Three “Went Wrongs” (One of Racing’s Favorite Euphemisms) Last Week

Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse Racing

Flying Around “vanned off” at Mountaineer
Swayze “vanned off” at Turf
Wild Atlantic Way “vanned off” at Turf
Arch Maven “went wrong, vanned off” at Turfway
Rock n’ Candy “in distress, vanned off” at Turfway
Bellamy Bigs “fell to her face, DNF” at Aqueduct
Canadian Sugar “took a bad step, vanned off” at Remington
Tale of Fire “went wrong, vanned off” at Gulfstream
Puriano “vanned off” at Los Alamitos
Sierra Steel “fell, vanned off” at Turf
My Bucket Is Full “bled, vanned off” at Zia
Sea Bee Salute “went wrong, vanned off” at Fair Grounds
Top Dollar “bled” at Golden Gate
Percusionista “vanned off” at Gulfstream

“Vanned Off”: many of these horses will resurface on my FOIA kill-reports
“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

(source: Equibase)

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  1. From the descriptions of these horses this week, I would imagine the majority of these horses are now dead, due to their injuries from racing.

  2. And both horses from Gulfstream were trained by the same trainer, Jorge “the juice man” Navarro. Even people in racing know he’s scum, and yet he wins titles, and earns accolades.

    • Bellamy bigs fell right out of the gate from number 1. He kept running and the outrider caught him near the finish. Looked like he is ok…hopefully

    • I am very concerned about Tale of Fire. Does anyone know anything further than vanned off?

  3. Horse racing is a business that unequivocally supports, promotes, and defends the massive suffering and dying of racehorses.
    Summarized in one word – carnage supported by the facts presented herein.
    Most all of their business practices intentionally sets-out to hide, mask and alter the public’s perception of the truth and the facts which are indisputable.
    They deceive the general public, and the wagering public (although I have no sympathy for those who support this via $2 bets) because they deliberately withhold the doping/medical/vet and treatment records of racehorses which would accomplish 3 things: 1. Protect the racehorse whose running with painful pre-existing conditions that require dope to keep them flipping a buck. 2.Protect the safety of the jockeys (again no sympathy, but I don’t like people getting hurt) 3. Dope affects their performance thereby affecting the outcome of races.
    The one example that exemplifies their motives to literally mask the truth is when they bring up a screen to block a racehorse who is experiencing intense suffering with, most likely, snapped-off limbs while they are writhing in the dirt waiting for a needle to put them out of their misery.
    The most recent public example being that of MONGOLIAN GROOM, where the screen was immediately put up, the racehorse who was suffering was forced to load onto a van where they could conduct their dirty business out of the public’s eyes.
    Another example to intentionally set-out to deceive the public is when The Stronach Group’s CEO Tim Ritvo had their beating instrument, the whip, either eliminated from photos “photo shop” or deliberately selecting pics not showing the racehorses having the crap beaten out of them to perform.
    The business practices cited above are all abusive designed to keep the racehorse going especially those who are sore, in pain, and unable to perform if not for the drugs, shock wave therapy, and whatever else they deem necessary – all of which are kept secret.
    Anybody who partakes in this malicious and intentional permanent damage to a racehorse’s physical, mental and/or emotional being are not those who “care” or “love” the racehorse like a “family member.”
    No rational person could claim this while partaking and defending such abuse.
    Hence, the delusional apologists who continue to convince themselves otherwise and who deliberately attempt, yet again, to fool the public.
    How much longer are we going to be fooled?
    How many more racehorses must die for these morally bankrupt parasites?

