Raced in January; Nine Months Later, Found Starving to Death

Shedrow Secrets

They Just Wanted Her Gone

by Joy Aten

Several weeks ago, I received a private message from Laura Swien, owner of Pair A Dice Ranch in Texas, asking if Horseracing Wrongs would share the story of a Thoroughbred mare she recently rescued, a mare who, like untold others, had been bred for, used in and finally discarded by the racing industry. Laura said:

“I am so sick to my stomach and brokenhearted as I write this. I was contacted by Animal Control and they asked me if I would be able to take in two horses from a seizure case. I took one look at these poor babies and of course I said yes.

“I was so shocked when I first saw them. I had ten different emotions hit me all at once. How could anyone be so cruel to starve these beautiful babies? There were four skeletons standing there staring at me at the Animal Control facility. It was the most horrific thing that I had ever seen.

“I immediately made the decision to help these poor creatures in any way that I could. I was asked if I could take these two horses and of course I said yes. (They found someone to take the other two horses.) I will do everything in my power to get them healthy again. We will take it slowly day by day.”

Photos followed Laura’s initial explanation of the situation:

October, the day the mare was seized by Animal Control…

Several weeks later, still at the holding facility…

November, shortly after arrival at Laura’s…

Her enlarged and painful left front ankle, yet another obstacle for this timid, emaciated mare to overcome…

And Laura gave her a name – Willow…

“Willow” racing at Arlington in 2017. She was, in fact, raced at Hawthorne only nine months prior to being found starving to death on a desolate piece of Texas property. Imagine – from racing in January to being unable to rise to her feet – due to starvation – in October…

Willow was christened (by her exploiters) Time for Parading. She was bred, owned and raced by Kenneth Hutchens. In fact, Hutchens owned her for her entire “career” (35 races) and reaped the lion’s share of the $57,071 she “earned.” In her last race, at Illinois’ Hawthorne Race Course January 4, she finished last, over 31 lengths behind. Although she ran with a 5K price tag on her head, she was not claimed (bought).

It took several calls to Hutchens to make contact. At first he seemed wary of my inquiries into a mare he had bred and raced, but since our objective was to learn of any injury Time for Parading might have incurred while he had her, he eased up, answering the several questions I posed:

“Was she injured, Mr. Hutchens?”
“No, she was sound.”

“So after her last race in January, who did you sell her to? Or maybe you gave her to a rescue or racehorse placement program, Mr. Hutchens?”
“No, she was claimed.”

“Well that’s odd, because I checked her past performances and not only were there NO claims in her last race, Mr. Hutchens, but in looking at her races, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to claim her.”
“She was claimed.”

“OK…so have you followed up on her to see how she was doing, Mr. Hutchens? Given you bred her and raced her?”

“Well you might be interested to know she was recently found starving – a skeleton – and she’s very lame on her left front, as well, Mr. Hutchens.”
“Well she was sound when I had her.”

“OK, Mr. Hutchens…she is in good hands, she’s been rescued, but she is not out of the woods yet.”
No response.

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Hutchens. If you would like to help with Time for Parading’s veterinary expenses, or with the feed bill since she needs to gain hundreds of pounds, you’ve got my number. This mare could really use your help.”
No response.

Laura reached Time for Parading’s last trainer of record, Chris Dorris. Laura: “Dorris said ‘the gallop boy,’ who lives in Chicago, wanted to buy Time for Parading so [Dorris] sold her to him after her last race in January.” Dorris assured Laura he would speak to the “gallop boy” about the mare’s condition and where she was found, then would get back to her. To date, he hasn’t. Also to date, there has been no financial assistance from either breeder/owner Hutchens or trainer Dorris.

