Three Racing Kills at Turf Paradise

Recently confirmed by the Arizona Department of Gaming.

Raise the Gamble, in the 2nd at Turf Nov 26: “fractured sesamoids left front leg, euthanized.” Raise the Gamble was four; ’twas his 11th time under the whip.

Swayze, in the 4th at Turf Dec 2: “fracture of left front fetlock, euthanized.” Swayze was five; ’twas his 15th time under the whip.

Sierra Steel, in the 4th at Turf Dec 7: “collapsed, died” (the chart merely said “fell, vanned off”). Sierra Steel was five; ’twas his 30th time under the whip.

In addition, there were these other “wellness notes” for Turf:

All Star Allie, Nov 23 – “carpal fracture, put on vet’s list”
Algorithmnblues, Nov 24 – “vanned off, bowed tendon, put on vet’s list”
Realism, Nov 24 – “bled post race, put on vet’s list”
Childress Cartel, Nov 30 – “flipped in paddock, put on vet’s list”
Seeking Perfection, Dec 1 – “lame on right front, put on vet’s list”
Rags to Rags, Dec 1 – “lame, put on vet’s list”
A Brides Song, Dec 2 – “swollen suspensory ligament and flexor tendon…vet’s list”
Prieta Linda, Dec 3 – “lame right rear leg, put on vet’s list”
Shanghai Go Go, Dec 4 – “lame left knee, put on vet’s list”
Blue Jeans N Beer, Dec 7 – “jumped rail, laceration left front, put on vet’s list”
Same Moon, Dec 11 – “lame in post parade, put on starter’s list”
So Long Sailor, Dec 11 – “pulled up, put on vet’s list”
Mysterious Storm, Dec 14 – “lame post race, put on vet’s list”
Dig Deeper, Dec 14 – “bled, put on vet’s list”
Bonita Ballard, Dec 17 – “lame post race, put on vet’s list”
Just Keep Swimming, Dec 17 – “vanned to trainer barn, put on vet’s list”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Patrick, thank you for reporting on these horses. As I read the number of times they have been put “under the whip” I think that is a euphemism for how many times they have been run in a race. The number of times they have been under the whip would include training, breezing and workouts, in my opinion. Who knows how many times these poor horses have actually been struck with a whip, riding crop or anything else.

  2. Turf paradise is next to Mexico. Wonder how many of these vets list horses have already shipped across the border to be slaughtered? Turf is a low level track- I’m sure most of the people that race there aren’t financially in a position to rehab or support a horse they can’t run.

      • I’m sure it is. Most racetracks are. I saw the slideshow of Barbara Livingston’s year in review this evening and it was shocking to see how dumpy the barn and stall looked that poor Battle of Midway was housed in. And he was at a top tier track! And the buildings at Fair Grounds and Suffolk Downs looked a mess too. Most racetrack buildings are an eyesore, which is another reason I have to wonder why people want to try to save them.

  3. No, it’s not.

    I had kept this article (link below) from 2015 – it’s long but very appropriate for this post (it also discusses what being on the vet’s list means – but because this is such an “unorganized” industry with each jurisdiction having their own way of doing things, the vet’s list for one track will have its criteria, and that being different from another track).

    • Joy, I tried to read the article from the link you provided but it froze up on me; technical difficulties.
      I can’t help but wonder if the term “vet’s list” is another way of saying “who knows, anybody’s guess, wait and see” or if the veterinarian is actually going to treat the horse to give the horse a chance to heal or be given a chance to be sent to a place where the horse can be rehomed or rescued from racing and slaughter.

      • Veterinarians’ List: horses that are ineligible to enter a race as a result of illness, injury, unsoundness or other medical condition. Horses are only released from this list by authorization of the Official veterinarian and consulting private veterinarians as well in some cases. Some conditions, like unsoundness, require a timed workout in front of the Official vet and a passing a blood test to be removed from the list. Most of the time horses are put on the vet list after coming back from the race lame or injured, and standard procedure for timed works is a half mile 4 furlongs in under 52 seconds. It is also utilized in places such as California for horses given steriods it puts them on the vet list for 60 days due to the treatment or drugging. kind of a hidden gem in racing since they were suppose to be banned in 2008 after eight belles. Racing is a sham n farce in many ways, just like time for a j horse was on the vets list that should have prevented him from racing but once again racing doesnt even follow the own rules they write.

    • Thank you, Joy. Always befuddled when I read anything by Natalie Voss, because she’s such a brilliant writer, and SEEMS to care so much about racehorse welfare, but maintains an inexplicable loyalty to this perverse industry. Note the comments to her story (FOUR years ago(!)) about the death of “The J” are nearly identical to the ones posted on any equine fatality, even in 2020: they’re all along the lines of, “The industry should…”
      But the industry never DOES.

  4. Arizona horse racing is corrupt to the core. It was on the verge of closing down, like most tracks, when 2 brothers with extensive and/or questionable criminal history bought the tracks. Of course the local politicians gave them their stamp of approval even when the law states that nobody is eligible for licensing, in any capacity, if they have a criminal background. It’s the same for an owner in any type of gambling venue in the U.S. They are heavily background checked as they should be, but this is horse racing.
    All gambling venues in Las Vegas are heavily regulated, but horse racing?
    It’s been flying under the radar operating with virtual impunity for years.
    It’s like they are their own kleptocracy being funded by all of us while their busy playing “horsey.”
    When you have stewards on the racing commissions and even owners of racetracks owning racehorses they can and will use the rules & regulations against any owner/trainer who are not part of their scheme and the racehorses pay the price every step of the way.
    Does it ever end?
    In the meantime, as most tracks, the massive suffering and dying of racehorses continues unabated.
    These people have no intentions of taking care of racehorses in any capacity whatsoever and neither does the local government who also financially benefits from the profits they generate. The racehorses are disposable gambling chips, there to fill races and break their bones along the way.
    Of course the Kill Lists don’t even garner neutral protection from any animal agency or laws.
    As California D.A Lacey stated there are “inherent risks.”
    I will never accept or support a business who kills racehorses and excuses it off as an “inherent risk” nor should anybody nor should any civilized society.
    Horse racing is vile, evil, and brutal.
    We must do our part to shut it down.

    • Gina Powell,
      Thank you for your informative comments. You could write a book. I’m serious. It could bring more attention and awareness of the hideous corruption of the horseracing industry. It would educate the general public of the dark side of racing. Possibly, the revenue from such a book could be donated to help save some race horses from being abused, neglected, tortured, drained of life on the track or near the track, euthanized, shipped to slaughter, and all of the cruelties of horseracing.

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