Colt Breaks Shoulder, Dead at Fair Grounds

Ballard High “went wrong” – broken shoulder, says the Daily Racing Form – in the 12th at Fair Grounds yesterday and is dead. ‘Twas the colt’s 19th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. So, “went wrong” can mean –
    a broken shoulder
    a broken leg
    a broken neck
    a broken pelvis
    a broken back
    a broken skull
    a fatal bleed
    a cardiac failure
    a fatal collapse

    A broken dead horse who gave his all…

    Who will it be tomorrow?
    Don’t know, but one thing is for sure, the horse most assuredly “went wrong”.

    • Mary reported this yesterday a few minutes after it happened. The racetrack was sloppy with either ice or puddles. Just make sure they run..rain sleet or snow or hail. Disgusting beyond words

  2. Blame the horse that’s what this industry does best.
    The racehorse who breaks their bones solely due to this vile business is blamed for it.
    It’s the racehorse who takes a “bad step,” “went wrong,” didn’t response while being “urged,”(beaten to perform)
    BALLARD HIGH (BH) – I’m putting this on my suspicious death list, but who the hell cares?
    I suppose I do because BH was a high priced sell at the sales and there almost always seems to be a bloodstock agent in the records (British authorities has deemed that bloodstock agents in Britain are organized criminals after conducting an investigation).
    BH was sold for $110,000 as a yearling (any 6-figure horse is almost always insured).
    He was than flipped just 1 year later as a 2 year old for $220,000 purchased by wrong doer Linda Rice.
    This racehorse was, most likely, insured for that.
    See how they build up the price for insurance purposes – a pattern here.
    He performs making money so this keeps it in place.
    Somewhere along the line he ends up with DALLAS STEWART.
    Yes, that Dallas Stewart who has a long history of racehorses dying under his “care” if you can call it that.
    BALLARD HIGH made over $230,000 for these parasites who probably cashed in on a policy, but even if they didn’t here’s a “trainer” who has a long history of racehorses dying in his barn, but so does Linda Rice.
    These people make the mafia look a children’s daycare – no kidding.
    These trainers are never held legally accountable and they know that they can get away with it because racehorses have no protections under our laws.
    It’s widespread, legitimized, killing – full stop.
    The killing trainers will wake up this morning to go back and do it again knowing that their doping records are kept secret and knowing that there will be no repercussions.
    They are afforded more rights than serial killers, which is exactly what they are only their victim is different.

    • Everyday is more heartache,tears, overwhelming sadness,and it seems to have no effect at all on these monsters. They are sick and they WILL have to be judged,by a higher Authority.

    • It is truly amazing to see what this business gets away with. Talk about corruption not to mention blatant animal cruelty and it just goes on and on. WHY?
      From the exploited illegals with falsified papers, as in the Asmussen case, to the drugs and “treatments”, fixing races, running sore injured horses as well as pumping up very young horses with steroids for the sales, the kickbacks and on and on.
      This business is crying out for investigation that never comes. WHY???

  3. Utter negligence to race on a sloppy or frozen track – this colt must’ve really taken a bad fall to break a shoulder, not that any of his connections cared. Of course no one sees any sign of animal cruelty; their heads are too far up their asses to see a damn thing.

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