Time for Parading’s “re-homing” scenario is nothing unusual. Racehorses no longer wanted by their “connections” are sold or given away to people who can barely afford to feed themselves. Every week we see racehorses who had been “re-homed” landing in kill pens, a year or two out from their last races, mere shadows of their former selves. Apologists bellow at the heartrending discoveries, but add, “It’s not the connections’ fault! They thought they gave them to a good home!” RIGHT…they sold or gave away their horse, one of the most expensive animals to care for, to someone who has to pray that their rust-bucket of a vehicle starts when they get in.

We see this over and over again on the backsides. A low-paid track worker is given a horse – most of the time, injured – that he has no business taking possession of. But the owner or trainer doesn’t care; he wants this horse gone and wants her gone now. The buyer’s (or just recipient’s) fiscal situation is of no concern. No vetting. No reference check. No trip to the farm or boarding facility where the horse will reside. And, of course, no follow-up.

Of the horses who do survive the track (and thousands do not), many are placed in yet another life-threatening situation, utterly dependent on someone who is ill-equipped to handle the care of an equine. Time for Parading was one of those horses. One day, no one came to feed her. The next day, again nothing. Day after excruciating day, she waited – desperate for food, any food. But it never arrived. The truth is, she was being slowly tortured to death. And all the while, those who cashed in on her labors never even gave her a second thought. How’s that for “The Sport of Kings”?

(We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Laura Swien for welcoming Time for Parading, aka Willow, and another of the starving horses – now called Duke – into her heart and home. Thank you so very much, Laura.)

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  1. It is sickening that owners of horses can be so callous. It is heartbreaking!

    I am so glad that there are those people who can save abused, neglected and abandoned horses!!!!! Thank you for sharing this story!!!!

    • Yet race fan will not believe any of your story, it makes me mad. I,ve been asked many a time with promise of lunch and wine, likethat will take away the cruel horror of the way they are treated.

      • Have you shown to these “horseracing fans” that refuse to believe the facts of what happens to racehorses that are no longer able to race any YouTube videos of where racehorses go to retire? Or, the videos that show horses, some of which are ex-racehorses, being made available for adoption before they are shipped to slaughter? There is one in Louisiana that shows videos of horses. The one called Moore’s sometimes shows Standardbreds that have freeze brands on the side of their neck. If you insist that these “fans in denial” watch these videos, it might make a difference. Where Racehorses Go To Retire is about the horses being sold to killbuyers and shipped to a slaughterhouse in Mexico or Canada or possibly Japan. There is also video of what happens to unwanted racehorses in Australia. The slaughterhouse is where horses are killed for meat and that is what The Jockey Club, the American Quarter Horse Association and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association support and depend on to dispose of their unwanted casualties of their cold and callous greed.

  2. Reminiscent of Tiz Willow who starved to death. How in the hell does a horse starve TO DEATH and not a single worker on that farm noticed? These poor babies – like so many, many others – deserve better from the miserable excuses for human beings who breed them, exploit them, then dump them without a thought. I hope there’s a dark place in Hell for people who do this to animals.

  3. If this case of animal abuse doesn’t change your mind….then you are a sick pup. The industry doesn’t care…on to making money,breeding more VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people in this industry are just greedy money grabbers. God Bless you Joy,it takes a STRONG person to be able to cope with such CRUELTY.

  4. This is so disgusting there are no right words that fit whoever let this beautiful animal get in that condition. How could anyone in their right mind walk past this horse and not see what horrible shape she was in. Some people are just pure EVIL!! If the people who are responsible for this are not punished the abuse will continue. Obviously there are people who have no heart or soul and should never own any type of animal!

