Another Kill at Belmont – That’s 40 Dead Animals This Year

Belmont Park, one of the nation’s elite racetracks, recorded its 40th victim of the year Monday when Riot Worthy, a 6-year-old mare, “sustained leg injury while galloping on the training track” (Gaming Commission) and was subsequently euthanized. 40 dead animals – for $2 bets and entertainment. For shame, New York. For shame, America.

The Belmont Carnage, 2019:

Doyouknowsomething, Jan 8, stall – “sustained left elbow injury in stall”
Speke, Jan 19, training – “suffered a fracture to his right shoulder”
Catpsalm, Jan 29, stall – “protozoal myeloencephalitis”
Miss Marion, Feb 3, training – “fractured cannon bone…euthanized on track”
Chronos, Feb 3, training (euthanized Feb 4) – “fractured right front leg”
For Pops, Feb 26, training – “collapsed and died” (four years old)
Queen Bode, Mar 3, training – “euthanized at hospital”
Mighty Zealous, Mar 10, stall – “severe respiratory distress…euthanized”
Miss Marilyn, Mar 23, training – “leg injury…euthanasia on the track”
Miss Mimosa, Mar 28, training – “cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)
Pretty Enuff, Apr 1, training – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
Luz Mimi, Apr 4, training – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
La Manche, Apr 11, training – “suffered a fracture…and was euthanized”
Noble Cause, May 11, racing – “injuries necessitating euthanasia”
Anne’s Song, May 24, racing – “ambulanced off, euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Successful Mission, Jun 9, training – “sustained fractures while breezing”
Inflection, Jun 9, racing – “euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Ro Bear, Jun 16, stall – “died in the barn from an apparent impaction colic”
With Caution, Jun 28, training – “P1 fracture…died complications from anesthesia”
Fancy Persuasion, Jun 30, racing – “went down dead on the track” (two years old)
yet-to-be-named, Jul 11, training – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized”
La Fuerza, Jul 27, training – “fractured humeral, ambulanced to barn, euthanized”
Royal Inheritance, Sep 6, training – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Passporttovictory, Sep 6, racing – “bad steps”
Mo Moxie, Sep 7, training – “sustained a fracture and was euthanized on track”
Deft, Sep 12, racing – “broke front leg and was euthanized on the track”
Rhode Island, Sep 14, racing – “was vanned off…subsequently euthanized”
Coffee Crush, Sep 19, training – “cardiovascular collapse” (four years old)
Have Another, Sep 20, stall – “severe laminitis”
Meet Me in L A, Sep 21, racing – “went wrong…euthanized”
E Z for You to Say, Oct 10, stall – “severe laminitis [both front] feet” (two years old)
Mo Fun, Oct 14, training – “suffered a cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)
Kid Robin Hood, Nov 2, training – “sustained a fracture at the 5/16 pole”
Darken a Day, Nov 10, training – “sustained injury to leg requiring euthanasia on track”
Long Haul Bay, Nov 21, stall – “severe colic”
Goneonamission, Nov 24, stall – “found deceased with apparent head injury”
Sweet Timing, Nov 29, stall – “pelvic injury…fever and pleuropneumonia”
Gio Game, Dec 6, training – “cardiovascular collapse” (four years old)
Dino Three O Nine, Dec 8, training – “sustained injury…necessitated euthanasia”
Riot Worthy, Dec 16, training – “sustained leg injury…necessitated euthanasia”

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  1. The carnage continues unabated and those who have the power to intervene do NOTHING.

    Utterly unacceptable.

  2. Massive pain, suffering and carnage that taxpayers are forced to support through casino profits that should be going to our communities.
    This is widespread corruption and our politicians need to stop this now.
    These poor racehorses have zippo legal protections just the way they want it.
    These parasites are pathetic human beings.

    • Gina,how the hell did those Ca. vets. Weasel out of Accountability for the DEATH of Mongolian Groom??? WTF

  3. Ballard High just broke down and was pulled up and vanned off in the Tenacious Stakes at Fairgrounds a few minutes ago. He is probably dead by now. Another murder by The Jerry Hollendorfer of Kentucky, Dalkas Stewart. This guy is a butcher. I have seen 3 horses of his die on the racetrack and his best one almost ruined forever in the Pacific Classic this year. This guy is a disaster to the thoroughbred racing world. How many horses are you allowed to ruin before ypu get kicked out?

    • looked like that track was either wet or frozen..sloppy. I did not see the race though. Rain hail sleet or snow they run them and who. Cares???

  4. They shut down Ringling Bros Circus and this “circus” may be next. You won’t see elephants and lions anywhere near Penn Station anymore. You want lions and elephants, watch Animal Planet. Racing is a throwback to a golden age when well-heeled gents and ladies would gather for a “day at the races.” The model is outdated. “The Greatest Show on Earth” closed it’s tents and racing could be on the way out, too.

  5. Why are these criminals allowed to race horses in such poor conditions??!! We all know why…money! Dirty money and brainless entertainment.
    I was debating whether I should ask this question (for fear of being considered puerile) and I am sure Patrick has tried. But I will ask anyway…is there not a lawyer or group of lawyers (with a conscience)who could advocate the abolishment of racing on our behalf? What more can we all do to stop these ignorant butchers from running beautiful horses into the ground? Hollendorfer again??? This poor excuse of “human” specimen should rot in jail or better yet trampled on the track he “loves” so much. It is heartbreaking to see/read about a dead horse every day, some days more than one. STOP THIS INSANITY! STOP IT NOW! We adore our horses and these pitiful bastards do not deserve them. They deserve exactly what will come to them because it will come! Oh yes, people like us will contribute to their demise! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

    • I have contacted the Human Society Legislative Fund, the Humane Society of the United States, PETA, and several others, sending them the complete kill lists for 2018 and a three page detailed letter with color photos, and all I get back (if I do get anything) is a form letter telling me about the animals they’ve saved so far and a donation slip. NO American organization has the balls to stand up against horse racing- so they are as responsible for every equine death as the parasites that breed, use, exploit, and slaughter these racehorses.

      • Your 100% correct Rebecca.
        Not only do these animal organizations not have the balls, but neither do our politicians who continue to endorse it by giving this vile business billions in casino profits.
        The horse racing industry knows that they are given “carte blanche” every single day to operate and to kill racehorses with no neutral oversight whatsoever.
        It should be no surprise to anybody that it’s going to take us, THE PEOPLE, to shut it down via ballots, political pressure and only vote in those politicians who oppose horse racing and are willing to immediately stop their funding.
        It’s not impossible, it can be done and years ago who would have imagined that we shut down the circus?
        STOP supporting horse racing.

      • Money and I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine is all it takes. Supercedes integrity every time

  6. ths is outrages most socalled owners or syndicates couldn,t give a stuff about the horse once its injured even if it can be operated they usually go for killing being the utter greedygutses in society , i hate it with a venegeance, some of those maybe could have been saved and made riding horses were speed doesn,t matter, i believe there should be a officer that gets a certain amount per horse per race and that is if they get injured or retired or are not fast enough for a track so they too can still be having a life! i dearly would like to see if any of those socalled owners have a injury that would mean kill for a horse that they too suffer the same fate and how fast would there be a thing in place for the horses so they don,t suffer the same fate ! i hate greedygutses with a vengeance and any of those i dont want to know !i

  7. I mourn for each loss of every horse due to selfishness. Why shouldn’t a horse be able to live without being whipped, doped up, and driven beyond exhaustion. People think of selfishness as a child refusing to share toys. It is much more serious.

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