers undoubtedly won’t ever pass any laws to end it themselves.

  8. Start showing all the images….broken legs , horses in agony screaming , writhing on the ground unable to get up from too much stress on limbs. Show the damn pictures so no one can forget what happens DAILY ! SHOW THE PICTURES ON THE 6 O’ CLOCK NEWS !

    • Hi, Debbie. I understand why you think this particular tactic would convince nearly all citizens to want to eliminate horse racing; the audible and visual horrors of this anti-sport are enough to turn the stomachs of anyone with anything resembling a conscience and a soul. That’s why the tracks work so hard to hide the breakdowns from the public; their officials understand as well as anyone that these deaths are becoming more prevalent, more gruesome, more sickening, gut-wrenching, ghastly, horrifying, stomach-churning, heart-breaking, and (most of all) MORE INEVITABLE.
      But I, personally, part ways with you on this matter; I don’t believe the news media should explicitly and overtly portray every horror in living color on ANY subject, be it human injury and death, or animal suffering. We already know the carnage of horse racing is horrific.
      We also know the only way to end the carnage. And we will. In the meantime, though, I believe the news media is doing a tremendous job in helping us achieve this goal, and deserves our appreciation and praise for this long-overdue coverage.

      • Kelly,If some of these “people” studied-and WATCHED Eight Belles…terrified trying to stay upright with two broken front legs…I mean…What the Fuck!??? How much more do you need??????????????????

  9. This has gone on to long and too far. Too many dead horses for no reason. The owners run them to death and this must end. No horse deserves to be killed to enrich greedy owners. Every time a horse dies, the owner should be fined a healthy amount. Maybe then they would stop running the horses to death. Shame on all owners!

  10. Saddle Club deserved better treatment than this. Horseracing is an evil, heartless industry that needs to be ended.

  11. What a senseless death and all for the entertainment of and profit for people. Truly sickening—we need to stop this from happening. End horseracing!

      • Alan,I have an elderly couple,as neighbors…they adopted one of the greyhounds,who used to be one of the “racers”…I cannot begin to tell y’all how much it warms my heart when I see them,in the mornings taking that rescued dog for a walk. #happyendings

  12. Kelly..I hope you know I was not directing my remarks about eight you..I hadn’t even read the previous posts. I was just “getting a long held thought off my mind” I think very highly of you,Rebecca,Gina,Joy,Nancy..I could go on and get my point?..of course you do.🤣 you guys are smart!

    • Oh, I know, Bonnie. I’ve caused a little confusion myself with this reply format. We’re good:)

  13. I’ll tell you who needs to be racing…my extremely pudgy rescue Basset Hound,her belly is as bad as my late father’s used to be. I guess she’s what people call a “CHONK” nowadays. She’s sooooo demanding,no really…you have no idea! #Don’tJudge

    • I am very fond of you Bonnie and look forward to your thoughts and opinions on horse issues. RIP X Y Jet who passed yesterday


  15. Cruelty needs to stop NOW!! This photo is revolting and so barbaric! To think in this country we have so many people who care more about the dollar than life, no matter what life is

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