    • It’s about well off people,not wanting to work a real job,and making tons of money breeding more defenseless victims. The real money is in the breeding,that’s why they don’t care. They want them to have a short life,so they can breed more. The hole thing is a devious racket. Wake up people the money is in breeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There’s not even a small part of me that is surprised that her connections didn’t care. Not to mention her former owner is the typical lying dirtbag type that infests the racetracks. That’s the mentality I encountered the most at the track. So many of these jerks would get belligerent and shitty if you didn’t get rid of their horse fast enough! That’s why I have to laugh at the whole “we love them like children” and “they are family” crap we have been hearing so often lately.
    And – I highly doubt this poor mare was sound. If she was sound – she would still be toiling on a track somewhere, for someone. 35 starts is, sadly, a low amount of starts for 5 years of racing for a low level claimer. And, she had to have been very unsound, because otherwise, some low life would have still injected her, patched her together, and sent her out to exploit her more!
    Thank you, Joy, and Laura, for being the angels for this poor girl, and with the grace of God I pray she blooms under Laura’s loving care.

  6. What a shame. I’d love to one day own a thoroughbred. I’d love to rescue one of these horses. I’d spoil her so much.

  7. It is so heartbreaking. I really can’t understand how someone can watch an animal slowly die of starvation and having no feelings of guilt, no compassion… What is the matter with people? As I read, President Trump signed lately a law to protect animals from cruelty. So is it not possible to get the culprits punished? At least…?

  8. I flew from Boston down to a Texas killpen to rescue two mares. One had won 76000 on the track and is a granddaughter of “Alleged” who went down in history in Europe.

    She was owned by some well k mlm own trainers, raced in big races, then had two babies and was sold to a woman who wanted a pleasure horse. She could not handle the horse even though she is not spirited she was inexperienced. So off to auction to killpen.

    When I saw her she was hundreds of pounds underweight, had shipping fever and had given up on life. I assured her I would get her better and get her up here to Boston for a better life. The vet down there told men IU should keep her in the quarantine facility for 30 days. I informed him that I could take better care of her here, I have everything I need just give me a few meds to get her home. She is thriving here, after 4 months of great care. I have had breeders ask to breed her to their stallion and no way. She is go iij g nowhere, she is 12 and been through enough.

    The quarantine facilities, vets, transporters and kill pens in Texas are all in each others pockets and ripping off people playing on sympathy.

    The quarantine iij ne facility I was pay g for, she was iij n with a group of horses that were all sick, I demanded she have her own space in a stall to make sure she was monitored and got her meds. The stall was caked with 8 inches of dry manure, no shavings, chickens and kids running around and she lied about worming them etc. Despicable conditions. I told the vet iij wanted the meda asap to get them ok ut of there. I stayed until they we could get them to out of there and not look back. It’s a racket. This is just one story out of many, these race horses get passed around and around with people that do not have experience or know how to care for them.

    I still pick up more and they are a different than owned horses, not because they are different, just because they are treated different, like machines since birth. Once they are turned our and allowed to decompress, they turn into enjoyable, bonding, athletic horses. They are not meant to run. Thousands come off come off the track each year because they don’t want to run or are not fast enough. The lie is over.

  9. That is pretty much the condition my mare was in when she was rescued. Praying for all of them to be able to recover and live a happy horse life. Thank you, Joy <3 You are very special of many of us and to the horses.

  10. Tom Dorris used to train for an ex Governor Jim Edgar of Illinois. I’m sure the ex governor would be horrified to read this. But Illinois horseracing is in the pits now, not much better than Mountaineer or Parx. When people breed cheap horses nobody wants them when they are done racing. No more cheap horses bred. Ever.

    • Mary, I hate to tell you but there is no such thing as a “cheap” horse!!!!!! They are all EQUAL!!!!!!!!!! There are only CHEAP humans. Animals are PRECIOUS…most humans suck.

  11. Reading the conversation ..have you ever noticed when you speak about an issue that will cost someone money Or inconvenience the silence is deafening???