  4. Was on another blog recently where people were angry that senators who know nothing about horses would threaten the future of horse racing. These were horse owners who continually used the ” freak accidents happen to horses all the time” bullshit. Now I have to agree, freak accidents do happen, but if that same facility had a different horse break a leg twice a week, then that would become a very suspicious pattern. Along the same lines, if a horse were to break a leg or back while show jumping, or if three horses were to suffer serious injuries on the same day, there would a immediate stop of the venue and a (real) investigation would take place. There would be serious repercussions in the show jumping community. But three racehorses can suffer catastrophic injuries on the same day and not only do people not care, but they’re actually defending it based on “so and so’s pony fell in the pasture last year, broke a leg and had to be euthanized, so its basically the same thing as thousands of horses dying in a single venue every year”. Oh, and someone had the idiocy to point out that on the day that Mongolian Groom died, he was the only horse in the daily field made up of ” this many”horses, so actually the mortality rate was only .08% for that day which is actually nothing. From people who claim to love horses: a death is no big deal.

    • Rebecca, thanks for pointing this out.
      As you know, and as anybody who supports horseracingwrongs know people don’t need to “know” about horse racing nor do they need to “know” about dog fighting.
      True to industry form, and an argument repeatedly used by horse racing people is that you must be directly involved in horse racing.
      No you don’t.
      Patrick Battuello freely admits that he is not a “horseman” and I would freely admit that I’ve never been involved with dog fighting.
      Yet, as morally responsible human beings we know that both are wrong and no senator or no American needs to be involved with horse racing to know that killing racehorses is wrong and that this unnecessary gambling venue that uses sentient beings as disposable gambling chips has no place in the 21st century.
      Furthermore, the continued financial support of precious taxpayers money (while local and state coffers are on the verge of bankruptcy) and/or casino money needs to END and it needs to END now.
      Our communities and our residents deserve better and the 10% of people, horse abusers and killers, don’t deserve one dime to keep this going.
      As the billions in financial support to this vile industry continues the protection for racehorses diminishes while the abuse, killing and dumping increases.
      This is egrecious and anybody in this business knows damn well that the poor racehorses get nothing.
      Well you horse racing people your day of reckoning is here and you will FINALLY be held accountable.

      • As a horse owner, I know firsthand that “horses were born trying to commit suicide” as the old saying goes, and I swear I could wrap my Arab in bubble wrap and he’d still find a way to cut himself. But there’s a big difference between a single horse bucking around the pasture and taking a wrong step, and two or three or four horses all at the same place within a few days or even on the same day having catastrophic injuries necessitating euthanasia. I don’t know why the concept of a pattern is so difficult for people to grasp, or how people who claim to love horses can watch a horse’s leg snap off and be just smurfy with it. If a boarding stable or even a private owner went through horses at the same rate as the racing industry there would be a serious investigation and pending charges, and no one would be able to say “well it’s fine that six horses died on that property from broken legs because hundreds die in horse racing and that’s pretty much the same thing”. How can it work one way but not the other?

  5. Rebecca, when I read your comments about what other people say that an equine, be it a pony or a horse, running in a pasture and all of a sudden, BAM!, suffers a broken leg for no apparent reason, it makes me want to take those stupid people and just tie them to a post and whip the hell out of them and say, “Okay, now tell me that didn’t hurt! Tell me that you were just scared by the noise the whip made when it was moving through the air! You stupid son of *****!!!!!”

    The people that abuse racehorses need to be caned like that spoiled brat got in China for malicious damage to cars by scratching the paint with a nail. His parents didn’t like it but he earned it, he deserved to be caned. That would be a very fitting punishment for these killers of racehorses!!!!!

  6. Of course – 3 “Went Wrongs” – when the hell will this abuse ever ever stop. You assholes involved in this racing should be all doing hard labour. You are all murderers and abusers of the worst kind. You hid behind your racing platforms like you are some kind of a god damn bunch of hero’s – you are all a bunch of losers – you owners, you trainers, you jockeys, you so called “vets” – and of course the useless racing commissions. You are all just there for the god damn buck and care nothing about the animals or the pain and suffering you put them all thru daily. This is just incredibly horrible and for any of us that know anything about horse racing – we know that it does not EVER have to be like this. You are so ignorant you bunch of assholes. The sooner this “sport” is ended the better – let’s save the lives of these “gentle souls” and get rid of all of the assholes involved in this bullshit. The public needs to wake up and understand each time they place a bet basically another horse’s life just hit the ground!! So incredibly sad and horrible.

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