  12. Willow and Duke are 2 very lucky horses.
    Special thanks to Laura and to all the unsung heroes who rescue these badly abused, neglected and starving former racehorses.
    This article accurately describes and reflects the truth about horse racing and the parasite in it.
    In the light of billions in sales and wagering profits plus the billions in taxpayers money and casino profits this business doesn’t have a mandatory contribution in place for aftercare – not even a measley 1%.
    Nor do they have a 1-800 number that people can call when they find a racehorse in a horrific situation about to board the slaughter bound truck.
    No emergency funds set aside at all – never has been, never will be.
    They are all parasites who suck all they can out of the racehorses, and then dump them to go onto their next victim.
    Take for example, parasite extraordinaire Patricia Farro, AKA Python Pat – she’s a true parasite and racehorse killer who bases her entire career on claiming, dumping and killing racehorses with no repercussions or accountability.
    Her latest claiming victim is THOMAS KNIGHT – a 7 year old gelding who has earned over $340,000 the hard way, track to track, owner to owner, trainer to trainer, dope, injections and who knows what else.
    Over $300,000 STILL isn’t enough to ensure a soft landing and get him a home as I’m sure Parasite Pat will just keep on sucking until either there’s no more to give, he drops dead or gets claimed for another round of abuse.
    I bet he’s tethered at the back of his stall right now getting a bunch of needles shoved in and out of his veins and joints with no oversight whatsoever.
    If he dies?
    Parasite Pat will not be held accountable because they are all parasites – every single one of them.

  13. Where does Kenneth Hutchens keep his horses? I want to picket with these photos on the placards. Picketing is legal, knowingly selling an animal into torture should not be.

    • i agree with you – this Kenneth Hutchens should be picketed – he is one rotten horse owner – he has no conscience about what happens to the horses after he grinds every last penny out of their hide – he should be put out of business

  14. I’m outraged and beyond disgusted once again by this cruel abuse. Thank you at Horse Racing Wrongs for this knowledge. My hope is we as a nation phase out the horse racing industry like grey hound racing is being done. We would all be in the dark if it weren’t for compassionate caring folks such as yourselves. We can and will shut this down. Every person that learns this truth will make a difference. Word of mouth, billboards, protesting and every public access is one more victory. I pray you have national coverage and media attention. Thanks for your documentation. It speaks volumes and can’t be refuted by this heartless industry of greed and ignorance. Yes ignorance. I hope these bastards read my every word and want to pick a fight with me. I’ve have fought many years for just small amounts of change. I have had to get out of towns quick because of asserting my right for public documentation in court houses. Thank God for the State Police and people who genuinely care for the innocent. Just wanted to share my hatred for this wicked sport that shouldn’t be.

  15. Everyone should save this link and use every social media and text message opportunity now and in the future to share this sorrowful story with others. If you live in a state wanting to open a racetrack, make sure to email it to your legislators and any state humane organizations; forward it as an editorial comment to your local newspapers (smaller papers actually need such stories to fill their paper so do not just try your big city newspapers); print out in color and mail to your state legislators or hand deliver to their local office as pictures speak louder than words your actions would be invaluable to help us end this “bred for maiming and death” horse racing industry. The cost is minimal. Do you have time? Please help!

  16. My heart hurts for this beautiful, sweet mare and my hope is that she knows deep down that’s she safe, people love her and she matters in this oftentimes cruel world. I pray that her pain is eased, her self esteem resurfaces and her eyes begin to sparkle and find beauty in peace. May the angels who rescued her know how humbled and grateful this old horsewomen is in knowing that goodness of people far outweighs the demons who walk amongst us.
    You BET—They DIE. 🚫🏇🚫

  17. I bought an OTTB out of a kill pen a year ago, with a BCS of 2. It’s been a long road. He was 20 when I bought him, and he had a large piece of his mane that had been cut out, maybe as a token of remembrance. I wish he could tell me what his life had been like.

  18. How much do you all bet,if these babies could talk…they would say…If they knew their life would be slavery,abuse,pain,drugging,and the worst torture of all being ripped from their Mamas as infants and thrown in solitary confinement. I bet they would say,they wish they hadn’t been born into that. People F’n suck ass. This bullshit MUST end.

    • Bonnie, if these horses could speak English to evil people that don’t care about what the horse wants or doesn’t want, at least there might be a HORSE ABUSE HOTLINE phone number to call.

      • AMEN Wanda. If only….. I really need to watch some “feel good” videos or Animal Planet tonight,to lift my spirits. One of my friends today sent me the cutest kitten video,thank god!

  19. I hope you shared these pictures with her former owner and trainer. They are horrible, evil people. :-( I will pray she recovers and finds a permanent and loving home.

  20. Love is the purpose of life on earth !
    Life is an endless journey, physical death is not the end of life; fulfill the purpose of life here by loving our innocent friends.

  21. Overbreeding, as we know, will continue as long as the public keeps horse racing lucrative by attending races. This blog and consistent updates is making it easier to get the word out.

  22. I have no words! Your kindness saving these animals has given me a lump in my throat. I dont have horses but appreciate rescue and despise animal cruelty. Thank u for the kind person u are

  23. Anybody who owns racehorses and race track dogs and any other animal that is used in “so called sport” are only in it for the money…greedy greedy corrupt parasitic scum of the earth.Any form of using animals for racing is animal abuse and should be banned perminently.I would love to see the people who owned these animals,made thousands and thousands off them,that then passed them off as garbage as they could no longer make money off them DIE IN A BIG VAT OF CAUSTIC SODA..best place for shit to go.

  24. UPDATE: Time for Parading had a full veterinary evaluation yesterday (December 10) including radiographs of her enlarged left front ankle.

    From Laura, this; “I know this video is very long, but I wanted to give you a full update on their [“Willow” and “Duke”] vet appointment today.

    “I know that everyone is waiting to hear about Willow’s foot. Well, today we got the news and it is not good news.

    “She has a fracture that did not get any medical attention. Her own body is trying to repair itself by making more bone. The lump above her hoof is a huge calcification and there is nothing that can be done for her now to repair it.”

    And regarding the x-rays of her left front, this from Laura; “the vet said that it is one of the worst injuries that he has seen…”

    I think we all figured as much – that her horrible finish in her last race was suspicious for an injury but most certainly that after only 35 starts, “cheap claimers” are not “retired” unless they are seriously injured. And even THEN, if connections can get one more race they will.

    Laura thanks everyone for caring about Time for Parading, aka Willow – she’s pretty exhausted after a stressful and emotional day yesterday. I grow more grateful to her everyday for what she’s taken on in caring for Willow and Duke.

    Thanks to all for caring – please know I take NO credit for this amazing save as I had nothing to do with it – I’m only Willow’s “voice” and Laura’s grateful supporter.

  25. How horrific….the previous owner/trainer needs to serve time for this!!! Didn’t have a problem when she was racing,collecting $ and telling the world YOU had a race horse! YOU are are POS!!!!

  26. THANK YOU for your kind heart in taking this horse. She is so lucky to have you caring for her now. THANK YOU!!!! I have 6 horses from the wild horse adoption programs from the West, and none of them would be around now without being adopted. I am horrified at the lack of care and lack of humanity in some people. They should never be allowed to have animals. I can only thank God for people like Laura that come in and do the right thing.

  27. Horseracing industry is brutal and very cruel. These Sentient beings are treated as lifeless objects like garbage to be thrown away when they’re no longer considered useful . the u.s. quarter horse association is a big culprit that encourages massive breeding so they can collect their fees when each horse is registered with them -that’s all they care about u.s. quarter horse association is extremely irresponsible greedy and dirty

  28. While the former owner seems disinterested, it is not him nor the “racing industry” that did this to this poor horse. It is the individual who bought her after her last race. HRW needs to get their shit straight and tell the facts and stop generalizing that the racing industry is to blame for every single issue that happens to every single Thoroughbred. The fault in each case, after the horse is done racing, is with the person who had possession of the horse at the time of the neglect.

    • But they love them like family, Dawn, right? If so, then how do you explain letting your “children” go to whomever, wherever? Let me be as clear as possible here: Horseracing, the industry, made these horses and used these horses; they are absolutely, unequivocally responsible for what happens to each and every one of them, including poor Willow. Full stop.

    • Let’s get our shit straight? This mare was bred BY THE RACING INDUSTRY. The atrocious injury to her leg was done BY THE RACING INDUSTRY. And she was passed from person to person IN THE RACING INDUSTRY until she ended up nearly starving to death. Do you think she is the first (or last) horse that any one in the line of people that owned her has done this too? It’s practically a tradition. So yes, EVERYONE in the racing industry who endorses and practices their disgusting sacred ritual of use, abuse, exploit and dump IS ultimately responsible for this mare and EVERY other Thoroughbred they’ve created and destroyed. It’s long past time time for the racing industry to stop trying to play victim and take responsibility for the THOUSANDS of horses they’ve killed, either directly in training and on the track, or through their perfected final solution: slaughter.

    • Dawn, “we” need to get our shit together? Surely, you jest, dear girl. Horses are brought into this world in order to generate a profit. Making money is the motivator for breeding. The breeder/owner handed the horse off to someone who was ill equipped financially to handle the demands that horses require. Now, it is my understanding that Hutchens LIED and said the horse was claimed when, in fact, she was not so maybe Hutchens needs to get his shit together. Before the horse was handed off, did Hutchens or the trainer do a site check or get a vet/farrier reference? Who hands an animal, that they love just like family, off to just anyone? I’ve seen it happen many times over the years. I have stepped up for many horses who needed a soft place to land and I can only remember two instances where the former owner/trainer inquired as to how the horse was doing. Racing has a motto…Out of sight, out of mind! Stalls at the track are valuable pieces of real estate and horses are only allowed to occupy those stalls when they are producing.

      I do agree that the last person that owned this horse bears a great deal of responsibility but, in this case, the owner and trainer “dumped” this horse without doing any due diligence. They wanted her off the books. I’ve seen it play out many, many times and both of these bastards need to be called out because they have blood on their hands.

    • Dawn, you are the one who needs to get your shit straight! You sound like someone who cannot comprehend anything they read.

    • The FACTS, Dawn?

      Kenneth (or “Kenny” as he calls himself) Hutchens bred Time for Parading.

      Hutchens owned Time for Parading for all 35 of her starts. He owned her from birth to the age of 7.

      Time for Parading made just over $57K in those 35 starts.

      Time for Parading finished last, over 31 lengths behind, in her last race at Hawthorne on January 4, 2019 for Hutchens. 5K claiming race. The mare was not claimed. She never raced again. The x-ray of her left front ankle (taken on December 10, 2019) reveals a severe injury that was never treated. She will NEVER be sound.

      Hutchens stated TWICE that Time for Parading was claimed in her last race. She was not.

      Hutchens stated TWICE that Time for Parading was sound. She is not.

      Hutchens admits he did not follow-up on the mare after he got rid of her.

      Hutchens was offered the opportunity to help Time for Parading. He was silent. That was November 26 and it is now December 13…and there has been no financial help from Hutchens.

      Those are the FACTS. Hutchens raced – USED – her. Hutchens took every penny of his % of the $57K she made. Hutchens chose to not treat the injury she surely suffered in her last race on January 4. Hutchens didn’t provide her with a safe, forever home. Hutchens got her off his books – got rid of her. And Hutchens never bothered to follow-up on her after she was given away or sold.

      Reminds me of the individual who brings their elderly, arthritic dog to the pound after years of being a good, faithful pet to the family…wants to trade in the “old mutt” for a new, energetic and healthy pup. Walks away without looking back. Never gives the poor old fella another thought. Blameless, right Dawn?

      Hutchens “seems disinterested”? – let me put it in a way that it seems you will better understand…Hutchens didn’t give a SHIT about her.

  29. The racing industry is by no means the sport of king. It is tbe sport of abusers making a quick buck. It needs to end. I myself have worked with rezcuers to help save many of them from the slaughter pipeline. It has sickened me. I have rescued two horses myself so I know very well the expense of rescuing a starved and seriously injured horse. If you can’t afford the vet and feed bills please don’t take them. Refer a reputable rescuer so they can live out their lives in safety.

    • God bless you for your kindness and compassion, Janet Dufresne. Some horses get rescued only to be eventually humanely euthanized because they have injuries that cannot be rehabilitated and the horse cannot endure the pain any longer either.
      There is a horse rescue in North Central Idaho called Orphan Acres. The man that operates it says his biggest expense in saving horses is feed. He says he goes through a ton and a half of hay a day. I don’t know how many horses he feeds but several.

  30. No! No! No! Why is no one accountable for this tragedy and the many similar ones occurring daily???? Heartbreaking💔 Thank you to the horse angel who saved the two horses in this story. The even sadder part is that so many of these poor souls never get a second chance.

  31. Why aren’t these sub-humans being held accountable for the mistreatment and mishandling of these precious souls. Is there no end to animal cruelty that can’t be handled with punishment to these scumbags or are we just going to stand by and keep watching the same display of self righteous jerks. I thought that animal cruelty was punishable. We know that these former owners or trainers or lying. PUNISHMENT IS NECESSARY TO STOP TNIS INHUMANE TREATMENT.

  32. This just makes me sick to my stomach. I have rescued a lot of horses from bad situations including many from the kill pens at auctions (some off the track or straight out of the show ring). I had to rehome many of them as well as selling a few that I had bred. I did my best to check up on them, contacting previous buyers when I could find them etc. to remind them that any horse that left here is welcome to come back for any reason & I would like the option to buy the horse back if you ever need/want to sell it. Even with that guarantee, many never contacted me again & I don’t know what happened to some of the horses. Thankfully, the majority did go to forever homes & were well cared for their entire lives. I just took back a 25 year old mare about 6 weeks ago. She was not in good shape and it was assumed it was just her age. It is her teeth (as is often the case) and the inability to utilize the diet she had always been on. I do occasionally get horses back when they’re very near their end of life or sometimes just retiring, so I get the expenses for all of that, but I know they will pass as comfortably and with love and compassion as possible. I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t do all I could to ensure their well-being, and yet I still worry about those I can’t find. I have gotten calls where an owner has passed away and the family had found my letter tucked in with the horse’s registration papers so they call me, so I know my guarantee has saved some from a possible bad ending. I will do anything that I can for them including rehab after an injury (tornado). The new owner had to work to cover the care that he needed several times a day and obviously couldn’t physically do both work and his cares so I took his cares over. I can’t imagine throwing them away like garbage and the fact that these people profited off these horses just makes it even worse. I know the expenses involved with raising/purchasing and training a race horse are incredible, so $60,000 isn’t actually “profit”, but it wouldn’t have mattered to them if she had won a million dollars. If she wasn’t breedable after racing she would have been discarded in just the same way. It is strictly business and she was nothing more than a product taking up premium shelf space.

  33. I cannot write how I feel about these monstrous people who take advantage of these magnificent animals.
    Horse racing has to be banned. People who do not take care of these animals should go to jail and receive one meal a week.

  34. Thank you, Joy Aten — Laura — thank you so much — THANK GOD you intervened — we love you — It’s beyond depravedly cruel to do this to any living being — if I’M eating, then I’ve got something for the Horse — SHAME on all of those cowardly Humans — the Hutchens’ of the world — the betrayors and unconscionably cruel and indifferent zombies — they belong NOWHERE NEAR Animals — give me a moment while I hurl — SHUT DOWN this perverted, evil racket of Horse-Racing — on the day this industry is no more, I’ll throw such a wonderful celebration.

  35. Another example of how pathetic it is that horses end up like this. The racing industry has a long, long way to go address after care of horses who aren’t on the track any longer. How is it this trainer could simply “give” the animal away and walk away as if he never owned the animal? People like him have steadily ruined horse racing. There should be efforts put forth to track and monitor race-horses so they don’t end up being neglected to the point of death. How people can live with themselves knowing their inaction resulted in this tragedy. HORSE RACING….either yo double-down and clean up the industry or you can kiss it goodbye. People with conscience are sick and tired of the breakdowns, the neglect, and torture these beautiful and willing creatures endure simply because there is so little responsibility and no punishment for such ghastly behavior.

  36. this which happens over and over again is upsetting and immoral. these beautiful animals that are forever giving back are abused, tortured and finally killed or die as willow almost did. I praise those that seek out and save them for rehab into a better life and loving family. to look at her sad face and know that the pain is there. imagine the slow death to be attributed to starvation. shame on all those who think these souls are not deserving of love and at the very least the simple availability of food, clean water and a place to be safe.

  37. Kenneth Hutchens is very self centered and extremely cruel. All this selfish ig cares about is MONEY MONEY MONEY! He don’t give a fat frogs ass if the horse starves, or is in bad health. As ling as his gut is full several times a day and has thousands of dollars fromthis poor horse’s expense, that is all he cares about. You are disgusting

  38. So sick of seeing these beautiful horses being treated like trash after racing their hearts out my god is there no compassion for them??everyday more and more animals are being abused and starved and beaten after working to make these barbaric evil bastards rich this world needs to get up off its backside and take care of all the animals that have been badly let down by the most depraved rich and evil tyrants …time for big change ..how dare they cause misery pain and terror to so many

    • From Laura…

      “They have charged the people [who owned the starving animals] with 6 counts of felony animal abuse and [have issued] a warrant for their arrests.”

      Unfortunately, breeder/racing owner “Kenny” Hutchens, who dumped this broken mare and never followed up on her to ensure his former money-maker had been treated for her racing-induced injured left front ankle AND was being cared for, will get off Scot-free.

      What happened to Time for Parading, aka “Willow”, is typical of the racing industry. Breed them. Use them. Injure them. Dump them. Out of sight – out of mind.

      THIS is American horseracing.

      • Sure is, Joy. Very typical. Out of the 20+ Horses I’ve helped rehome- I’ve only had ONE former connection ask me how their horse is and she came to see him in a show after he was retrained.

      • Joy Aten, thank you for letting us know about the criminal charges. I know it isn’t enough, but it is a start. I am wondering if it will be possible for a group such as this group, Horseracing Wrongs, to file a motion in court against Kenneth Hutchens for wrongful abandonment or whatever the law might allow; if not a criminal charge is possible, at least a civil charge. Has Horseracing Wrongs ever filed a suit against a breeder, owner or trainer for any reason?

      • Wanda Diamond – horses owned by racing are mere “property” – they can use them, injure them and then get rid of them. It happens all the time – every single racehorse in the industry WILL need a home when they are no longer “useful” to their racing owner/trainer. It’s the way the racing industry works. It’s legal. Legal abuse.

      • Joy Aten, I know horses are considered livestock and all of that but at the same there are certain laws that are broken and need to be enforced.

      • Rights and freedom but no responsibility or accountability is
        is how racing operates. And we see the results of this ridiculously lopsided equation all the time – abandoned horses; starving horses; neglected horses; injured horses; 10,000 and more brutally slaughtered horses every year…
        In general, freedom without responsibility garuntees a bad outcome (in this case for the horse) and can eventuallly lead to chaos.

  39. Please keep us posted on this mare’s progress! There used to be a tv show, Animal Cops. They used to find horses and other animals starving and in other deplorable conditions.

  40. I went racing once a horse died before the race, got ‘hung up’ on the barrier and a second turned himself upside down in the gates and was stuck for 20 mins in sheer terror before righting himself.

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